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Sanctuary Sober Living


Phoenix ArizonaThe Basics

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Sanctuary Sober Living provides faith-based, sober housing for men in recovery. Their belief is that a clean and safe environment allows men an opportunity to get connected with God or a Higher Power of their understanding. While this is a Christian household, the men are not forced to join any particular religious sect. However, they must commit to comply with Christian standards, which include love and tolerance for housemates and members of the community.

Accommodations and Amenities

The Sanctuary accommodates 27 clients between three comfortable single-family houses, aptly named Sanctuary I, II and III. Clients are paired in rooms, which include twin beds, comforters, pillows and dressers. Sanctuary I has a cozy wood-tiled living room, grey suede couches, ceiling fans, a flat screen TV and a white cross hanging above the door. The dining room features includes a rectangular dining room table large enough for ten and a grey love seat and a huge square window, which provides ample sunlight. Sanctuary II includes a pool and meditation room. Amenities include Wi-Fi, Cable TV, BBQ, washer and dryer.

Fully equipped kitchens, with sparkling appliances are provided. At the Sanctuary, clients are responsible for their own groceries and meal preparation. Each house has a live-in residential manager. The residences are in close proximity to 12-step meetings and public transportation.

Rules and Regulations

Prior to admission, clients must have been clean and sober for a minimum of 30 days. A three-month minimum length of stay is required. At The Sanctuary, a majority of clients stay between six months and two years.

Clients must be employed, volunteering or applying for a minimum of three jobs per day. Other requirements include attending four weekly 12-step or Celebrate Recovery meetings, participating at the Monday house meeting, acquiring a sponsor and a home group, working the steps or a faith-based recovery protocol and engaging in a service commitment. Attendance at Church services count towards the mandatory weekly meeting quota. Residents also participate in optional Bible studies.

Clients must make sure that their rooms and common areas are kept clean and tidy. Performance of household chores is required. The curfew is based on a client’s length of sobriety, and is determined on a case-by-case basis. At the Sanctuary, random drug and alcohol screenings are conducted. The house maintains a zero tolerance policy, and those who have relapsed are immediately dismissed from the premises. Clients that refuse testing are also evicted from the house. Other forbidden behaviors, which result in immediate discharge, include gambling, theft, engaging in pornography and violence of any kind. A family-style environment is upheld. Clients must treat their housemates, and their neighbors with respect.


Residents participate in many group outings, which include clients from all three houses. Activities include bowling, attending Church, participating in Bible study, and going to meetings.

In Summary

The Sanctuary is a great place for a client who is eager to try out Christ as his Higher Power. However, an attractive aspect is that the faith-based protocol of The Sanctuary are encouraged, as opposed to mandated, which makes a client feel like he has options. The residents are part of a brotherhood, which can help them stay clean and sober and learn valuable life skills. Being part of a tight fellowship eradicates feelings of loneliness, and ensures that a client is on a safe journey in his recovery.

Sanctuary Sober Living
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Sanctuary Sober Living Cost: $600-$700 (30 days, not including a one-time admission fee of $100 or $150, and a $100 refundable deposit). Reach Sanctuary Sober Living by phone at (602) 770-9822 or by email. Find Sanctuary Sober Living on Facebook and Google+

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