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For those in need of a higher level of privacy and exclusivity when dealing with addiction and dual diagnosis, The Sanctuary offers unparalleled luxury and discretion. Founded in 2004 by recovering alcoholic and addict Michael Goldberg, this high-end treatment program is so private its residential locations are unlisted.

Accommodations and Food

The Sanctuary is located in Byron Bay, Australia, an area best known for it’s resorts and as a vacation destination for surfers, adventure sports enthusiasts and vacationers seeking the world’s best beaches.

Residents of The Sanctuary live in one of 40 private, multi-million-dollar mansions for the duration of their stay. While each of these locations vary, expect the best: pools, jacuzzis and interior décor.

All meals are organic and prepared by the staff’s gourmet chef’s and all personal preferences are taken into consideration for a truly individual culinary experience.

Unlike most residential treatment programs, there are no group therapy or other communal activities that would allow one client to run into another. Privacy, discretion and anonymity are the main focuses The Sanctuary and for this reason they only accept a very limited number of clients art a time–each in their own private villa.

Treatment and Staff

The Sanctuary offers a medically supervised and assisted detox and attendance at 12-step meetings can be arranged for clients, if they so desire. For the most part, The Sanctuary favors a holistic treatment approach and their staff has a wide range of practitioners with a 15-to-one staff-to-client ratio. Each client gets their own team of medical professionals, a psychologist, a masseuse, a yoga and meditation instructor, a nutritionist, an acupuncturist, a naturopathist and a personal chef.

In addition to their vast staff, a personal caretaker is also assigned to each client to attend to any of their further day-today needs–from assisting with tasks to accompanying them to appointments. Although there are endless luxuries and may freedoms not available at other rehabs, clients of The Sanctuary are asked to keep their telephone and Internet use to two hours a night and to consume only one cup of coffee a day.

Though no day at The Sanctuary is typical, some may start the morning off with a walk on the beach or a gentle yoga practice, followed by a healthy, organic breakfast. After that, clients each get individualized treatment plans with various therapeutic care appointments including  acupuncture, psychotherapy, personal training, massage and time for self-nurturing.


This rehab is truly luxury and can be compared to a 28-day stay at a private spa. The personalized staff is not something you will find at most any other high-end rehabs and each residence is pet-friendly.

In Summary

Overall The Sanctuary offers the best of the best when it comes to individualized treatment and personal pampering.  Those who can afford it and need utter confidentiality and personal attention during their recovery process will be well served at this elite treatment program.

The Sanctuary Australia Location

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The Sanctuary Australia Cost

$100,000-$112,000 (30 days). Reach The Sanctuary by phone at +61 2-66-39-88-88 or by email at Find the Sanctuary on Facebook and Twitter

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