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Samaritan VillageThe Basics

Founded in 1940, New York City’s Samaritan Village is a multi-borough organization that has helped down-and-out New Yorkers since the mid-20th century recover from substance abuse and poverty. Samaritan Village operates five residential treatment centers throughout the city that cater to male and female veterans, new mothers and people with co-occurring disorders.

Samaritan Village opened its first residential home in 1970 in Queens. Dedicated to treating substance abuse, the facility launched with 12 clients. Samaritan Village has since expanded to two residential facilities for veterans as well as its Young Mothers perinatal substance abuse program.

Accommodations and Food

Accommodations vary from facility to facility, but all house residents live in a dorm-type setting with double-occupancy rooms. Bathrooms are communal and the food is prepared by the residents and served family-style.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment plans at Samaritan Village facilities are highly individualized, and the length of treatment varies from client to client. Samaritan offers a variety of residential detox, non-detox residential and outpatient programs which may be combined with services particular to veterans and young mothers, such as PTSD treatment or childcare.

Residential life takes place in extremely structured and intense environments utilizing community-based recovery programs. Using a combination of peer help, mutual help and self help, the program aims to help residents develop new pro-social attitudes and behaviors. Other specific treatment includes group therapy, individual addiction-focused counseling, mental health services and work skills. In order to prevent relapse, Motivational Interviewing (MI) is used to build a sense of pride and self-esteem so residents don’t end up backsliding.

In the outpatient program, individuals receive one-on-one counseling and group therapy during six months of enrollment.

The Young Mothers program helps mothers with substance abuse problems by allowing their children to live with them as they work on their recovery and parenting skills in a structured and supportive environment. This program offers a multi-faceted treatment approach, just like the other Samaritan Village facilities, providing access to education, employment and vocational services. This facility is staffed by medical professionals, with a focus on prenatal, maternal and pediatric care.

In Summary

Samaritan Village offers many different economical options for people—like young moms and veterans—in tight spots. With its community-based treatment model, it’s a good place for people who are willing to really work on getting sober.

Samaritan Village
138-02 Queens Blvd
Briarwood, NY 11435-2647

Samaritan Village Cost: Sliding scale (30 days). Reach Samaritan Village by phone at  (800) 532-HELP or by email at [email protected]. Find Samaritan Village on Facebook

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  1. The facility that they have located in Ellenville, NY is a joke. They are the most unprofessional staff and my son has been in quite a few rehabs. This one is, by far, the worst. Practically no rehabilitation help at all. They never answer the phone or return family’s phone calls. Stay away!

    • Agree, 100%, the SamaritanVillage facility in Rheinbeck NY needs to be investigated by the governing agencies.This is flat out Medicaid fraud and abuse. This is the worst. No Rehabilitation takes place here.This place needs to be reevaluated and shut down.The staff is poorly educated and offer no support or guidance for return to society. Do not send your loved ones here!!!! You are better off incarcerated.It is that bad. The State needs to be made aware of these practices.

  2. if your a veteran considering going to samaritan village don’t your better off on the street trust me worst program ever not for veterans at all all they care about is money not rehabilitation

  3. SVE is nothing more than an insurance scam. I am sure that within the next 5 years SVE and places like it will be shut down because they do not offer any type of rehabilitation. The staff is uneducated (included the Director, Pat Shwartz, who has no business working in the human services field). Of the 14 hours per day that are spend in the main treatment building, 4 of those hours are dedicated to “therapy.” This place is a joke run by idiots – do not go here – if you are mandated, take the jail time – it will do you better than the joke that is this place.

  4. The samaritan village veterans program at 43rd street is the absolute worst atrocity that I’ve ever witnessed. They really treat our nation’s heroes with the type of abuse that I could not believe with my own eye’s. Besides the fact that they have about 30% of their clients that have been dishonorably discharged and not eligible for veterans benefits. The administrative staff absolutely hinders the progress of the client’s and actually makes a environment to which the men who come for treatment are constantly threatened with adverse experiences. They claim to assist with coexisting disorders but, they haven’t had any training nor treatment for ptsd. In my opinion this facility is in violation of any moral standard that we should assist our nation’s veterans by. I’m actually ashamed that we as citizens allow this right in the center of our city.

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