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Formerly Southwest Florida Addiction Services, SalusCare is the largest provider of comprehensive addiction services in Southwest Florida. Formed in 2013 by a merger between Lee Mental Health and Southwest Florida Addiction Services (SWFAS), SalusCare has been providing the full range of continuing care for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders—from detox to sober living—for over 35 years.

Accommodations and Food

Of SalusCare’s seven locations, two provide inpatient substance abuse, one is strictly for detox, two are psych crisis units only and two facilitate outpatient substance abuse programs. Priority admission into all programs is given to pregnant females, women with children and IV drug users. All facilities are in Fort Myers, except for the campus on Cape Coral, just across the Caloosahatchee River.

SalusCare provides medical detox for adults, 18 years and over, at the Evans Campus in Ft. Meyers. This is a hospital setting with 29 beds, where two clients share a room and an en-suite restroom.

The adult inpatient substance abuse program is located at the Transitional Living Campus in Fort Myers. From the outside it looks like an apartment building. Inside, 20 men and women sleep upstairs and downstairs, separated by gender. All rooms are double occupancy and there are two full bathrooms on each floor. Single beds, nightstands and a shared closet make for simple but adequate room décor. There is a TV room for free time, a pavilion for groups and a therapy room for individual sessions.

The Vince Smith campus is home to the inpatient adolescent substance abuse program for men and women between the ages 13 and 17 in a similar set-up to the adult program. With so many locations, it can get confusing to keep them straight. SalusCare has done a good job of providing a standard level of care at all facilities—clients share rooms and bathrooms until they graduate from inpatient care; meals are provided by kitchen staff and served cafeteria style and there is a salad bar available at lunch and dinner. Certain dietary needs can be accommodated beyond this, but must be discussed prior to admission.

Treatment and Staff

Potential clients need to schedule an intake assessment with a counselor at one of three sites: Vince Smith Campus, Cape Coral Campus or the Ortiz Campus. The most severe sufferers usually begin treatment in detox, which lasts for three to 10 days and is under the care of a physician and attending staff. From here, clients enter the adult residential program for 28 days to three months. The typical schedule consists of group therapy, substance abuse classes, relapse prevention and some individual therapy, based on need. Licensed substance abuse counselors facilitate groups and members from local 12-step programs are on site three times a week to run step studies and evening meetings. Days begin at 6 am and usually end after the last meeting at 9:30 pm.

The adult outpatient program is located at Cape Coral Campus. Housed on the second floor of an office building, the two therapy rooms are comfortable but not too cozy, like the waiting room at a doctor’s office. Depending on the assessment, clients meet two to three times a week for group and individual therapy. Substance abuse counselors facilitate all sessions and the type of therapy depends on each counselor’s background and training.

Step down care services allow residents and outpatient clients to move into transitional care and then Sober Living where they can work while still being therapeutically supported. There are two halfway houses on the Transitional Campus where the residential program is, providing services to 30 men and women, including life skills, vocational and educational training, for approximately six months. During this time clients are re-entering school, looking for work and starting new jobs and paying rent accordingly.

The Chrysalis Community is SalusCare’s answer to permanent supportive housing, where residents can still see a case manager and get substance abuse counseling if and when they desire, for as long as they need. Adjacent to the Transitional campus, this looks like an overage suburban neighborhood, where rent is based on income, presumably to accommodate the sober job that might not be ideal in early recovery.

Clients in the adolescent residential program at the Vince Smith campus must be referred through the court system, school or a psychiatrist. The typical stay is three to four months, depending on the client. Days begin with a 6 am wake up and breakfast at 7. Groups start at 8:15 am and range from relapse prevention, addiction studies, family education, coping strategies, anger management and individual therapy. School studies are incorporated into the schedule in an attempt to keep clients from falling behind—classes are arranged on campus for grades from seven to 12. Parent group is one night a week, followed by a family session. Visits are allowed after two weeks at the discretion of the treatment staff.

The Vince Smith campus also provides outpatient therapy services for kids and families experiencing substance abuse or other behavioral related issues. Although each case is evaluated separately, frequency is typically twice a week, with mandatory family group and parent conference sessions once a week. If this isn’t enough, the Vince Campus has intensive outpatient care (IOP), where adolescents are onsite from 8 am to 9 pm. As with inpatient and outpatient, the IOP program mandates a weekly parent group and family conference.

In Summary

This is comprehensive treatment in service to the recovery community; all ages, all levels, all price points. Family and dual diagnosis support, accessible programming and a full continuum of care make SalusCare an attractive option for South Florida residents and those willing to relocate. This kind of support from those with so much experience treating addiction and mental health issues could easily lead to long-term sobriety.

SalusCare Location

3763 Evans Ave
Fort Myers, FL  33901

SalusCare Cost

Sliding scale. Reach SalusCare by phone at (239) 275-3222 or by email. Find SalusCare on Facebook

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  1. I was a petitioner under the Marchman Act to try to get help for a friend with a serious drug
    problem. The Lee County court directed her to Salus for assessment and I was told by the court
    that I would receive a copy of their assessment so that I could decide what action to pursue next.
    A co-petitioner and I had important information to relay to Salus, but nobody ever took or
    returned our calls and nobody would speak to me when I went in person. However, the person
    doing the intake was so careless and unprofessional that she left one of our phone numbers out in
    the open on her desk so that the patient saw it. Recognizing the number, she got extremely angry
    that we had attempted to contact Salus. Nobody ever did call us back so we could share this
    important information. I kept calling and eventually somebody called and informed me that the
    assessment had already taken place, but I was told that I was only allowed to see the report if the
    patient signed an information release, which she wouldn’t do. Not being provided with their
    report, as REQUIRED BY LAW, my next actions had to be taken blindly, so I filed a further
    court petition for involuntary treatment. I got to the hearing and the magistrate was about to
    dismiss my petition out of hand because I did not have any witnesses from Salus, which
    apparently is the normal procedure. My request for a continuance to arrange this was denied.
    But how was I to know any of this without Salus providing the report the law required? The
    court also never would take or return my calls or give me any information. While the magistrate
    did hear my appeal, without anyone from Salus to back up my claims the petition was denied and
    the person I was trying to help never did get any help. I now realize that the results would likely
    have been different if I had paid $thousands to a lawyer, but I could not afford that. It appears to
    me that there is a racket between the courts, Salus, and the lawyers, because they are all making
    money from this, but patients aren’t getting any help.

  2. I can agree with every comment above. My boyfriend is currently in the TLC program and they provide NO INFORMATION to families and even his counselor discouraged him from speaking to me. I am 4 months into a high risk pregnancy and DO NOT feel comfortable with the staff or being on campus for visits, which you may or may not even know about. Always very disorganied, rarely return phone calls. Was introduced by the director (who is unorganized but genuinely nice) to a staff member named Jenna who just stared at me and walks around the facility like she is better than everyone. The day I took him we waited for an hour before I finally had to go to school and still nobody showed up to check him in… we were there when they told us to be? Absolute mess and all they really seem to do is introduce to AA, NA, CA and control the entire environment. When he gets out he will probably be so overwhelmed with real life since weekends are free time and last night they had a bonfire? Do not send your loved one to this place, you will be more frustrated and left out than you were before..

  3. Gwen Federico-Maline on

    Where to begin? If you care about a loved person who has a mental health disorder and have expectations for communication, collaboration and wrap around care this is not the place for your family member. This facility provides band aid fixes without engaging support. Communication with a patient’s support system is like pulling teeth, very painful. They can never find the Hippa releases and refuse to talk to family members when inquiries are requested. When they can finally track the Hippa release , information is minimal and contradictory depending on who you speak with. Never mind actually speaking to the treating psychiatrist. My niece was admitted in a psychotic state, she is a student at a nearby university, only 19 years old. She was non compliant with medication and soon released still in a psychotic state. Family members are not local and extremely upset about the release. We were notified on very short notice and are feeling extremely powerless and helpless. We pray she is ok until we can put the supports that are needed in place. This mental health facility dropped us like a hot potato. In my opinion , in an unethical and non-professional and non trauma informed manner. By the way, I am a social worker in N.J. and have 18 years experience in working in the mental health field. I wish the family would have had time to read these reviews before our family member was admitted but we were frantic and didn’t have time for research. Avoid this organization if you can! We will be following up to get answers once our current crisis is stabilized.

  4. Night Mare on

    My husband was taken to Salus ‘care’ as a psychiatric crisis patient, going through severe depression, anxiety and PTSD. He was put in a room to share with someone who was detoxing off drugs??!! In what way is that a healthly, safe environment for someone going through severe mental issues? He was treated like a prisoner, they withheld his psychiatric medications, and all the staff were rude, uncaring and outright mean and did not want to hear anyone’s concerns. They treated everyone in there (even the psych. patients) like ‘junkies’ who were wasting their time, instead of like patients in need of care. Lights always left on over your bed, terrible food, rarely ever speaking with a Dr., no actual therapy or help given… this helps no one. It seems this facility exists just to push people out of the public eye, and try to scare them (with the fear of having to go back to Saluscare) into hiding their conditions better, while Salus takes in all the State, County, and Insurance Company money they can. This entire experience of unfair, cruel and unjust treatment is one of the worst memories my husband has across his entire life, and that is coming from someone who suffered years of abuse.

    • I was a patient at saluscare and you hit the nail on the head. I was forced into a room with someone who was schizophrenic, and I couldn’t sleep. I managed to convince the “nurses” to remove her for the room. I have nightmares about saluscare and the only thing that ever made me “better” was the fear of having to go back. This place is disgusting (facilities and staff alike) and abusive! I was threatened with isolation or sedation for crying. When I was waiting to be admitted, I waited for I don’t know how long in a tiny, disgusting, dirty room in essentially seclusion until I was thrust into the wrong unit originally. I was terrified, vulnerable, and lonely. When I was released, I took a shower back home after having not showered or gone to the restroom for 3 days because the facilities were so disgusting. I scrubbed my body raw because I felt so disgusting and violated. I came down with a 101 degree fever after being discharged.

  5. Wish I would have read these reviews before I decided to check them out. It was extremely frustrating and a complete waste of my time! If you are in need of help and want quality care I recommend going somewhere smaller where the front of house staff are KIND AND ATTENTIVE to the patients needs. Without going into too much detail, at the facility off Ortiz, the front of house staff are rude and lackadaisical. While I stood there waiting to be acknowledged I listened to them talk about other patients and then over head them talking about personal matters. Sounds travel. I have had billing concerns with them and when you voice them they DO NOT RETURN YOUR CALLS. THEY HAVE NEVER RETURNED MY PHONE CALLS.

  6. Sales care is the absolute worst I’ve been there I’ll tell you exactly how it is the staff is straight up ghetto you wake at 5am with no caffeine at all you walk in a parking lot back and forth for about a half an hour now remember you usually go to rehab needing nourishment from the alcohol and drugs they really think about that when you get a little scoop of eggs and one piece of bacon so your usually starving by 9am and sooooo tired from the lack of a good breakfast and coffee then you go back and clean then after you go to the pavilion that is run down where all there is really hard plastic chairs the hole day and when you do have a break from the chair you and 15 ppl sit at a picnic bench that’s made for 6 ppl in the sun then you go to lunch witch is either tuna salad, chicken salad or baloney chips and a cup of soup were they make you pray to eat so wonder if I don’t want to i guess you don’t eat my point is they keep you hungry to where your counting meals like jail cause your starving so you can’t concentrate on the group just being hungry oh you do get a snack that they forget about half the time like a cookie is mean one or 2 or like an apple then back to the chairs now by this time your butt is numb by this time it’s not fun your over the person talking you start not to care just get me out this chair with that being said your not aloud to lay in your bed on your breaks you have to sit in the day room you are watched like a hawk no TV ever no music ever no smoking you will get kicked out you have ppl relapsing all the time and don’t get kicked out a madder of fact there has been ppl there for almost 10 years not giving the next person the chance to be in supportive housing point blank y hey say non profit all that means is kick backs over time and vacations so at the end of the year it shows no profit you have someone that pays cash or insurance about 20,000 bucks then again someone one a free ride or someone court ordered what I’m saying is it is just as bad as jail I can see maybe someone court ordered its like hell yea but for someone like me it’s like wtf I’m not 5 years old the have a guy that ran a youth facility in charge it keeps you in dangerous relapse mod how’s it going halt Hungary lonley angry and definitely tired I felt more hopeless then I did hopeful you have more freedom better food and less restrictions at a DOC work camp and thats 100 and if you don’t believe me good luck you just volunteered to go to hell

  7. My son was suffering from anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. I was told he would see the dr within days of arriving at the teen center on Price st. in Ft. Meyers. We were not allowed contact with my son for one week. On the first appt the day of admission his councelor was great. We were told he would be able to talk to her at anytime. Also that the dr would talk to him and me his mother about medication to help his anxiety and depression. When we finally talked on the seventh day he had not seen the dr. He explained to me that as soon as I left him there everything that was talked about did not happen. They just did school work, fed them, and spent lots of time with the kids that were breaking the rules constantly. I just believe every child there needed help. They should have given each child the same treatment. After day 10 I had it. My son couldnt sleep his things were slowly coming up missing. He needed meds, he needed counceling, he needed recovery. He needed a chance to get clean. After work his father and I drove 3 hours to pick him up. They said he could leave but his things cant. They said it was bc it was after hours and they didnt have enough staff to look through everything. I didnt understand at all but atleast I had my son. The next time I was able to get the rest of his things it was 3 weeks later. I work monday-fri 8-5pm. Those were the times they said I can get his things. By the time I got there so much was missing the basket that his stuff was in wasnt the same. It was a mess.

  8. SalusCare takes all complaints and concerns seriously. We would welcome the opportunity to address any/all concerns expressed here with the patients or family members making them. We would encourage you to contact SalusCare at (239) 275-3222 and request a “Statement of Complaint” form, or send an email to [email protected] so we can assist in resolving your concerns. Thank you.

    • John Steller on

      You have nothing but BAD reviews…! i was thinking of bringing my son there but now…forget it ..JS

  9. The Person who picks up the Phone is Rude ass!!! Im asking for simple answers for my questions and she from the jump was rude as Fuck then hangs up in my Face her name is Jadie!!

  10. Can anyone tell me if there is any history if sexual abuse among the under 18 patients? My nephew is 13 and at Salus and had 2 major episodes of atempted rape. Thank God he had the courage to speak up. Id like to know how often this goes on in this facility?

  11. I attended the mandatory Saturday meetings, so I could spend 2 hours on Sunday with my loved one.
    Showed up on time Saturday and the first class family members were to attend was an Alanon, meeting at 9. After this meeting we were able to see our family member. Well NO ONE SHOWED UP TO HOLD THE MEETING, wow, ?????
    9:30 we were able to join our family member. Classes up until lunch!
    Lunch made me sick, ate 1/2 of a hamburger???? And it made me throw up!
    Got over that and spent the rest of the afternoon with my family member.
    Oh, BTY asked if I could walk around campus. I was told, “yes, but was not to enter any of the buildings ” no problem.
    Found a bench swing for us to sit on and was told by another employee I could not sit in that courtyard?????
    After attending Saturday mandatory day, that allowed you to come back on Sunday from. 2-4 and have quality time with family member. Showed up at 2 on Sunday and all the clients went on a field trip!!!!! Really, a field trip during family time?? I was literally heartbroken.
    There seems to be a lot of miscommunication. However, I think they can get away with almost anything because they , I they are government subsidized. Not sure though.
    Whomever is in charge of SalusCare in swfl, in my opinion really needs to review the protocol so everyone is on the same page. If you know who this person is please respond with a name.
    I have many concerns!
    Ty, a loving family member who is concerned

  12. This place is a scam has anyone court ordered to go to this place for an Assessment been deamed not needed to go how about just mail in the money thats all they want anyway Just the city of Ft myers and a private company miking citizens and hurting people that need help the most shame on them

  13. This is completely false!! You say she is mean, rude, has no empathy, degrades and belittles you..and then you go on to say she should be fired n become a comcast customer service rep. Thoroughly using every single negative attribute that u gave to her, u used yourself with that one sentence. Ms. Dana IS very strict, but if you had such a horrible experience with her i can assure EVERYONE, from EXPERIENCE, that you were either not following rules or trying to be sneaky and get away with shit, and talking or being disrespectful towards her. I initially felt the same. Im withdrawing from the worst drug in the world, dont feel good, am irritable, and this lady is not very nice. Thats how i felt INITIALLY. But bythe time i left, i felt like i could talk to her almost easier than my own mother. Addiction is nothing to play with, it is NOT nice, and doesnt care about your feelings. Ms. Dana does a great job of getting that point across. You want someone to baby you? Go to your moms for your subutex and to help u get off dope.

  14. If you plan on going into the Detox program, my best advice to you is to stay away from MISS DANA. she has no empathy whatsoever, she is mean, rude, always negative, degrades and belittles you, and makes you feel worse than you already do while going through the painful process of detoxing. In my opinion she should be fired, and seek another line of work (such as a comcast customer service operator). A person like her should not be any part of a persons journey to recovery, and feeling better!

    • This is completely false!! Ms. Dana IS very strict, but if you had such a horrible experience with her i can assure EVERYONE, from EXPERIENCE, that you were either not following rules or trying to be sneaky and get away with shit, and talking or being disrespectful towards her. I initially felt the same. Im withdrawing from the worst drug in the world, dont feel good, am irritable, and this lady is not very nice. Thats how i felt INITIALLY. But bythe time i left, i felt like i could talk to her almost easier than my own mother. Addiction is nothing to play with, it is NOT nice, and doesnt care about your feelings. Ms. Dana does a great job of getting that point across. You want someone to baby you? Go to your moms for your subutex and to help u get off dope.

  15. Salus care in Fort Myers, Fl has the worest record department any where. Even when they have the records an the release for information the guy working there claims he can’t find it.
    Wr needed records for the court an they refused to help us.
    Wr gave them rhe paper work to fill out on Tuesday am they said it would be ready on Wednesday, I said great I would come Thursday am to make sure it was done. Rhen they told me they dont fill them out I had to come get it an take it to their records department. Who would not fill it out and recused to give me records that we needed.
    A pkace you go an are treated like crap an you get to pay them for it!

    • AA practioner on

      This place is a joke, it offers no Rehab or counseling,they might say they do and they have it on their schedule but it never occurred. I was a patient there and the staff was rude, overbearing and incompetent. I would never send a loved one there as it will not benefit them at all. I don’t know how this place continues to function except to bring in health insurance, Medicare and other money. Lee county officials need to review the policies for SalusCare as they are not following their own guidelines,

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