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Saint Simons By-The-Sea (SSBTS)


Saint Simons By-The-Sea (SSBTS) Review

Founded in 1982, Saint Simons By-The-Sea (SSBTS) is an inpatient hospital for adults and teens, treating psychiatric disorders and addiction. Located on the idyllic Saint Simons Island, between Savannah, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida, Saint Simons By-The-Sea is an acute care, short-term hospital program that aims to stabilize difficult dual diagnosis cases in as little as 14 days.

Accommodations and Food

SSBTS, located less than three miles from the Atlantic Ocean, is a Spanish-style one-story hospital with three wings attached to the main building. Surrounded by lush tropical greenery and landscaped grounds, clients can wander manicured paths, sit in front of the courtyard fountain or play tennis on the outdoor court.

The rooms at this 101-bed facility are painted in ocean colors, with hardwood floors and plenty of windows. Rooms are double occupancy, with twin beds and en suite bathrooms. A community media/kitchenette room with sea green walls and chairs for lounging contains big screen TVs and snack and juice machines.

Meal planning, prep and food service are handled by a dietitian and kitchen staff. Caffeine and sugar are not necessarily restricted (depending on the client’s diagnosis) and dietary accommodations can be made.

Treatment and Staff

As mentioned, SSBTS is an acute care short-term facility, which claims to have developed a program that cuts the traditional 28-day residential program in half while maintaining similar degrees of success and offering dual diagnosis support.

Initially, clients are assessed to determine if detox services are needed or if they can immediately participate in the residential program. At this time, all clients are assigned to a primary therapist and are assessed by a psychiatrist for co-occurring disorders and whether or not they will need medication management. SSBTS utilizes Suboxone for detox and CBT as its primary therapeutic modality. Like most programs, clients engage in daily group therapy, with a bump in individual therapy—up to three times a week.

A typical day at SSBTS begins with a 6 am wake-up followed by breakfast, a goals group, another group therapy session and then lunch at 11:50 am. Recreational therapy follows lunch. At 2 pm, residents meet with a staff therapist and have options of downtime or group before a 5 pm dinner. After dinner, clients attend an on-site AA meeting and then a daily process group before free time and lights out at 11 pm.

Because this is an acute care hospital setting, it is no surprise that clients have access to a full medical staff and therapeutic team. Each of these staff members have some level of experience in the fields of addiction treatment, recovery, relapse prevention and mental health. The staff-to-client ratio is a respectable one-to-five.


SSBTS offers a variety of options during recreational time: yoga, karaoke, art and music therapies. While there is no gym on-site, the aforementioned tennis courts provide a way for clients to get exercise.

In Summary

Saint Simons By-The-Sea is a beautiful facility in a serene setting—it looks just like a psychiatric hospital should. This could be the place to begin recovery, especially for potential clients with difficult dual diagnosis issues—SSBTS offers lots of one-on-one support from experienced professionals. The caveat might be that this 14-day program doesn’t look much different than its 28-day counterparts, so how it could be just as effective is a matter of debate.

Saint Simons By-The-Sea Location

2927 Demere Road
Saint Simons Island, GA 31522

Saint Simons By-The-Sea Cost

$11,652 (14 days). Reach Saint Simons By-The-Sea by phone at (800) 821-7224 or by email. Find Saint Simons By-The-Sea on Facebook

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  1. I attended this treatment facility in 2006 for the full 14 days and I paid in cash. Most of the other patients who attempted to use private insurance were sadly discharged immediately following a 72 hour detox and largely were unhappy to leave in a still fragile state. It is true that those with military or state insurance were able to stay longer, but most did not stay the full 14 day program.

    There was no actual CBT. The term was bandied about, but the modality was not adhered to. I benefited from this program in getting clean from opioids/benzos/barbiturates and have maintained sobriety to this day in 2018. I am an RN and it was either get clean or forfeit my career, so one could say I was given an ultimatum by my employer.

    I was stated on Subutex here and then transitioned to Suboxone later, but most everyone is placed on this medication. There is debate in AA/NA circles on whether using this medication means you are not actually sober, so know that before starting it because it is hell on earth to try to get off. Withdrawal is far worse than what I went through in 2006 from the narcotic polypharmacy I was on.

    The counselors were tenacious in getting me out of bed as I didn’t want to participate initially and I credit one in particular for her dedication.

    The grounds may be beautiful, but it is not near the water and the only time outdoors one is allowed is to sit on the porch and smoke. I don’t know if the atmosphere has changed, but the only real social or milieu therapy is centered around smoke breaks.

    Very expensive for what treatment is offered, but they were kind people and at the time that was very helpful. As always, it’s what you make of it. If I ever needed treatment again, I cannot say I’d use them, but the fact I don’t need it now is a testament in itself I suppose.

  2. Richard McBeef on

    Oh, and they don’t “cut the traditional 28-day residential program in half” you’ll be lucky to stay there 7 days; unless you have Tricare and then you will stay 14 days whether you need to or not. I wish the author had provide a link to the “success rate” he claims is so high; it appears to be fabrication.

  3. Richard McBeef on

    This place is not near the beach and looks like every other corporate psych hospital. They do not use any ciricumlum so no, they do not use CBT. The medical director relapsed and slept with interns while working there. This place will use all your covered insurance days then spit you out with no discharge plan. Oh, and they are being investigated for federal insurance fraud. Go somewhere else!

    • Richard: Please give me a call at 912-223-3987 as I would like to talk with you about this. I am a lawyer who is representing a lady who is suing this facility.

    • Jessica Sullivan on

      Can someone give me more information? They are not caring for our daughter there. We are having trouble with them and plan to dispute any claim they make to the insurance company.

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