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Saint Jude Retreats Twin Rivers


Saint Jude RetreatsSaint Jude Retreats Twin Rivers Review

Saint Jude Retreats Twin Rivers facility offers residential substance abuse treatment for men and women in upstate New York. As part of the larger Saint Jude Retreat network, Saint Jude Twin Rivers provides an affordable, co-ed program in a lovely small town setting.

Started in 1988 by career researcher Gerard Brown, the Saint Jude organization offers an alternative to traditional 12-step style addiction treatment using what it has coined “America’s Non Treatment Approach.” In fact, the program’s founders prefer not to even call it “treatment” but rather an educational experience designed to empower substance abusers and teach them new, healthy patterns of behavior. It is also important to note that Saint Jude is not a religious organization. The founders of Saint Jude Retreat are Catholic and chose the name to honor Saint Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes. The Saint Jude curriculum does not teach that God or spirituality are necessary to achieve sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

Located in a charming village, the Twin Rivers Retreat was the location of the first Saint Jude program. The facility is a refurbished Victorian mansion surrounded by flower gardens. Up to 20 clients at a time are housed in both dorm-style and semi-private bedrooms with Tempur-Pedic mattresses. The property also features classrooms, lounge areas with flat screen TVs, a large dining room for family-style dinners and a beautiful outdoor area with a large deck and a gazebo. There is WiFi throughout the facility and guests are welcome to bring their cell phones and laptops. They are also encouraged to pack musical instruments, sports equipment and anything else they would want with them if they were going on vacation.

Menus are planned with both nutrition and taste in mind. Each meal offers a vegetarian option and there is also a salad bar available at both lunch and dinner. Snacks, fruit, coffee and a juice bar are available at all times.

Treatment and Staff

The Saint Jude program is designed to be six weeks long, but in rare cases can be modified if clients can’t commit to the full 42 days. Clients receive lessons based on a cognitive learning process designed to empower them through education. No detox services are provided on-site but Saint Jude has a cooperative relationship Gallus Detox Centers. When clients are medically stable, they can begin the Saint Jude program.

The method at Saint Jude uses a three-phase educational strategy. The first phase of the program focuses on empowerment, teaching clients that their substance use problem is not a disease and providing an explanation for the problem based on scientific research. The second phase helps residents identify harmful thought patterns and subsequent actions and areas of their lives they would like to change. They begin to develop plans of action for changes they need to make in order to build the lives they want. The third phase focuses on what it will take to put those plans for lasting change into action. Clients are offered the inspiration, knowledge and guidance to bring their thoughts and behaviors back in line with their goals.

In keeping the emphasis on education and not therapy, the team at Saint Jude is comprised entirely of New York state licensed educators. Some have backgrounds in psychology and addiction science. Dual diagnosis support is provided through a referral to an off-site psychiatrist. Clients who require prescribed medication are asked to bring it in the original container with a copy of their prescription.


During their down time, guests have their choice of planned social activities such as hiking, sporting events, sightseeing and other group activities. All guests receive a free membership to a local fitness centers. The campus includes a beach volleyball court , a horseshoe pit and a large grass yard for yoga and other outdoor activities.

In lieu of aftercare, there is a voluntary transitional planning program. There is a two-day family program that provides education and support in a classroom workshop setting.

In Summary

Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers offers an affordable, unique alternative to 12-step recovery. Clients get plenty of freedom and fresh air, but also participate in a structured program of education, empowerment and self-exploration. This is a great option for those who can’t wrap their minds around the traditional rehab thing, but want help to stop drinking and using drugs. To protect the privacy of clients, Saint Jude prefers the exact address and location of Twin Rivers is not disclosed.

Saint Jude Retreats Twin Rivers Location

Amsterdam, NY 12010

Saint Jude Retreats Cost

$11,000 (30 days, pro-rated) $16,500 (full program is 42 days). Reach Saint Jude Retreats by phone at (888) 424-2626. Find Saint Jude Retreats on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+

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