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Saint Jude Executive Retreat Review

Located in a small village in upstate New York, Saint Jude Executive Retreat is a private, luxury residential facility for men and women struggling with substance abuse issues. As part of the larger Saint Jude Retreat network, Saint Jude Executive Retreat provides individualized treatment for a limited number of clients in a tranquil, safe setting. This co-ed program was designed for high-functioning adult professionals who must continue to run their businesses while they get help. It provides complete privacy and luxury amenities along with a high level of professionalism.

Using what it calls “America’s Non Treatment Approach” the Saint Jude organization was started in 1988 by career researcher Gerard Brown. It offers an alternative to the traditional 12-step style addiction treatment. In fact, the program’s founders prefer not to even call it “treatment” but rather an educational experience designed to empower substance abusers and teach them new, healthy patterns of behavior. It is also important to note that Saint Jude is not a religious organization. The founders of Saint Jude Retreat are Catholic and named the program to honor Saint Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes. The Saint Jude curriculum does not teach that God or spirituality are necessary to achieve sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

Saint Jude Executive Retreat is a huge house flanked by pine trees. A maximum of six guests enjoy lovely, private, gender-specific suites. Bedrooms are luxurious, with fine linens, WiFi, satellite TVs and gorgeous, private bathrooms. The grounds feature acres of manicured lawn, a pool, a small pond and lush landscaping.

Menus are designed and prepared by an executive chef. Every meal is made to order and any dietary preferences and restrictions can be accommodated. A variety of snacks, fruit, coffee and a juice bar are available at all times.

Treatment and Staff

The Saint Jude Executive Retreat approach to addiction treatment is a 30-day intensive based on a process called Cognitive Behavioral Education, which incorporates some elements of the more traditional CBT. There is no group therapy at Saint Jude; all lessons are delivered on an individual basis to protect the privacy of clients. No detox services are provided on-site, but Saint Jude has a cooperative relationship Gallus Detox Centers. When clients are medically stable, they can begin the Saint Jude program.

The method at Saint Jude uses a three-phase educational strategy. The first phase of the program focuses on empowerment, teaching clients that their substance use problem is not a disease and providing an explanation for the problem based on scientific research. The second phase helps residents identify harmful thought patterns and subsequent actions and areas of their lives they would like to change. They begin to develop plans of action for changes they need to make in order to build the lives they want. The third phase focuses on what it will take to put those plans for lasting change into action. Clients are offered the inspiration, knowledge and guidance to bring their thoughts and behaviors back in line with their goals.

In keeping the emphasis on education and not therapy, the team at Saint Jude is comprised entirely of New York state licensed educators. Some have backgrounds in psychology and addiction science. Dual diagnosis support is provided through a referral to an off-site psychiatrist. Clients who require prescribed medication are asked to bring it in the original container with a copy of their prescription.


Saint Jude Executive Retreat offers clients daily trips to the local health club plenty of time for sober golf outings, hiking, fishing, concerts, trips to NYC to see Broadway shows, the orchestra, the opera or to visit the various museums. Saint Jude also takes clients to the nearby Saratoga Crystal Spa for facials, manicures and pedicures.

In Summary

Saint Jude Executive Retreat provides a totally confidential, nurturing environment for clients to create a foundation for a healthy life in recovery. Through the unique non-treatment method of education, empowerment and self-exploration, residents can discover the tools to think, feel and act as their best selves. Due to the highly exclusive and private nature of this program, the exact address and location is not disclosed.

Saint Jude Executive Retreat Location

Address is undisclosed
Florida, NY 10921

Saint Jude Executive Retreat Cost

$28,000-$32,000 (30 days). Reach Saint Jude Executive Retreat by phone at (855) 245-2215 or by email. Find Saint Jude Retreats on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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