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Set in the Great Falls area of Virginia, Sagebrush is a hybrid of mid-Atlantic luxury and holistic recovery. Clients check into an estate with a tri-level mansion sitting on three acres of land, all just a short walk from Great Falls Park. Though Sagebrush has only been around since 2008, it’s put a great deal of effort into its program and now has a lot to offer.

Accommodations and Food

Once admitted, residents each get a private room complete with their own bathroom and walk-in closet, all with queen-sized beds for maximum comfort. The common areas are spacious and include two sunrooms with many-windowed walls allowing clients to take in the natural surroundings. There’s no shortage of furniture, as the entire house is filled with plush couches and chairs. Residents also needn’t be concerned about overcrowding, as Sagebrush hosts no more than eight at a time for a quieter living environment—all the more important because treatment sessions are conveniently in the same building.

Aside from the bedrooms, Sagebrush also boasts a warm-toned, all-wood office that clients can use for journaling; for entertainment, there’s a home theater with recliners, sofas and a host of pre-approved movies. Finally, there’s also a large in-ground swimming pool in the back of the house.

When it comes to food, Sagebrush has an in-house chef who prepares a variety of nutritious meals, all designed to heal residents in body and mind. The menu changes every day, but about 75% of their food is organic; some examples include Buffalo Chicken salad, sandwiches and pasta. Unlike certain other rehabs, the facility does serve coffee (though only until noon), and some sugars are allowed in foods like dark chocolate almonds; clients shouldn’t expect any sodas or candy, though.

While computers and cell phones aren’t allowed, clients are supplied with cell phones for call times available twice a day (morning and evenings). Allotted call times and an approved phone list are assessed by a primary therapist, and everything is strictly regimented.

Treatment and Staff

When it comes to treatment, Sagebrush uses a unique combination of innovative and traditional therapies to create a clinically rich treatment plan for each client. These plans can include individual therapy, art therapy, Motivational Interviewing (MI) guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, Shiatsu, music therapy, nature-based activities, psychodrama, life coaching, medicine tasks, spiritual counseling and nutritional health counseling.

CBT and DBT are both offered, as well as EMDR for trauma clients and addiction education sessions four times a week. Detox, however, is not offered; Sagebrush prefers their residents do this through a hospital. Similarly, while they do deal with underlying depression and anxiety, any high-caliber dual diagnosis issues are referred out to a proper facility.

On top of all this, clients are taken to six off-site AA or NA meetings a week. On-site meetings are also provided, led by either Sagebrush alumnus or a “dinosaur speaker,” meaning someone who has 20 years or more sober; while it’s recommended that residents get sponsors, they are not required. SMART and Celebrate recovery are also available to clients, and the 12 steps are then just implemented on top of them (regardless of the facility’s flexibility, 12-step is always required).

While it’s difficult to provide a sample day at Sagebrush, in general residents wake at 7 am. Medication is then distributed followed by yoga at 7:30 am with showers afterward, and breakfast is served between 9 and 10 am. From there, there’s a community meeting where clients can share their feelings about the recovery process. Next residents go into group sessions, which rotate daily. Then comes lunch and another two-hour group session, followed by time at the gym, dinner, an outside meeting ending at 9 pm and finally free time. Lights go out at 11 pm.

In the residential program, there are 20 highly credentialed staff members (an even mix of men and women) there to assist residents with a one-to-one ratio until 5 pm; in the evening, program assistants are there to help. Sagebrush works with affiliated MDs but they are not always available at the house; still, they’re always on-call and are on-site most days each week.

Sunday visitation is part of their family program, where Sagebrush does a “Concerned Others” group from noon to 1 pm; afterwards, there’s a “multi-family” group available. Other visitors are welcome on Sundays, though they must all be pre-approved by the facility to keep out any triggering individuals. All visitors are screened and may have to submit to drug tests; anyone can be randomly tested if the need arises.

Although family visitation is generally on Sundays, family sessions can be held during other times as well since there’s a family therapist available seven days a week. Finally, if family members want to seek individual therapy, they can do so through Sagebrush’s outpatient program.


Because Sagebrush is a holistic facility, it offers a slew of less-frequently-seen therapies including reflexology, soul retrieval, Shamanic healing, Jungian sand-play therapy, sound therapy and drumming. It also has acupuncture and hypnotherapy, with a staff acupuncturist and hypnotherapist who generally work together. Finally, there’s also a personal trainer to work with residents in one of two gyms—a studio set-up and a cardio space. Extra-curricular activities include hiking and nature walks.

In Summary

Overall, Sagebrush is a definite step up from other domestic recovery facilities—at a cost that matches. It’s a comprehensive program with equal parts tradition and innovation, as well as a balanced approach to science and spirituality. The suburban-yet-forested surroundings add discretion, serenity and seclusion to an already-comfortable setting—and being close to natural waterfalls can’t hurt, either.

Sagebrush Treatment Location

7921 Jones Branch Dr #101
McLean, VA 22102

Sagebrush Treatment Cost

$45,000 (30 days adjusted; $1500 per day). Reach Sagebrush Treatment by phone at (888) 406-7444 or by email at Find Sagebrush Treatment on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 

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