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A Costa Mesa, California institution since 1993, Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women offers multi-tracked rehab care for women with dual diagnosis issues. Though 12-step based in its approach, Safe Harbor mixes modern techniques and specialized care for treating eating disorders, love addiction and trauma in addition to addiction recovery. Each of these inpatient programs is housed in a separate residential home in the Costa Mesa community; there’s Knox for women ages 18 to 24, the more inclusive Magellan for women 18 and up and Capella, which is focused on trauma for women of all ages.

Accommodations and Food

As far as housing goes, Safe Harbor ranks highly—each of its residences are lovely, impeccably decorated homes in the Costa Mesa area. All of its programs attempt to keep enrollment low with 20 beds for the Capella program, 15 for Knox and 12 for Magellan. Clients share rooms with one to two roommates depending on space, with twin beds, dressers and desks in each room. All are decorated in the style of a modern bed and breakfast and are thankfully devoid of any institutional aesthetics. While some do feature private bathrooms, most women have to share with their fellow residents on each floor. Safe Harbor’s B&B theme continues throughout their facilities, with warm touches throughout. The Magellan facility also boasts a spacious back patio and swimming pool.

While those staying at the Capella program can enjoy meals prepared by an on-site chef, the other two ask clients to cook for themselves in the in-house kitchens. Still, Safe Harbor provides the food and even has instructional classes on nutrition and healthy eating to help their women devise healthy meal plans. Overall, this facility believes the community spirit engendered by having residents prepare meals for each other is a positive step towards developing better life skills.

Treatment and Staff

As mentioned, Safe Harbor has three distinct programs, each with their own facilities in Costa Mesa. The Knox Program for younger women features traditional 12-step based recovery with daily meetings, weekly therapy sessions and case management sessions with chemical dependency counselors.

During their stay, residents receive educational therapy in the following areas: chemical dependency, love addiction, body image, nutrition, hypnotherapy, relapse prevention, art therapy, spirituality, educational and employment planning, life skills and goals, meditation, yoga and daily process groups. The Magellan Program is for all women 18 and older and features the same basis of recovery but also offers a love addiction/codependency program and an eating disorder program for women in need of dual diagnosis treatment. Finally, the Capella Program features the same staples of the prior two, but with treatment for PTSD also available.

Safe Harbor handles all of the recovery in each of its three residences, all separately. Women attend group therapy sessions each day and daily 12-step meetings, no matter what the program; clients will often travel off-site for these meetings. There is also a separate detox facility, which is supervised by a medical doctor and nurses. Staff at Safe Harbor are primarily licensed counselors, though there is a staff psychiatrist available when needed.

Finally, Safe Harbor also offers a three-day intensive program for family members, which occur on a pre-arranged weekend in the each respective residence. Family members over 14 years of age are welcome to attend educational seminars, group therapy with the client and a private meeting with the clinical staff.


Given their varied treatment approach, Safe Harbor wraps many activities into their program including yoga classes at the residences and art therapy sessions; clients also have access to a nearby gym. Safe Harbor sponsors frequent trips as well. In addition to off-site meetings in the Costa Mesa area, residents go on beach trips, hikes and downtown excursions for shopping or trips to the movies.

In Summary

With over 20 years of experience, Safe Harbor boasts a varied, modern program with options aplenty. For women struggling with dual diagnoses, they can be sure to find a program prepared to address their particular needs—not to mention, their housing facilities are particularly warm and inviting. Factoring in their reasonable price, Safe Harbor is a strong candidate for any woman in need of long term, 12-step based treatment.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women Location

1966 Maple Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women Cost

$10,000 (30 days). Reach Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women by phone at (877) 660-7623 or by email at [email protected]. Find Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women at FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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  1. I also had a terrible experience at Safe Harbor, over 13 years ago. Velvet is condescending and extremely untrustworthy. She does not care about the happiness of her clients. She is only concerned with money. She also hired a woman who ended up stealing patients medications. Velvet was only around when newbies would show up. I had an extremely negative experience at this facility. I am surprised that they are still operating. Velvet should be reported and her “centers” should be shut down.

  2. To Annie Stirling,
    Unfortunately I do not believe you are reporting on the same Safe Harbor Treatment Centers for women listed in this ad. There is not nor has there ever been a Dr. Olga working at Safe Harbor Treatment Centers for women. Additionally, the homes and facilities are not only functional, they are beautiful. Safe Harbor Treatment Centers for Womem is far from prison and for nearly 25years has supported countless women in establishing long term recovery and creating amazing lives. I am sorry for the experience you had where you were. That’s very unfortunate.

  3. I had such a beautiful experience at Safe Harbor – it was a very difficult process going through treatment, but my staff and peers made enjoyable. There was a variety of different groups from relapse prevention to hypnotherapy and yoga. Made a lot of friends in treatment and we have remained friends until today. I constantly felt so much love and support, even while going through difficult work. I would highly recommend to any women that are struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

  4. It deeply concerns me to hear your report on your experience at Safe Harbor. In some cases when addicts and alcoholics are in early recovery their experiences can be distorted or skewed due to the trauma of addiction. Safe Harbor is a leader in our field, and while our expertise lies in treating addiction and the underlying issues that women specifically have, we also recognize that we may not be a high enough level of care for any individuals struggling with more severe mental health issues. It is our intention to give unconditional love and support to the loved one being treated in our facility. Safe Harbor is dedicated to the individual needs of each client as the early stages of sobriety can be the hardest time in a persons life. Our integrated treatment encourages a connection between the body, mind, and spirit. All of our facilities are licensed and we have an extensive staff of credentialed doctors and therapists. Many of our staff are alumni of Safe Harbor who return specifically to give back. We honor the individual and encourage our staff to be themselves while honoring our professional guidelines. Recovery is a process, but with the right community and loving guidance, women are able to live happy and fulfilling lives.

  5. annie m stirling on

    I had the worst experience of my life at SAFE Harbor. The staff abused me physically mentally and spiritually. I would have a very obese women start yelling at me at 6 am to get up and get going on my chores. I had to scrub toilets and clean up the house that is falling to pieces. If I did not follow directions or do exactly what they wanted when they wanted, they would put you on restriction. Send you to your disgusting room with no food no phone no tv no nothing, to stare at the walls.

    I was receptively abused at this prison. I was traumatized daily and almost every minute. I was physically attacked by a resident and the staff did not intervene. This place should be shut down.

    I was not sitting up straight for a movie class and was put on restriction and verbally abused by the staff. I was told I had to go to the bathroom in my pants and was not allowed to use the restroom during groups that would last upwards of 2 hours. Twice I had diareah and went in my pants because the facility staff and trained professionals refused to unlock the door and also locked anyone running late out of the groups.

    I have never been to such a disgusting horrible place. They also stole a very large sum of money from me and from my insurance. They billed my insurance over 68,824.00. for 30 days and also made me pay cash upfront which is double billing. They lied and told me the program was 10k a month not 68k a month. This shit whole could not get 5k a month is they were ethical professionals that had morals.

    I ended up leaving there and going to Promises Treatment or Malibu Vista and for half the price I was treated so well. The staff was amazing the food was amazing the accommodations were luxurious. I really healed and loved Promises. Eieleen the program director was amazing and so was Dr. Olga.

    I will be filing a report with the state and county district office asking for removal of the license to operate a treatment/wellness center is revoked. The women who started Safe Harbor is a major Heroin Junky and is using all the money she is stealing form people to do Heroin and drugs.

    I will be in therapy for years from the abuse I received from Safe Harbor. I cannot say enough bad things about this place. I hated it daily and was scared because they threatened jail or putting me in a mental hospital if i left.

    When I finally left again they would not release my phone to me or my US passport. They also would not give me my credit card and a ton of money went missing. I had to call the police to get my own credit card returned to me safely.

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