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Founded in 2015 by Jack O’Donnell, his wife Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell, Pat Manley and Thomas Isbell in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, Sabino Recovery is an upscale inpatient treatment program for substance abuse. It treats men and women who are 18 years and older. Jack O’Donnell’s brother, William, is the founder of Sierra Tucson.

Just 15 miles from downtown Tucson, the Sonoran Desert features the saguaro, a unique species of cacti, and is home to the greater roadrunner, the most famous bird in Southwestern folklore. While known to be the hottest arid region in the United States, the landscape features a breathtaking view of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Sabino Recovery employs its own Sabino Model of treatment, which focuses on trauma informed care. Jack’s wife, Nancy, developed this model after losing her teenage daughter in a tragic car accident in 2006.

Accommodations and Food

Sabino Recovery can accommodate up to 50 residents inside the earth-toned complex, which features the flat roofs and rounded walls that are emblematic of Pueblo architecture. Occupying 100 acres of land, the complex includes a swimming pool, Internet cafes, outdoor sitting areas and a pristine landscape.

Residents are paired in spacious, gender-specific Southwestern-style rooms, which come equipped with full-sized beds, wall-to-wall windows, nightstands topped with quaint Native American figurines, lamps, hanging artwork and natural wood dressers. Each room has air conditioning and a private bathroom with features separate sinks and vanities.

Recovery includes a fitness center, equine stables, a bookstore and an adventure center that has a climbing wall and ropes course. Laundry rooms are available for use by residents and there are designated outdoor smoking areas.

While cell phone use is restricted, residents are allowed to use their laptops and watch TV, including Netflix programs, during specific hours.

Clients enjoy healthy meals and snacks inside a rustic dining room with oblong rectangular tables, Native American statues, hanging artwork and wooden chairs. All diets—including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and heart-healthy— are accommodated here. Coffee is supplied.

Treatment and Staff

Prior to acceptance, clients must have blood work done at the on-site lab so that staff is aware of any food sensitivities, thyroid issues or other potential concerns. The program is not equipped to treat court-ordered clients or those with severe mental health disorders. A non-medical detox is available for those who don’t require formal monitoring, however a nursing staff is on hand to provide around-the-clock supervision.

Before beginning treatment, clients undergo a comprehensive assessment so that an individualized treatment plan can be created. The Sabino Model utilizes traditional psychotherapy and psychiatry, EMDR, and neuroplasticity, which works off the theory that the human brain can rewire itself from negative patterns that promote trauma and chemical addiction. Treatment consists of group and individual therapy, as well as a slew of holistic practices such as movement therapy, yoga therapy, craniosacral therapy, massage, acupuncture, shiatsu and equine therapy. It also works with experiential therapies, such as sound therapy, art therapy, naturopathic medications and expressive writing. Sabino Recovery also provides an introduction to the 12 steps. Treatment lasts for 35 days.

Psychiatric consultations are provided for clients requiring medication for co-occurring disorders.

Staff includes co-founders; a clinical director and licensed practical counselor; a psychiatric nurse practitioner; a Doctorate-level clinical psychologist; a medical director and doctor of naturopathic medicine; an LMFT; Manager of integrative services and licensed acupuncturist; Master’s-level licensed certified counselor and equine therapist; a counselor; somatic experiencing practitioner; Master’s-level certified holistic mental health practitioner and writing groups facilitator, along with four friendly equines. The staff-to-client ratio, not including the horses, is approximately one-to-four.


A state-of-the-art sleep clinic is used during treatment, with the belief that sound sleep promotes a healthy recovery and heals trauma as well as other mental health issues. Clients suffering from insomnia and poor sleep patterns participate in sleep studies at the lab.

The four-day family program is scheduled during the fourth week of treatment. Clients and loved ones participate in group therapy, where they work on healing damaged relationships.

In Summary

Sabino Recovery is a high-end, gorgeous resort located against the picturesque Catalina mountains. Some people consider the desert to have many spiritual and healing properties. Its trauma-informed approach, along with a variety of evidence-based, holistic and experiential therapies makes Sabino Recovery the perfect place for those who really want to get away and heal their mind, body and spirit.

Sabino Recovery Location

8505 East Ocotillo Dr
Tucson, AZ 85750

Sabino Recovery Cost

$40,500 (30 days). Reach Sabino Recovery by phone at (844) 227-7014 or by email. Find Sabino Recovery at YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter 

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