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Ryther is one of the most comprehensive behavioral health facilities for adolescents in the Pacific Northwest. With three locations—one in Seattle, another in Bellevue and the third in Mukilteo—children, teens and their parents are provided a range of counseling services and behavioral health education programs. In addition to substance abuse treatment, services for autism diagnostics, family therapy and home-based coaching programs for youth transitioning home after treatment are available.

The Seattle facility provides a residential program for youth between the ages of six and 14 who need a highly-structured and safe temporary living situation. Both the Bellevue and Seattle offices also provide outpatient substance abuse treatment.

Ryther began as an orphanage in 1885 when its founder Olive Ryther took charge of her deceased neighbor’s four children and vowed to take care of as many orphans as possible. In the 1950’s after helping thousands of children, Ryther evolved her services to meet the needs of the community and shifted focus to provide mental health services. Today Ryther cares for 3,000 children each year.

Treatment and Staff

After an assessment, clients and their parents are given a treatment plan that includes individual and family therapy. One-on-one sessions for substance abuse use DBT, CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques. Ryther doesn’t require clients and their families to attend 12-step meetings, but they are encouraged to seek them out on their own.

Most clinicians are dual-certified as Master’s-level therapists (including MFTs and MSWs) with addiction counseling credentials, including chemical dependency professionals and chemical dependency professionals-in-training. Ryther has a dedicated therapy track for clients with co-occurring disorders with a psychiatrist overseeing all treatment. Additionally, clinicians who treat co-occurring disorders periodically organize groups to share techniques and ideas to improve the efficacy of treatment.


In addition to services for all facets of child and adolescent behavioral health, Ryther offers assertive parenting classes, an Empowering Young Women’s Sexuality class and an Outdoor Leadership Camp. Its Blog—Ryther Voices—offers tips on how to communicate with your child and how to spot signs of substance abuse.

Ryther has also recently launched a counseling program to provide one-time sessions with parents who suspect their child might be battling substance abuse. These sessions involve psycho-education on the effects of addiction and teach parenting strategies to help communicate and set boundaries.

In Summary

Ryther has been serving the young residents of the Seattle/Bellevue area of Washington State for nearly 150 years. Its current substance abuse counseling programs provide expert therapy and education for young people struggling with substance abuse while also teaching parents how to communicate assertively and compassionately. Ryther’s comprehensive mental health staff help to make it a premier choice for young people suffering from co-occurring disorders.

Ryther Locations

Ryther Main Campus
2400 NE 95th St
Seattle, WA 98115

Ryther East
14715 Bel-Red Rd
Bldg. G Ste. 100
Bellevue, WA 98007

Ryther Cost

Insurance and sliding scale for low-income families. Reach Ryther by phone at (206) 517-0234 or by email at [email protected]. Find Ryther on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. kathleen Kelly on

    I tried to contact Karen Brady today to arrange a date and time to visit Ryther. The person answering the phone told me she would make contact with Karen Brady and took my name and phone number for a ca;ll back. . I Want to find closure for the abuse I suffered at Ryther. think the ryther agency is trying to blow me off because it happened in 1957. Karen Brady seemed to be honest when she first contacted me. But I am not allowed to make contact with her now, I would like to visit the agency like she invited me to do. Yet I live in Eastern WA. and I was trying to schedule a time and date to visit. She either does not want to believe me or just wants to ignore the whole issue. I did not make the story about being raped and beaten. Sincerely Kathleen Kelly

  2. Providing a safe place for children to heal and grow is Ryther’s greatest responsibility. As an agency that provides exceptional therapeutic services to young people who are struggling emotionally and behaviorally to find a path to healing and hope, protecting client safety is essential.

    Every allegation of abuse, regardless of how old, is of grave concern to me and to all of us at Ryther. I was very saddened to read this post and I have spoken directly with the woman who posted it. We have checked Ryther’s records from the 1950s and external sources as well, and were unable to find any record of her being here or an employee by the name she gave us. Regardless of whether she was at Ryther or at one of our peer organizations, we hope to help as we can. Current reporting procedures require that any claim of abuse is reported to the Washington State Child Protective Services (CPS) and, as necessary, law enforcement, regardless of how old the claim is. We have submitted a report with the information we were able to gather.

    Today, Ryther has numerous policies, procedures, and practices in place to ensure that nothing like what was described as happening in the past could occur today. Ryther is accredited by the Council on Accreditation and licensed and contracted with the State of Washington. We work hard to meet, and often exceed, the requirements from these bodies as well as employing evidenced based and best practices.


    Karen Brady
    Executive Director/CEO

  3. kathleen L Kelly on

    In 1957 I was a child care client at Ryther. I was violently raped by a staff member named Lee. I was 4 years old at that time, now I am 65. The terror and fear from that experience still haunts me today. I feel I really need to make this known, I am surely not the only child to have this horrific experience.

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