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Located on 13 acres in the heart of the Sonoran desert in Arizona, with views of the Bradshaw mountain range and succulents and cacti as far as the eye can see, Rosewood Ranch offers serenity and solitude to the adult or adolescent suffering from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorders and any co-occurring addictions or disorders.

This inpatient facility also serves as a licensed hospital, enabling them to treat even the most extreme cases of eating disorders. As with any addiction, eating disorders are considered a “family disease,” and Rosewood Ranch also offers a comprehensive program for the families of the afflicted.

Accommodations and Food

Rosewood Ranch is a mid-century looking sprawling rambler made of brick and stone, blending beautifully into the desert landscape. Interior decor is warm and tasteful “Southwestern,” with desert hues and textures, plush leather and overstuffed furniture, regional artwork and objets d’art. Separate facilities are provided for the adult and adolescent clients, both similarly appointed. Rooms are shared and are sparsely yet comfortably furnished with twin beds, fluffy duvets and personal desk space. There is a pool on the premises, as well as stables where equine therapy takes place, and other points of interest such as gazebos, a painted-stone garden and desert trails.

Phones are available for personal calls (with a calling card) and a specific time is set aside each day to use them.

Perhaps the most important component of recovery for the eating disordered is nutrition and meals. All food served at Rosewood Ranch is locally grown and meals are made in-house by a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef. Once the client’s individual dietary needs are assessed by a licensed dietitian, the details are communicated to the chef, and meals are then measured, weighed and served cafeteria style along with any dietary supplements. Clients are allowed to list three foods that they don’t like, and these are taken into consideration.

Meals are eaten in groups of four to six, seated at a table with a nurse who engages residents in conversation, answers questions and ensures that all food is consumed. For the client who refuses to eat any portion of their meal, a supplemental shake called “Resource” is given as a substitute to ensure target nutrition levels are maintained. Residents eat six times a day, with three meals lasting 45 minutes each and two snacks lasting 30 minutes.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment involves one individual session with a therapist and dietician per week, daily group therapy, and educational presentations. In addition to being medically, psychologically and nutritionally supervised, clients may also participate in trauma recovery work, body image programming, meal processing, experiential therapy, 12-step meetings, psychodrama therapy, and equine and canine therapies.

Other therapeutic activities such as yoga, Tai Chi and hiking are closely supervised as exercise is a means of control for some with eating disorders. Pool time is required and, as part of self-image therapy, all guests must wear bathing suits. Healing therapies such as music, meditation, expressive arts, equine therapy, canine therapy, drumming and Native American healing techniques are also available throughout the week.

When first admitted, clients enter Level 1 care during which they are monitored for any harmful or dangerous habits and activities, allowing those who are particularly ill, frail and underweight to adjust to the new setting without being overwhelmed. One rule that may sound extreme is clients in Level 1 are not allowed to flush their own toilets—their guardians must be on the lookout for purging and other unhealthy activities. As their health and habits improve, their restrictions are removed gradually and they progress to other levels of care.

Rules of conduct include refraining from discussing specific foods, calories or sizes, as these topics are triggering for some. Obvious “contraband” (phones, computers, alarm clocks, and any grooming tool that could be used for self-harm) is confiscated upon admittance. Residents can use essential grooming items every morning for an hour to make themselves presentable, maintaining self-care and personal appearance being an integral part of self-image recovery for the eating disordered.

All residents are closely supervised by a team of psychiatrists, physicians, Master’s-level eating disorder therapists, addiction specialists, registered dieticians and nursing staff.


The family program is an integral part of recovery at Rosewood Ranch. Family members are invited to attend a week of workshops and group sessions to improve communication, understand the family system and to learn about their role in the disease as well as recovery. Parents of adolescents in recovery at Rosewood Ranch connect with the child’s therapist once a week to get updates on the child’s progress. Saturday night for all residents is “movie night.”

In Summary

Billing itself as the “first and only program to offer a complete range of care for all stages of eating disorders for men, women and adolescents,” Rosewood Ranch offers a comprehensive program for clients with severe and moderate conditions alike, in a residential setting. The tricky thing about eating disorders (unlike other addictions) is there is no cessation of use; everyone still has to eat. For this reason, what may seem like an extreme program may be just what it takes to normalize food behaviors.

Rosewood Ranch seems to have all bases covered for varying levels of extreme food behaviors and with their medical supervision, 12-step work and family involvement, no path toward recovery is left unexplored.

Rosewood Ranch Location

36075 S Rincon Rd
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

Rosewood Ranch Cost

$36,400 (30 days, many insurance plans accepted). Reach Rosewood Ranch by phone at (844) 342-6576 or by email at Find Rosewood Ranch at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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