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Rolling HillsRolling Hills Hospital Review

Tucked away in the lush, green hills of Franklin, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville, is Rolling Hills Hospital. This state-of-the-art hospital provides acute mental health care and substance abuse treatment for those seeking sobriety. Completely updated and staffed with highly trained professionals, RHH offers an extensive range of substance abuse treatment including an Adolescent Treatment Program, Adult Psychiatric Program, Adult Co-Occurring Disorders Program and Adult Intensive Treatment Program.

Accommodations and Food

Rolling Hills Hospital’s facility features amenities that focus on client comfort and safety. Adult inpatient clients are assigned to a specific housing unit which features 12 beds. Adolescent inpatient clients, ranging from ages 13 to 18, are assigned to their own unit which features 18 beds. In both units, rooms are outfitted with two twin beds, a full bath and shower, and a reading desk. Individual rooms can be requested (at an additional cost) for those who prefer more privacy.

The facility features several activity rooms, each with a flat screen TV and tables for board games—these are available during predetermined hours. Each unit has its own outdoor courtyard as a space to relax and get some fresh air or exercise.

Meals are provided in a communal cafeteria that offers choices ranging from healthy to decadent with comfort food options like fried chicken and macaroni and cheese as staples. Clients are always welcome to grab coffee, soda or a snack. However, RHH does not allow energy drinks. A registered dietitian coordinates fresh menu options every day with the staff cooks and is able to help clients to make food choices that satisfy dietary restrictions and are best for their bodies.

Treatment and Staff

All clients are given an initial psychological assessment to determine their special needs and level of care. RHH has an on-site detox facility that is 12-step focused, with Suboxone offered to assist with severe withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone is offered in conjunction with the adult inpatient program for clients that require a medical detox prior to beginning their treatment. Detox averages three to seven days and is monitored by an addiction medicine physician. Once a week, a local panel of volunteers from AA or NA, brings a meeting into the detox unit.

Alongside medication-assisted treatment, RHH offers a variety of therapeutic modalities, mainly CBT and DBT, with trauma-informed methods like EMDR available, if needed. Residential clients are monitored by a nursing staff around-the-clock. They have a structured day schedule where they receive individual therapy and group therapy with their peers.

The Adolescent program works with clients ages 13 to 18 years old and focuses on family and caregiver support. Clients receive intensive psychiatric care including treatment of depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD and family crisis. Individuals are commonly treated with a combination of talk therapy and medication.

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) enables clients to receive treatment and return home by the end of the day. The program is goal-oriented with group therapy as the primary treatment model. The program allows for more freedom than inpatient hospitalization, allowing participants to heal while maintaining independence, the comfort of home and family relationships.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at RHH is comprised of group therapy, individual counseling and on-site Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Treatment entails attending three hour sessions three nights a week and lasts anywhere from four to six weeks. Groups include relapse prevention, warning signs, understanding emotions and self-esteem.

Residents in the co-occuring disorders program receive intensive care by staff certified to treat mental health conditions in tandem with substance abuse. Family, individual and group therapy are overseen by Rolling Hills staff including LCSWs, registered nurses, CADCs and mental health technicians. If clients require a medically supervised detox to initiate treatment, a physician will create a special treatment plan for a safe detox process.

Clinical staff include licensed psychologists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, mental health workers, clinical social workers, a dietitian, pharmacist, certified substance abuse counselors and certified activity therapists. Each person is assigned a team of professionals to individually meet their needs.


RHH offers music therapy so that clients can explore alternative forms of expression. And although RHH does not have a specific exercise program, they do offer regular yoga classes for no additional cost.

In Summary

Rolling Hills Hospital is focused on planting the essential seeds for sobriety and stable mental health for their clients. Between their updated facility and dedicated staff, individuals that need a safe detox and treatment can find it at RHH. However, the steep cost of an inpatient stay is not offset with the amenities people usually expect at this price point.

Rolling Hills Hospital Location

2014 Quail Hollow Circle
Franklin, TN 37067

Rolling Hills Hospital Cost

$22,500 (30 days, inpatient);$5,500 (20 days, outpatient). Reach Rolling Hills Hospital by phone at (615) 628-5700 or by email at

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