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Founded in 1976, ROCMND Prevention Resource Center is named for the six Oklahoma counties it originally served—Rogers, Ottowa, Craig, Mayes, Nowata and Delaware. Today ROCMND RPC has expanded to include Washington county, and offers free recovery services to adolescents and youth from its base in rural Vinita.

The ROCMND program features six outpatient treatment options (including two juvenile detention programs) and two residential programs. ROCMND is dedicated to breaking the cycle of youth alcohol and drug abuse, and actively provides community outreach using education, presentations, establishing and passing ordinances and making free resources—such as pamphlets and videos—available to schools, organizations and parents.

Accommodations and Food

ROCMND’s two residential programs focus on intervention with high risk youth. Receiving all referrals through the court system, ROCMND’S Juvenile Detention Center retains adolescents who are awaiting their court hearings in a lockdown facility. This co-ed space provides rooms for 18 individuals between the ages of eight and 17.

The “Level E Group Home” accepts referrals only from the Office of Juvenile Affairs. With 16 beds available for young boys between the ages of 12 and 17, ROCMND focuses on providing treatment for individuals with behavioral issues that have been determined a threat to themselves or others.

Each resident has the benefit of having his or her own room with a common area shared with the other clients. All food is served family style in a communal eating area. The duration of each young person’s stay depends on the order of the judge responsible for their court case.

Treatment and Staff

Six outpatient programs for targeted youth groups are available through ROCMND.

The “Youth Services” program works with both the child and family to provide counseling, support and mentoring services free of charge.

ROCMND “Behavioral Health” services works closely with local schools, parents and other agencies to provide individual and group counseling aimed at helping children and their families to develop social skills and to learn about the risks of drug and alcohol use.

The “First Offender Program” is a six-week track for youth who have recently received a drug offense charge, or who are at risk for detrimental behavior. Treatment includes individual and group counseling, and family programming as well.

ROCMND’s “Substance Abuse Program” is outpatient treatment dedicated to providing substance abuse services to all referred youth, regardless of the source. All clients are assessed and a treatment track is determined based on each client’s need.

ROCMND’s “Oklahoma Children’s Services Program” works directly with Child Welfare to provide services to families in need. Clients have the benefit of in-home treatment which may include budgeting skills, relationship groups and parenting classes.

Finally, the “Community at Risk Services” program, which also receives referrals from The Office of Juvenile Affairs, helps high-risk adolescents find alternative placement when the original intervention failed to help youth.

All therapeutic services are provided by Behavioral Health specialists, LPCs and mental health professionals. Dual-diagnosis support is available for children and families who qualify, and is overseen by the available professionals on staff.


While ROCMND does not offer 12-step meetings for their clients, wraparound services are provided. This community-based service assists families and their children to create recovery plans. Wraparound facilitates a collaboration between children and their families to resolve complex issues. Meeting a family’s goals as well as providing in home treatment, after school options and activities for the child to build social skills and reinforce positive behavior is the focus for the team.

In Summary

Serving at-risk youth in eight Oklahoma counties, ROCMND RPC is dedicated to providing treatment to a very difficult and often neglected societal demographic. Whether it is through extreme cases or preventative services for at-risk youth, ROCMND covers the entire spectrum of treatment for children and their families.


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