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Rock Solid RecoveryRock Solid Recovery Review

For an addiction treatment center offering a working model for recovery and substantial aftercare for continued success (that also happens to be all male), a name like Rock Solid Recovery is appropriate. Fortunately, in this case, it also delivers exactly what its namesake promises.

Just inland from the posh and picturesque shores of Newport Beach, Rock Solid Recovery in Costa Mesa, California is one of many Orange County rehabs, but the quality of care provided to its six, exclusively male clients (their all-female sister rehab is Sure Haven) makes this Southern California treatment center stand out from it’s competitors. Aside from alcohol and drug abuse, the program at RSR tackles issues of gambling addiction, sex and love addiction, eating disorders, physical and sexual trauma, mental health and other co-occurring disorders that may exacerbate the challenges of a client’s recovery.

Accommodations and Food

Clients reside in the facility’s brand new, 4,500 sq. ft. home that they share with five other men to complete their treatment. While the house isn’t gorgeous, all the bedrooms are spacious with flat screen televisions complete with Direct TV with NFL Sunday Ticket, and clients only have one roommate each (as opposed to two or three like other similar treatment centers). There is unlimited Internet access and cell phone use (except during detox) as long as it doesn’t interfere with the client’s treatment, which is a rare perk for inpatient rehab. Clients are also allowed to have cars, and there is plenty of parking available in the home’s three-car garage or on the street in its residential neighborhood.

Food at RSR is reportedly amazing, as their in-house Chef whips up delicious yet healthy variations of chicken and steak dishes as well as a Sunday brunch that is rumored to be missed once clients leave the program.


After a confidential assessment from one of RSR’s trained clinical staff, clients may be sent directly to the residential treatment home or instructed to enter the facility’s detox, which handles withdrawals from alcohol and drugs and specializes in detox from Adderall, Oxycontin and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, Valium).

RSR’s program is 12-step based but it also incorporates various other therapies, informational classes and lectures and holistic treatments known to be helpful when overcoming addiction.

The schedule at RSR is jam-packed with recovery tools and esteem-building activities. Monday through Friday, resident alarm clocks go off at 6:50 am on the dot to ensure that clients are awake and ready for their medication by 7:15. Breakfast (the only meal not provided) and daily chores are followed by a morning meditation, all before 9 am. Various groups and lectures go on until lunchtime, which is then followed by 12-step and recovery-based workshops, creative classes and physical activities. Dinner is followed by either an on- or off-site 12-step meeting, a couple hours of free time and lights out at 11 pm. Weekends are a little more flexible, with additional free time and off-site activities, as well as lights out extended until midnight.


For the 12-step resistant, RSR does offer an alternative program consisting of various therapies and Eastern practices such as T’ai Chi and Reiki. Yoga, meditation and healing through the endorphin release of physical activities—like running, walking, biking and working out—are also available.

In Summary

While some alums might miss the fluffy French toast at RSR, most are just grateful to the program for giving them a new lease on life, free from the shackles of addiction. Many alumni attribute their continued success to RSR’s extensive aftercare and transitional programs that are available and encouraged immediately upon graduation, and then followed up with sober living. RSR also recognizes the inevitable necessity of taking life on life’s terms, and helps clients start thinking about and preparing for their academic and vocational goals.

Although RSR’s website cheapens its brand somewhat with some tacky marketing techniques, this is a rare case where web visitors can pay it no mind. Rock Solid Recovery offers just what it promises to.

Rock Solid Recovery Location

Corporate Office
2900 Bristol St, Ste B 300
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Rock Solid Recovery Cost

$24,500 (30 days). Reach Rock Solid Recovery by phone at (866) 281-2845 or by email at Find Rock Solid Recovery on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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