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A Road to RecoveryA Road to Recovery Review

A Road To Recovery is a 48-bed treatment center in Port St. Lucie, Florida that provides individualized treatment plans for substance abuse and mental health issues. To encourage the development of life skills, it requires all clients to cook and clean for themselves. With a mixed schedule of on-site therapy and off-site AA/NA meetings, clients are able to stay connected with the outside world as they proceed through treatment. Weekends involve fun outings and, when the weather permits, clients can take part in outdoor recreational activities.. While this rehab may not offer high-end accommodations or five-star chefs, a good stab at recovery can be made here.

Accommodations and Food

Clients live in apartment-style accommodations and are split by gender. Each two-bedroom and two-bath apartment is shared between four clients and includes a full kitchen, dining room and living room with a television. Clients have access to personal laptops and cell phones after the first week of treatment. While the apartments are nothing to write home about, they provide a comfortable living environment during treatment. Unlike some rehabs that offer maid service, residents at this facility are responsible for keeping their apartments clean.

When it comes to meals, an included weekly allowance is provided to spend during supervised grocery trips. Back at their apartments, clients make meals of their own choosing.

While this facility does not offer many on-site amenities, clients can visit the local gym in the morning Monday through Friday. In addition, a yoga teacher is brought on-site every Friday to lead a group yoga class.

Treatment and Staff

Detox needs to be done before arrival, as this service is not offered at A Road to Recovery. Once clients begin the 30-day plan, they follow a rigorous schedule of individual therapy, group therapy, educational lectures, recreation and 12-step meetings. A Master’s-level therapist takes clients through individual counseling once or twice a week, in addition to several hours of group therapy per day. Group topics include trauma, relapse prevention, codependency, life skills, spirituality and processing.

The treatment at this facility is built around love, instead of rules and strictness. By immersing themselves in the world of AA/NA, clients can feel supported and take advantage of spending time with those who understand their struggles. Both on-site and off-site meetings are offered daily, in addition to groups structured around the 12 steps. Educational lectures also help clients understand the nature of addiction and the science behind it.

Family therapy is offered on a case-by-case basis. Family members are welcomed to come in and participate in individual therapy with the client. In addition, the facility offers groups and education for families.

For those who are looking for a step down from residential treatment, the facility offers an outpatient option. This program runs three times a week for three hours per day, focusing on relapse prevention, spirituality, meditation, resume building and job searching. Clients have full access to a psychiatrist during this time if medication management is needed. As an added bonus, this program offers outside speakers and weekly on-site yoga.

The staff at this facility includes nurses, a medical director, a visiting psychiatrist, Master’s level therapists and social workers.

In Summary

Although A Road to Recovery lacks some of the amenities and cushioned living accommodations that other rehabs offer, a scholarship program that can cut the cost in half makes it an affordable option in sunny Florida. With a strong emphasis on life skills, clients are able to practice real-world living during their stay.

A Road To Recovery Location

6971 Heritage Dr
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

A Road To Recovery Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach A Road To Recovery by phone at (800) 411-9200. Find A Road To Recovery on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Patricia Garner on

    Sorry to say but road to recovery is a joke I have never sought treatment for my alcoholism until recently when I entered road to recovery. I was taken off my medication without being weaned off and ultimately suffered seizures and was kicked out of road to recovery because as they stated they did not have the medical staff on hand to deal with my seizures. I’ve never had a seizure in my life and the one that I had was caused by the road to recovery and instead of helping in anyway they can kicked me to the curb. According to Dustin at the road to recovery I and everyone else are not allowed to take controlled substances while in recovery so they cut me and Off the Adderall and Clonopin that I have been on for over 5 years causing my seizure. not only did the road to recovery contribute to my seizure I don’t understand how a rehab facility doesn’t have the medical staff on hand to handle my seizure yet they can make medical decisions. And oh yeah I was not allowed to have a Clonopin because it was a controlled substance yet every female in the treatment program who was pregnant was on methadone and that was allowed.

  2. This place is a low quality treatment center. Yes, they do take a lot of people who have little to no money (or a car) and that sounds great but what happens is, the people who do pay full price or have good insurance policies suffer because there is no money for any amenities. I have been told that they can survive on 12 insurance policies at any time. This place does nothing for the clients, they only go to the beach once a week and if they have enough people, they go to the gym only 2 times a week. They do not have any other activities for the clients and they don’t go on any outings (movies, kayak, bowling, equine therapy ect). You only get 50$ a week in grocery money and you only shop at Winn-Dixie. They have tube TV’s in the houses, no flat screens, no internet, no Netflix, no hulu, just basic cable. When you are admitted, they send you to an outpatient detox (that they co-own) and give you 30 mg of suboxone for a 7-day taper but the taper is only for 28mg, so what do they do with the other 2 mg? (someone please call the DEA) I have witnessed clients being on detox medications for over 14 days. The clients run this place and they know it, it is like a zoo there. Clients get to choose when their discharge dates are, not clinical and they caterer to couples. They have little to no structure, the building is disgusting because they have never hire a cleaning crew. There are rats living in the walls(see pic), running on the filthy carpet that people lay on during groups, then dying in the walls and smelling up the place. There clinical team is weak and turnover is high (6 counselors in 6 months). They are very unprofessional and the clinical director doesn’t even have a bachelor’s degree or is licensed. He does have a CAC (which you only need a high school degree for). The only reason he works there is because he went through that program less than 5 years’ ago as a client. They fired great employees on black Friday because of budgeting issues, only give employees 5 PTO days after they have completed a year. For the past 2 years there have been no holiday bonus, Christmas parties and this year, there was no new year’s paid holiday. A Client wanted to AMA around Christmas and they told them, if you stay a few more days we will buy you a plane ticket home, this was so they could continue to bill the insurance company for a few more days. They leased out their new detox to their rival treatment center and lost complete control of it. They made multiple promises of better positions, raises, and opportunities to multiple employees and nothing was given after they leased the detox. They have been in business for over 7 years and they are not JCAHO accredited and last year they got a 70% on their DCF audit, which is not passing. Do your research and find a better place to get recovery.

  3. I got out of road to recovery 6 months ago and am forever grateful for this place. The second I walked in I was greeted and treated with love. I’ve been to other places that just get me in and throw me in a room and have to wait to even meet staff or a therapist. I got to Goto the gym, I got to get close to other addicts, and I got to learn the root of my problem. Road to recovery showed me that I mattered and I wasn’t a doomed addict. Thank you R2R!!! I love all of the staff and will be visiting soon!!!!

  4. Reading these reviews upset me. Because I’ve gone to RTR and it completely saved my life. I didn’t need the extra stuff rehabs offer like fishing or a chef. I need to learn to love myself again. I need people who looked at me like a human being not a dollar sign. Road til this day is my family and calls to check on me. They taught me about the fellowship and they helped me through my trauma. I don’t see the need for the extra stuff rehabs offer. Our problem is addiction and alcoholism and they teach us how to stay clean and sober. The counselors actually cared and most are addicts themselves. If anyone is struggling and look for an EFFECTIVE treatment center reach out to this place!!!!!!

  5. DOUG and staff are horrible at calling back. Answering phones are rare. Seems all staff is too busy during business hours to answer their phone. Almost as bad as Banyon.. If not, just as bad. Not having fancy accommodations is one thing, having horribly upkept homes are shameful. YOU NEED TO MAKE SOME HARD CHANGES AND CHOICES MR. NOLLIE ……. SERIOUSLY!!!!

  6. All I can tell you, is the reason I picked a Road to Recovery for my severely alcoholic sister was they told me it is a 90 day program. I even asked them before I sent her, “What will you do when she wants to leave after 30 days, and I was told they would not dc her until they thought she was ready. Well, she got to the rehab June 28th, and was dc home on August 6th. I texted and called her counselor Doug many times, but was told he could only talk to me during my work hours (before 3:00pm) with her as a conference call. I asked if he could call after my job hours and I was told no. My sister told them she had a job in NY city lined up(not true): and she felt ready to go. So, they sent her home. She died on October 5th. Her blood alcohol level was .15 upon death. My dad found a hospital admission form dated 19 days after her rehab dc for detox at our local hospital. (She did not want us to know) I was highly disappointed and frustrated with this rehab as they did not keep her the 90 days as was discussed prior to her going there, and it was difficult to communicate with her treatment team. There was also no aftercare set up to do the outpatient treament in NY. There should be a dc plan already set up with a clinic and appointment made for an addict to try and get improved compliance. (Telling them to continue with outpatient that the addict will set up is a farce) When a family says they want a 90 day program for their addict, get it in writing because this was not the case with my sister. I will let you be the judge if you think this rehab center was effective.

  7. ARTR saved my life! The staff is second to none and they all really care about helping people change their lives. Highly Recommend!

  8. Utter bullshit on every level. A place that’s offering a thousand dollars worth of service for 15,000 dollars. If you don’t want to stay they will not send you home. They will take you to bus station and tell you your own your own. I was fucking 882 miles from home with no money!

  9. My son regained his self at A Road to Recovery, after years of trying other inpatient and outpatient programs. I believe the overriding reason was the genuine caring he found there, as well as the continuity of services. He did not need to transfer from one place to another but instead formed a circle of trusted friends that he continued with through each phase of recovery, including the alumni group. He is happier now than he has been in a very long time.

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