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RJ Blackley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center


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Based out of Butner, North Carolina, RJ Blackley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center is an inpatient treatment program for addiction and co-occurring disorders. It also provides on-site detox and psychiatric stabilization. The facility is run by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services accepts court-ordered and self-referred clients.

Accommodations and Food

The 80-bed facility has semi-private rooms where residents share their space with at least one other resident. Rooms are simple and equipped with basic amenities including dressers, twin beds and shared closet space. Three meals a day are provided by staff chefs in the facility’s cafeteria.

Treatment and Staff

After an initial assessment, clients in need of detox are referred to the on-site stabilization unit before continuing on to treatment. Once completed, clients work with staff members to develop an individualized treatment plan made up of individual and group therapy using evidence-based practices, such as CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI). While not part of the program, clients may be required to attend 12-step groups if stipulated by the courts.  Recreational and family therapy may be added to any program, as needed.

For clients with a dual diagnosis, additional psychiatric support and medication management is available, as well as medical and psychiatric nursing services.

Staff consists of psychiatrists, RNs, LCSWs, state-certified addiction counselors and other Master’s-level clinicians.


Aftercare is offered in the form of outpatient counseling at a stepped down rate; however, referrals to outside programs are also available. The facility also offers standalone mental health counseling.

In Summary

Overall, RJ Blackley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center provides straight-forward detox and inpatient treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Its medical and psychiatric staff use various evidence-based therapies along with medication management for who need it, with a goal of finding the best possible treatment plan for every client. Because of its state funding, the program is also very affordable—making RJ Blackley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center a valuable and accessible local resource.

RJ Blackley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center Location

100 H St
Butner, NC 27509

RJ Blackley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center Cost

Sliding scale. Reach RJ Blackley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment by phone at (919) 575-7928. Find RJ Blackley Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center on Facebook

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  1. Terry Bullock on

    Yes my name is Terry Bullock and on the date of 05/23/2018 my nephew had went to see his parole officer and informed her that he had used Meth and Cocaine, please note at this time all this week he had been very scared thinking that someone was after him and all types of everything else. She informed him to go to RJ Blackley in Butner NC and commit himself, so my nephews Mother called us and asked if we would take him and we had said yes, we get to RJ Blackleys and before we even go to the building my Nephew jumped out of my vehicle running about 40 to 45 miles an hour and all the way their he was screaming help Aunt Terry they want to kill me, my husband placed him in the car behind me which was a family friend. So we get to the building and I picked up the phone and a man answered and I informed him that my Nephew was here per his Parole Officer for help, now the whole time my nephew was very scared that someone was trying to get him and he was seeing people. The man on the phone told me that we would have to wait 30-minutes because they were on breaks and he could not let him in until my Nephew got on the phone and stated that he wanted help. I then try to explain to this man that we were here Per the parole officer, and I asked him what were we suppose to do for the next 30 minutes and try to get my nephew to stay and the man you don’t have to get rude you will just have to wait and again your nephew has to get on the phone and say he wants help. So we started waiting and my the whole time my nephew is saying someone is after him and all of a sudden he runs and my husband and other family member goes after him and I call the Butner Police Department to help locate him because we were scared for his health and people around him. Well my husband finds him and puts him back in the van and brings him back to your building and the Butner Police is their has well and we walk up to the door and I asked my nephew to pick up the phone and state that he wanted to come in for help and about that time this man comes out of the door and says no no no he cannot come in because he does not want to be here you have been trying to make him stay, we have been watching you on tape and we saw him running away . Then he looks at my nephew and says ok buddy you don’t want to stay here because once you come in you cannot leave, you will not be able to smoke, no phone and this will be for 72 hours. I then state please stop you are trying to make him not want to stay and he said well I told you that this has to be his choice and I said you are telling him not to stay and it got into a heated exchange of words and Butner Police Department was their the whole time and they can state that this is the way this man was talking. That’s when we decided to leave and my nephew was going to ride with our other family and we were going to leave. Well my nephew stood their as me and my husband pulled off and got in the van and I went up the street and called the magistrate of Granville county Mr. Pearce and informed him of what was going on and he states if he does not stay I could have him committed my self. So we called our other family member and she informed us that my nephew went in on his own so we went back and they had told her that she could not leave until they said he was being committed. We thought that he would have at least stayed for 72 hours but he had not been in their 20 to 25 minutes and the same man brought him back out did not say anything to us and just left my nephew outside the door. We still do not know what happened did he decide to leave on his on or what? Well my nephew gets into my car and we had to put the child locks on the back doors so he would not jump out going down 85 towards Oxford NC and the whole time he is kicking my seats banging on the windows saying please Aunt Terry don’t let them get me. We finally arrived at his home and my husband opened up the door to let him out and he takes off running in the middle of the road and trying to get into the back of pick ups and trying to open doors on vehicle and saying please help they are going to kill me and people were stopping because he would run in front of the cars, yards banging on doors and etc, I then called Oxford PD and they came out and I finally got Matthew in the car and we went to the Magistrates office and the police finally got him out of my car and I took papers out. Magistrate Mr. Pearce informed me to make this complaint and if you had any questions to please call him. In my final words and complaint I am very upset of what happened with this situation and the man at your building should not be working their and I am going to take this to Governor Coopers office and I Magistrate Pearce informed me that he will help me with this situation and I would like to make an appointment with someone to discuss this problem that you have with this man, because the next time it may not turn out like this and someone could die from the man that wanted to make sure that he was being seen and didn’t care about the well being of someone.

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