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Riverwalk Ranch is a detox and residential facility located 30 minutes southwest of Dallas. Treatment includes medical services, evidence-based approaches and optional 12-step support. Programs are for adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Throughout treatment, clients participate in therapy and recreational activities while living in a facility with many comforts and amenities.

Accommodations and Food

Clients live in a large ranch style home with six bedrooms and six bathrooms. There is an eat-in kitchen, library and media room on site. The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom and fireplace that is connected to a separate living room with TV. Between detox and residential treatment, Riverwalk Ranch can accommodate up to 44 clients.

The campus is huge, with over 27 acres. As a result, the grounds are full of amenities such as a meditation garden, fishing ponds, gym, pool, game room, movie theater, basketball court and laundry facilities.

Clients eat three, healthy meals a day that an on-site cooking staff prepares. There are also snacks available, even during the late night hours.

Treatment and Staff

For most incoming clients, detox is the first step to treatment at Riverwalk Ranch. Detox is medically monitored 24 hours a day. Clients go through withdrawal as comfortably as possible thanks to the medications provided. They also have access to counseling services 16 hours out of every treatment day during this phase.

Once in the residential phase of treatment clients are assigned to a primary therapist and meet with them every week. Based on their assessment and needs, daily groups are divided up accordingly. These divisions take into account the client’s age, substance of choice and length of usage, and if there is a dual diagnosis in play. In keeping with a legitimate residential treatment experience, all treatment takes place within the residential facility. However, the living quarters and treatment areas are separate.

Because of Riverwalk Ranch’s multifaceted approach to recovery, treatment uses traditional approaches combined with holistic methods. Group therapy covers relapse prevention, relapse management and mindfulness. Clinicians utilize CBT, trauma-informed care, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and DBT approaches. Finally, clients complete written assignments and journaling, receive life coaching, psychoeducation and medication management.

The staff at this facility makes for a well rounded treatment team. It includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, LPCs and CADCs.

In Summary

Relatively speaking, Riverwalk Ranch is a fairly new rehab, only having been fully operational for a few months as of this publishing date. However, it is clear that a lot of thought and care went into developing the program here. Above all, clients can expect a very structured, personalized treatment experience. Riverwalk Ranch has all the right elements and a strong sense of what it takes to establish a firm foundation in recovery from substance use disorders.

Riverwalk Ranch Location

6960 Dick Price Rd
Mansfield, TX 76063

Riverwalk Ranch Cost

Call for details. Reach Riverwalk Ranch by phone at (817) 720-9520. Find Riverwalk Ranch on Facebook

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  1. I hand picked this facility wanting to get help for my addiction for my family, not because I was influenced by court or for any other reason. And because I wanted to find a better way to live. After careful consideration of the facilities policies on phone calls, visitations, and other positive things I gave them my money. After the facility failed to keep their word I wrote a cordial complaint. I finally got to call my son after 8 days in the facility. Before entering we were guaranteed weekly visits with our children. As well as phone call hours every night from 7-9. On my 9th day I looked so forward to contacting my son. Only for other patients to tell me I had to get on a “phone call list” which was put out very early every morning. This was NOT MADE CLEAR ever. After writing my complaint, Deborah, the facility coordinator called me into her office. Deborah personally attacked me when I complained in SEVERAL ways. After not being able to contact my son I woke up at 6:30 to get on this phone list on day 10. I was told it would be put out around 8 am before breakfast. Not only was the list out before 7 am-not 8, it also was completely full. There were only 10 spots per night to begin with. I was immediately called into Deborah’s office, where she picked up not the company phone, but her personal cell phone to call my husband and told him I was being discharged. After sounding my letter off to my roommates who strongly felt the same way, they offered to sign it. I immediately made it abundantly clear that I did not ask anyone to sign anything. They willingly and eagerly volunteered, as many feel the rules are unclear and inconsistent. She told my husband I wrote a “petition” and was being toxic to their environment. They would not tell me beyond 1 supervised visit when I could see my child. All of my complaints to the employees dissipated into thin air and I fought for every right I was promised after I put my life and money in their hands. When I told Deborah I would not leave quietly as I’d done nothing wrong to be kicked out, she threatened to have me escorted out with the help of Tarrant County. Others who wrote bad reviews were COMPLETELY ACCURATE. I also was told by Deborah that I manipulated situations to get my way. I only asked for what I was promised. If you read these complaints everything being vocalized is consistent with other complaints. All I asked for was what I was promised before I paid the establishment. I Only hope the owner knows that Deborah, his coordinator of the facility is unprofessional and confrontational. I know there is nothing I could have done different. I packed my things and asked for a copy of the complaint that got me kicked out, only to be denied my right to this. She has wrongfully discharged people I’m reading, who have since died from their addictions. John should really look into the way Deborah handles things. I can’t express the grief or pain experienced while there. I completed detox and was there 10 days before discharge. I was supposed to be there and paid for 30. Please, do your research before checking into this establishment. And if you’re still sold, don’t upset Deborah or you will be kicked out. When I vocalized other patients had their grandchildren under 12 visited another patient, she threatened to fire the facilitator of this. I may experience a painful custody battle and divorce as a result of my wrongful discharge. In order to write my review I had to give the establishment 1 star, otherwise I would rate it a 0. I was promised a call back to let me know whether or not I would receive a copy of my own written complaint, I am still waiting. It makes complete sense why she would not give this to me. I did nothing to get kicked out of Riverwalk Ranch but will not let this affect my sobriety. Please do not send your loved ones to this disorganized and unfair establishment.

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