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River Source has been part of the Arizona treatment community since 2003. Offering residential treatment in a desert setting, it offers many amenities and very affordable cost options. Those seeking a more holistic approach to recovery could be served well here.

Accommodations and Food

River Source has 77 inpatient beds between two campuses, one in the city of Mesa and one in the desert of Casa Grande; clients get to choose which they prefer. Both facilities are more than well-appointed.

The residences have lodge-like interiors with high ceilings, fireplaces, large dining halls and spacious semi-private rooms with twin-sized, memory foam mattresses and attached bathrooms with big showers. Cell phones and laptops are also allowed after the first week; cigarettes are allowed throughout.

There’s also on-site laundry, indoor and outdoor yoga/meditation spaces, fitness centers, pools, jacuzzis, saunas and separate male and female TV rooms in each facility. Finally, River Source employs cooks to make homestyle, nutritious meals from scratch.

Treatment and Staff

The inpatient program offers co-occurring, 12-step based treatment for 30, 60 or 90 days (with a financial guarantee in the third case). Therapies include family counseling, journaling, life-coaching, acupuncture, massage, yoga, neurofeedback, meditation and one-on-one and group sessions.

River Source does not offer a detox in the traditional sense. It is instead a naturopathic detox, which combines dry sauna sessions with a nutritional IV full of vitamins. While medical supervision is provided, those coming off more physically dangerous drugs might need to approach it with caution.

The nutritional aspect of the program is applied throughout treatment with Amino Acid Therapy, B-12 shots and homeopathic remedies, all as needed. Other options include prolotherapy (where non-harmful fluid is injected as an irritant to stimulate healing for localized pain) and hydrotherapy (application of hot and cold presses to relieve stress).

River Source’s staff has plenty of Master’s-level counselors, nutritionists, addictionologists, life coaches, nurses and psychotherapists. The director is a certified MD, but there is also an NMD—a naturopathic medical doctor with a BS in Psych and Biology.


While the program is jam-packed already, some extras include visitation on weekends, recreation including hiking and swimming and an outpatient program with everything included. Aftercare consists of individualized relapse prevention plans, job placement assistance and follow-ups.

In Summary

Due to extreme temperatures, Arizona can be an uncomfortable recovery climate for many months of the year but River Source does its best to make treatment comfortable and pleasant. It offers much more than rehabs at a comparable price and has some unconventional offerings that might be a boon to those who haven’t had success with more traditional routes.

River Source Location

108 E 2nd Mesa Ave
Mesa, AZ 85210

River Source Cost

River Source Cost: $9,500 (30 days). Reach River Source by phone at (866) 711-1350 or by email. Find River Source on Facebook, Twitter and Google+



  1. Yes, run, don’t walk away from this place. Especially if you are detoxing as the Riversource is not capable of detoxing off of xanax and other drugs. Being naturopaths they will not give you anything stronger than melatonin and/or sleepy time tea to help you sleep after detox. After a week of no sleep I begged to get out. I was unable to participate in the 12-Step recovery meetings due to the torture of not being able to sleep for such a long time. This place is in it solely for the money.

    • I was here for 30 days and detoxed off of Benzo’s after 13 years and alcohol addition. No, they will not give you more “Meds” to detox. I got herbal remedies to sleep and used IV treatment therapy for my shakes. It took about two weeks to sleep again. I’m now over 60 days clean and sober and could not have done it without their help. This program works.

  2. Worst experience ever. This place is NOT a rehab or wellness center. Its a pit stop for criminals before they go to jail. Ambulances were there nightly because patients were cutting themselves. Food was not nutritionally appropriate. Staff was abusive and all they did was yell at people. There was a client there that was lighting animals on fire and staff brushed it off. Holistic…HaHaHa…Stay Away from this place, unless your a criminal I guess. I couldn’t run fast enough…

      • Also they attempt to combine detox patients with residentials. You will not be oriented or checked on. There medical equipment did not work. I was reprimanded and talked down to like a child. They stated they would save food in the fridge for me if I missed a meal but it was never there. Residential are allowed to use cell phones in front of detoxers who are on a 7 day lock out from family contact. The nursing staff were unethical as they accused me of lying about my symptoms. I have a bachelor’s in nursing and any nurse who passed first semester nursing knows the patients symptoms are what they state!! Do not go here unless you want to be treated like a child in a jumbled, confusing mess. Very sad.. They worst two days of my life!!!!

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