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River Ridge Treatment CenterRiver Ridge Treatment Center Review

Located in Burnsville and Minnetonka, Minnesota, River Ridge Treatment Center offers residential and outpatient services for clients suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. Outpatient treatment for men and women is offered at both locations. The Glen Creek Lodge program in Minnetonka and the Woman’s Way program at Burnsville provide gender-specific residential treatment and dual diagnosis support, specifically for men and women dealing with trauma issues. Their mission is to help clients discover their inner strengths and talents, while recovering from the crippling effects of chemical dependency and past ordeals.

Accommodations and Food

A Woman’s Way program accommodates eight clients in a four-bedroom house near the main Burnsville facility. Two women share completely furnished dorm-style rooms. The Glen Creek Lodge program in Minnetonka has 12 beds. The facility is located in a private residence, where the men bunk in four triple-occupancy bedrooms. The house is adjacent to a picturesque park, a lake and numerous walking paths.

In both houses, a chef prepares meals and follows strict nutritional guidelines. Caffeine and sugar are limited. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas only.

Treatment and Staff

Clients who wish to enter one of the residential programs must have completed detox prior to admission. If necessary, referrals will be made to local hospitals. After a complete assessment, each client will receive an individualized treatment plan. The length of stay is between 30 and 60 days, depending on the client.

River Ridge Treatment Center utilizes several evidence-based modalities, including CBT, DBT and EMDR. Treatment includes group therapy, individual therapy, two on-site 12-step meetings a week, medical care, medication management, and educational classes. Group topics include trauma support, relapse prevention, meditation, stress management, dual diagnosis support, relationships and spirituality. Educational topics include nutrition and substance abuse, and the classes consist of lectures.

At River Ridge Treatment Centers, a day outpatient treatment program is available at both the Burnsville and Minnetonka locations. Typical program duration is a total of 54 hours over a six-week period. Clients participate in group therapy sessions, educational lectures, family conferences, and individual sessions. The day outpatient programs are gender specific. The men’s group meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 am to noon. The women’s group also meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. In Minnetonka the men’s program meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:30 am to 12:30. In Minnetonka, the women’s day services are customized to meet each clients’ unique needs.

Staff includes LADCs, LCSWs, a psychiatrist who offers dual diagnosis support, house managers and chefs.


Aftercare at River Ridge Treatment Centers is the 12 week of Recovery Maintenance Program that meets one evening per week from 6 to 8 pm.

Clients participate in recreational activities on the weekend, like barbecues and hiding trips. This allows them a chance to relax and to absorb all the hard work done during group and individual therapy the previous week.

In Summary

The gender-specific programs offered by River Ridge Treatment Centers are designed with the comfort and healing of clients in mind. While they do introduce clients to 12-step meetings, for those requiring more 12-step intensity, this might not work. However, for financially challenged clients seeking a balanced protocol in a safe and intimate setting, this is a great fit.

River Ridge Treatment Centers Location

14750 Lac Lavon Dr
Burnsville, MN 55306

17717 Highway 7
Minnetonka, MN 55345

River Ridge Treatment Center Cost

Free/state-funded (30 days). Reach River Ridge Treatment Center by phone at (952) 894-7722 or by email at [email protected]. Find River Ridge Treatment Center on Facebook and Google +

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  1. I agree with Ryan. The Women’s Way house was a traumatic experience for me. The staff almost did not let me admit because I tested positive for Benzos in my UA prior to admitting. I had come straight from a hospital detox I was at for almost three weeks were I was given valium by the medical staff on two occasions. I explained this and they still did not seem satisfied. I demanded to take another UA because I was surprised it was still in my system but it had only been two weeks. They wound not let me test again and said they were sending it to test the levels. When it was still positive 2 days later they discharged me, they had not received the levels back from testing. I asked a counselor to get my approved belongs from my bag in the garage and she said yes. Two staff members helped me get the items and it seemed perfectly fine neither one of them said anything different. The next day I was told the counselor I asked for help was not there often and she didn’t know to say no to me getting my belongings in the garage and they needed to protect everyone’s safety so I needed to go. I have been to many treatments including Hazelden (the best). This is the worst treatment center I have experienced in my life. The OP programs seem good and I loved my therapist but the staff and leadership of the Woman’s Way House are far from professional and abusive causing me a traumatic experience. I would never recommend A Woman’s Way to anyone – ever.

  2. Both of my son’s – ages 25 and 28 attended Glen Creek Lodge in 2017. Drug addiction is a serious disease and often takes more than one time through a 30 day program. They were not court ordered. I look at the above statement and wonder what kind of addiction is not sever if it has reached a point of needing a 30 day program? This is what we experienced as positive; they understand that drug addiction is a serious problem and they treated it with the understanding that it requires. A change in lifestyle including the AA model, medical model, community support and nutritional changes. We found the counselors and be very supportive and knowledgeable. Because they had Counselors both who were in Recovering and clinical it gave the balance our son’s needed to make it through and be understood. They are both still sober after over a year. It was a very positive experience.

  3. I agree with Ryan. It was more than 10 years ago, and I still suffer from the abuse and trauma of treatment I received at the Minnetonka facility. I believe I was targeted as “privileged” in the sick minds of the recovering addicts who posed as treatment counselors. There were 3 of us: a doctor, a lawyer and a rich man’s wife. I was ridiculed and shamed almost daily. The leaders would then ask the each member of the group to comment on how the FEEL about my thoughts or behaviors. The leaders would often lecture and scold me. One put her face only inches away from mine and spit as she screamed, “You’re gonna die from this disease!!” Another made me write essays. I was told I was going through withdrawal because I was extremely sick with the flu, could not hear due to the congestion and had asthma that usually accompanied a virus for months and not allowed to take my medicine. I was 3 months clean and didn’t even have physical symptoms of withdrawal at the beginning. I told her that I simply had the flue. She asked the “class” to tell me how they feel about my “denial”. One of the women told that just because I’m a doctor, doesn’t mean I know everything. I was miserable and felt isolated. I never took a sick day at work or at treatment. I was told I didn’t understand the exercise when we meditated over a rock and she didn’t like my experience. They made me sit through a man bashing session and became angry when I disagreed with them. Every day was a nightmare for 3 months. They often complained to the board and it seemed they enjoyed the power they had over me. They “flunked” me and wanted to inflict more pain on me, but I left and found another treatment at Fairview that was wonderful. The only positive experience was the lecture on nutrition. The speaker (owner of River Ridge?) was able to reach every walk of life in the room. She was a talented teacher. I’ve had depression since I was a child, and now I’m suffering from PTSD from my experience at River Ridge.

  4. Do your research before looking at this facility. It’s population consists almost entirely of court ordered patients who are suffering from severe hard drug use. The staff is predominantly in-experienced, mostly under 30 years of age and display an alarmingly high level of ego attitude and abuse their percieved authority with patients who enroll on their own power. They have had issues with the Department of Human Services on various offenses including weather or not to give residents their own prescribed medications. They prove to be incompetent and possibly worse- if you are expecting a professional level of health care and/or to be treated with respect and dignity you will be u happy attending their care programs.

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