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Luxuary rehabs Ephrata PennsylvaniaThe Basics

With locations in Ephrata and Akron, Pennsylvania as well as Palm Springs and Greenacres, Florida, Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers is a CARF-accredited multi-faceted behavioral health organization that provides treatment to adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Aside from a range of flexible outpatient programs, the Ephrata and Palm Springs facilities also offer residential treatment.

Accommodations and Food

The organization has two large residential facilities in Palm Springs and Ephrata with 113 beds and 175 beds, respectively. While the specifics of each location may vary, both feature dorm-style rooms shared between two to four residents. Each comes with full beds, dressers and closet space. Women and men are housed in separate wings. Both facilities are equipped with an on-site gym and basketball court. The Palm Springs location also has a pool. Throughout their stay, clients are served three meals a day cafeteria-style.

Treatment and Staff

Before treatment begins, residents go through an initial intake and assessment process to help staff members develop individualized treatment plans. Those in need of detox can do so on-site before continuing on to formal treatment. While the specifics of each plan may vary, most residents stay for 30 days and attend both individual and group therapy rooted in evidence-based practices, such as CBT and DBT. The curriculum also includes a range of holistic approaches like art therapy, music therapy, meditation and rotating physical activities. Dual diagnosis support and 12-step recovery concepts are also part of the program.

The staff at Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers includes CADCs, psychologists, physicians, RNs and additional Master’s and PhD-level clinicians.


Additional services include family education programs, family therapy and parenting classes. For those seeking less intensive treatment, outpatient tracks that use the same therapy methods are available in a range of intensities.

In Summary

Overall, Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers is an expansive organization that provides comprehensive care for clients struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Each program includes 12-step recovery concepts, evidence-based care, holistic therapy and time for recreation. For adults in looking for a high-end, multi-faceted residential treatment program, Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers is worth considering.

Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers
1170 S State St
Ephrata, PA 17522

4020 Lake Worth Rd
Palm Springs, FL 33461

Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers Cost: $30,000 (30 days). Reach Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers by phone at (855) 859-8808 (Ephrata) and (855) 859-8810 (Palm Springs) Find Retreat Premier Addiction Centers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube

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  1. Hi Tara,
    That is unfortunate that the above was your take-a-way. I am hoping you are doing well now, and have some time under your belt. I am hoping that the tools and foundation provided to you by your therapist and peers may be useful in your future. There is something we always say, you get what you put in.

    For someone who found nothing useful to do on campus, I find that strange. We have numerous holistic therapies such as Recreation, Art, Music, Yoga, Equine, Drumming, Chanting, Gardening, Culinary, Drama, just to name a few. Yes we put on “stupid” skits that the majority of patients love. And our “uncaring staff who just want your money” dedicate hundreds (yes you read that right) of hours throughout the year (on their time, NOT getting paid) to put together something fun and special for our patients.

    As for our owner, I’m not sure if you have ever met our owner. Peter Schorr is the man who started Retreat. He is also the man who greets patients with a hug, picks up trash he finds outside, not to mention has rehired hundreds of alumni that have successfully completed the program as well as maintained sobriety for over a year. Not value sobriety? If you had any concept of why he started Retreat, how addiction has affected his life, not to mention the majority of our staff, I don’t think you would ever make that assumption.

    You don’t get into this business to become rich. You get into it to save lives. I might not be financially rich, however to know that I helped someone means more to me than any price tag. And I can assure you, the majority of the people who work at Retreat have either been in your shoes, or have lost a loved one to addiction. I hope you’ll rethink your words and maybe go through life with a fresh perspective.

  2. This facility will take your money because they are paid $1,000 a day for each patient. I was a client there and I was among more than 150 patients trying to stay sober. There were fights every day, non-compliant patients that were never reprimanded for their actions. If the patient census was too high, they would move you around in the middle of the night and you would end up staying on a floor with different sexes. There were couples having sex in the woods, couples having sex in the showers, people making out on the stairwells, and the staff never paid attention. People would sneak drugs in there all the time. The one fight they had led to a riot and people were sent to the hospital. They only want your money and do not care if you succeed with sobriety after the inpatient stage. I would recommend a better facility with less patient census and that doesn’t sit on top of a hill with no view of the world below. You have no activities to do except for stupid skits that they make you participate in. They don’t take Medicare because they don’t get enough money from them. You have to sign consents when you go in and I don’t remember signing any of them because I was so intoxicated. That should be against the law! Some staff were nice, which is why I made it 2 stars. Other than that, the owner that runs this place is a very wealthy man that doesn’t care about sobriety.

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