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The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia Review

Founded in 1985, The Renfrew Center is a broad, nationwide organization with facilities throughout the United States. Among these facilities is The Renfrew Center Philadelphia, a subsidiary location that provides residential treatment services to women struggling with eating disorders and related co-occurring disorders. The Philadelphia location is also the organization’s flagship facility.

Accommodations and Food

The Renfrew Center is a manor-style home seated on 27 acres with room for 58 residents in shared rooms. Each bedroom comes with two twin beds, dressers and shared closet space. The rooms also have small boards above each bed where clients can post inspirational material or write down their goals.

The rest of the facility includes plenty of outdoor lounge areas, therapy rooms, common areas with cozy furniture and TV, a dining area and an expansive kitchen. Throughout their time at the residence, all clients are served three healthy meals a day plus snacks by a team of on-site chefs, nutritionists and dietitians. As they progress through treatment, residents also learn how to cook and prepare their own meals and begin to take more responsibility in the kitchen.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning treatment, clients go through an initial intake and assessment process to help staff members determine their needs. Because the program focuses primarily on treating eating disorders rather than substance abuse, on-site detox services are not available.

Though the specifics of each plan may vary, all clients attend individual, group and family therapy with evidence-based treatment practices such as CBT. The Renfrew Center organization at large also has its own trademarked method for treating clients with eating disorders, taking them through the steps of stabilization, experimentation, healthy behavior and relapse prevention with regards to their eating habits. Trauma-informed care and experiential therapies are also pillars of the program—the latter may include art therapy, dance, psychodrama, yoga and mindfulness training.

Because a healthy relationship to eating is central to these recovery programs, residents also attend nutritional counseling, cooking classes and healthy body image groups. Though 12-step participation is not required, those seeking nearby peer support groups can get referrals. Dual diagnosis support is available including medication management whenever necessary.

The staff at Renfrew Center Philadelphia consists of psychologists, LCSWs, RDNs, MDs, LMFTs, LPCs and additional Master’s-level clinicians.


Other features include an on-site decorative labyrinth in the facility’s backyard. The structure was designed by an art therapist and is arranged with small rocks in a flat circle, so that clients can see across and escape it at any time if need be. The structure may be used as a walking path or a general meditative space as clients see fit. Special Christian and Jewish-oriented treatment plans are available as well whenever necessary. Finally, those who finish primary care can work with staff members on developing stepped down aftercare plans, which may include outpatient therapy at another facility or placement in nearby transitional living programs.

In Summary

Overall, The Renfrew Center Philadelphia is another of many well-equipped programs under the Renfrew Center brand. Each program is customized to serve the needs of the individual, all including evidence-based practices, nutritional counseling, holistic care and dual diagnosis support. Though the cost of these programs is likely to vary depending on length of stay and strength of insurance, The Renfrew Center Philadelphia is a strong recovery resource for adolescent and adult women in the area.

The Renfrew Center Philadelphia Location

475 Spring Ln
Philadelphia, PA 19128

The Renfrew Center Philadelphia Cost

Call for cost; varies by insurance. Reach The Renfrew Center Philadelphia by phone at (800) 736-3739. Find The Renfrew Center on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. I was a patient at the Radnor site from April 2013-August 2014. My stay there proved to be the most horrific experience of my life.
    Most of the Counselors were totally inexperienced and none of them had access to good clinical supervision. When something happenned between me and one of the therapists, in kicked this culture of patient- blaming. The therapists protected each other instead of me. The way they conceptualized my case was so off base that I became profoundly confused…then I was betrayed by this first therapist and finally left, traumatized beyond words and suicidal. I left there a hundred times worse off than I was when I went in. It’s taken me years to recover with a psychologist who works with people who have been harmed by previous therapists. Renfrew is riding on its own coat tails it had from the 80’s. It’s now not just unhelpful- it nearly cost me my life. RUN– don’t walk–away from Renfrew!!!

  2. Rachel M Kingsbury on

    This place was the most horrific place that I have ever been to I have had an eating disorder for 42 years and they made me go home because I wouldn’t eat their food it was so bad what kind of eating disorder place send somebody home because they don’t want to eat their food really so cruel absolutely ruin my life my therapist lied to me the director was horrific Lee cruel I would not send anybody to this place I have to say though that they’re outpatient in Radnor was like a second home to me

  3. This message is for Lynn who wrote the above comment. My daughter became an inpatient that treatment there today. I just read your post and I an hoping you see my message and could please give me some insight.

  4. We trusted Renfrew with our daughter and had the most horrific experience imaginable! Highly recommend against this center…dangerous beyond words

    • This message is for Lynn who wrote the above comment. My daughter became an inpatient that treatment there today. I just read your post and I an hoping you see my message and could please give me some insight. Please please respond. I had very mixed feelings but I could not provide the treatment she needs.

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