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Renewed Eating Disorders Support


The Basics

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Renewed Eating Disorders Support began in 1999 when Reba Sloane and Ovidio Bermudez, an eating disorder specialist and medical doctor, formed a task force to help develop more eating disorder resources. Today, Renewed Eating Disorders Support offers an array of prevention and support services utilizing holistic and evidence-based measures and resources to connect potential clients to the right treatment facility. These programs are mainly geared toward adolescents girls and young women who are struggling with eating disorders and body image issues brought on by unachievable cultural demands. All the services and programs offered through Renewed Eating Disorders Support are free of charge and confidential. These services include in office visits, school events and community outreach.

Treatment and Staff

Renewed Eating Disorders Support aims to make the process of finding the proper help as painless as possible. Their website offers a database of individual providers and facilities to get their clients set on the right path towards recovery. One of the key programs offered through Renewed is called The Body Project, which uses evidence-based approaches within a curriculum of written and verbal behavior exercises that focuses on clients identifying and critiquing the idea behind the “perfect” body. There are two options for this program of either two two-hour sessions that meet up over a two week period, or four, hour long sessions once a week for a month. This program takes place within a group setting and is usually between nine and 16 clients per session. This program is also able to take place within a school as well.

Other programs include the Balanced Yoga Program, which is community based and body positivity. There are also art and music therapy classes that require no previous experience and are free to the public. These groups are co-ed and are adults who are over the age of 18.

Renewed also offers a number of support groups that can be gender specific or mixed gender. There are groups specifically for high school aged girls, college age clients, and a group for adult women who are in recovery from their eating disorder but still need continued monthly group support. There are also groups for the LGBTQ community, families and for adult males only. In addition to addressing eating disorders, some of these support groups also offer guidance for those with a co-occurring disorder.

These programs are provided by Master’s-level clinicians who are LCSW, RYT, CSAT, physicians, RDN and LPC.


There is a specialty program at Renewed that is known as Partners in Recovery, which is a program that pairs up two clients in similar stages of recovery that are referred by a therapist. This program is intended to connect clients who are going through a similar experience to offer additional support while still attending regular therapy and treatment programs.

In Summary

Renewed Eating Disorder Support is a godsend for so many individuals who feel isolated in their eating disorder and are having trouble finding a way out. There are so many avenues one can take within these programs, all of which are presented by eating disorder specialists.

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