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Remar Australia


Remar Australia Review

Remar Australia is a long term transitional living program. Its mission is to help people who have been marginalized by society. It has operations not only in Australia but also in third world countries. The Australian based programs mainly focus on substance abuse, while the work in underdeveloped countries aims to provide families with better living conditions and basic needs.

Programming is founded on Christian values. As a result, missionaries and volunteers facilitate everything. These people have made it their lifelong duty to help others in need. Clients learn life skills and how to take charge of their lives.

Accommodations and Amenities

The program houses both men and women. Clients reside in Victoria on a rural, sprawling, farm property. The campus offers several recreational opportunities both in and outdoors. There is a game room with a ping pong table and pool table, a TV and movie theater room and a “wetlands” area. This is where clients fish and paddleboat.  

The living quarters are tidy and simple. There are single beds, a small desk and side lamp. Clients share bedrooms and bathrooms. There is a cafeteria where clients eat all their meals.

Rules and Regulations

Remar expects residents to complete several daily tasks. Most of these tasks contribute to repairs and enhancements around the property. This helps clients learn new skills while also giving back to their community. Work assignments include cooking, cleaning, electrical, carpentry and farming duties. The treatment team recommends clients remain in this program for up to two years.

Clients wake up early and have a structured daily schedule that provides a solid foundation. This gives every client a task to complete within a certain amount of time, thus helping to break old habits and replace them with positive action. Bible study, church participation and recreation are essential to the program’s success.

Remar Australia expects residents to shower daily. Further, it does not clients to swear or have conversations about drug use or sex. There is one TV but they limit programming to news, sports, Christian channels and family friendly movies.

During the first two months in the program, clients cannot carry any money, or leave the boundaries of the facility. Remar doesn’t allow any cell phones or personal devices. The staff permits only one 10 minute phone call every week. Unmarried clients or those who don’t have kids can make their first call after two weeks. Otherwise clients who are married with kids only wait one week to make their first phone call.

This program requires random weekly drug tests. Clients have to go along with the rules. If they break the rules they can be dismissed.


Remar operates a retail store where residents work.

The campus includes a large field that people can use for group sports, like cricket and volleyball. There is also a gym on site.

Family visits can begin after four weeks in the program.

In Summary

The main purpose behind the philosophy at Remar Australia is to teach clients how to use their faith in God to live in a real and practical way without drinking or drugging. There is a strict daily schedule that clients follow to the letter. Above all, the length of programming ensures someone is supported long enough to sustain recovery, hopefully for their lifetime.

Remar Australia Location

955 McDonalds Track
Nyora VIC 3987

Remar Australia Cost

Call for details. Reach Remar Australia by phone at (03) 5659-6307. Find Remar Australia on Facebook

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