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Rehabs for Teens (12-20)

Teen addiction can be scary, frustrating, and overwhelming for parents. Addiction does not only affect the individual, but it affects the entire family. Finding a rehab facility for a teen with an addiction can be unnerving for parents. It is tough to place your child in the hands of strangers, even if that child is troubled and in desperate need of help. That is why there are addiction treatment facilities that are geared for the special needs of teens.

Addiction among teens is on the rise and families are searching desperately for help. This is leading to the creation of treatment programs targeted to younger individuals. It is vital, though, that the treatment be geared to the special needs of the adolescent or young adult because not only are their bodies not as developed as an adult, but neither are their minds. This means that the physical and psychological approach must be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the particular age.

The Sobering Statistics

Teenage substance abuse is on the rise. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, marijuana is the most popular illicit drug among teens. Inhalants are popular among 8th graders while 12th graders prefer the prescription drug Adderall. Synthetic marijuana is in the top three most abused substances for both 8th and 12th graders. Other drugs teens are abusing include Vicodin, cough medicine, tranquilizers, sedatives and hallucinogens.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that an average of 8,100 people try some type of illegal drug every day. Of that number, nearly 60 percent are under the age of 18. In young adults between 18 and 25 years of age, the drug use rates double. Each year this rate increases meaning that our children are becoming more and more susceptible to the draw, the temptation of drug and alcohol use.

Children are being introduced to drugs at younger and younger ages. This means that parents must be more vigilant, communicate with their children about drugs at an earlier age. They need to know the signs of substance abuse. It also means that there is an increasing need for good teen addiction rehab programs that are accessible to a wide variety of families on many different cultural, societal, and economic levels.

Why Teens need Specialized Treatment Programs

Teens are not adults; they have different needs when dealing with an addiction and going through rehab. The teen brain is still developing which can make the effects of substance abuse and addiction even more devastating. Teen rehabs are staffed with counselors and medical professionals who understand the needs of teens from a physiological, physical, and psychological level.

Counselors in rehabs for teens are specially trained to know how to communicate with young people, to connect with them on their level, and guide them as well as their family to recovery. Teenagers need that specialized care so they can recover and prevent relapses later on in adulthood. There are no guarantees, but the odds are much better when you match the right tool to the job. Teens need teen centered rehab programs.

Types of Teen Rehab Programs

Teen rehab programs may be inpatient or outpatient and may be gender specific. Often the adolescent will be screened for psychological, social, psychiatric, and medical factors in their life so that they can be matched to the most appropriate treatment program and level of care. Often the treatment addresses family, home, school, job – all aspects of the teen’s life. There is often counseling and activities that are developmentally appropriate for the child with staff that is trained to work specifically with teenagers. Some programs last 30 days while others can stretch to 90 days or even more.

A program may incorporate one or several types of counseling that includes cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy as well as others. While the family is integral in the life of any person struggling with addiction, it is very important for a teenager. The people they live around need to be educated and the entire family needs to learn how to function in a way that is healthy so family therapy is a must.

In more intensive rehab centers the teen may have to go through detox before he or she can move on to recovery and counseling. Again, the staff who attends the child during detox is specially trained in the needs of adolescents. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

How to find Teen Rehab Centers

Finding the right program can be overwhelming for parents who are dealing with their child’s addiction. What a parent needs to consider is not that the child will be inpatient or outpatient or how long the program will last, but what is the best choice for the child. When it is all said and done, what is done in the best interest of the child is all that really matters and it will take as long as it takes.

Teen rehab facilities are located all over the country. It isn’t difficult to find the right one. After reviewing several options and narrowing them down by criteria such as insurance, budget, location, and reputation, it is fairly simple to select the best teen rehab center for the child.

What are the Best Rehabs for Teens?

According to experts, the best rehab for teens is one that uses several types of treatments and takes a comprehensive approach to the teen’s addiction. The best rehab gets to the root of the issue and treats the addiction. Each young person is different though which means that the recovery needs of each person will vary. Some children may need medication while others may respond best to additional therapy. Finding a facility that is willing to routinely access the needs of the child as well as his or her progress in the program is what will make it the best rehab program for that teen. It needs to be a facility that is willing to go the distance and take the time to work with the child to help them cure their addiction and give them a better chance at living a drug free life into adulthood.

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