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Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, just north of Asheville, North Carolina, Red Oak Recovery provides treatment for men and women aged 18 to 30 who have substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental health problems. With a wide range of treatment modalities offered, Red Oak provides holistic, gender-separated care with an emphasis on adventure therapy.

Accommodations and Food

Both the men’s and the women’s houses are located on the beautiful, sprawling Red Oak campus. Clients sleep two or three to a room, and while there is ample space to store possessions and relax, furnishings are very basic. All are encouraged to immerse themselves in the eco-therapy experience by forgoing electronic devices.

Nutritional therapy is an essential component at Red Oak, where building a healthy relationship with food and its preparation is essential. Delicious, nutrient-dense food is provided, with significant assistance from all. Clients study and tend to the farm, learning to cultivate a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as participating in a dialogue about the preparation and origin of the food they consume. The animal husbandry program includes egg-laying chickens, which the clients also learn to tend. Cooking skills are also taught, and clients learn to enjoy the labor of meal preparation.

Treatment and Staff

While the men’s program averages 65 days and the women’s 90, clients may extend their treatment plans for up to six months or longer. The basic treatment methods are the same for both, the programs include therapies that address developmental and transitional difficulties specific to their gender. The men’s program has additional focus on anger management and asking for help, while the women’s on body image and healthy relationships. Both medication management and medically monitored detox are available for clients that require assistance in these areas.

Clients attend an immersive and highly structured schedule of therapeutic modalities. Days consist of individual and group therapy, adventure therapy, psychoeducation12-step meetings and related work. The combination of these, and other therapies, is aimed at combating substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues, trauma, grief, and underlying causes for addictive behavior. The primary methods of therapy are CBT and DBT. Motivational interviewing (MI) techniques, Gestalt, EMDR, rational emotive behavioral therapy and canine therapy are introduced into the client’s treatment plan upon recommendation of their primary therapist. Groups focus on instilling hope, social and communication skills, goal and boundary setting and relapse prevention skills.

Staff consists of Master’s-level therapists, LADCs, and licensed support staff.


The adventure therapy component is what makes Red Oak somewhat unique. The campus includes a ROPES course, as well as zip-line, and regular hiking, fishing, and camping trips. Additional therapies include art therapy, yoga and acupuncture, which are offered on a weekly basis.

In Summary

Red Oak Recovery provides an interesting alternative to traditional residential treatment. By offering adventure therapy as a primary part of their program, clients are able to find an immersive, eco-centered environment in which to recover. The broad range of therapeutic modalities offered also means that client’s individual needs can be met. Residing for several months in the beautiful, rural mountain ranges is sure to be a healing and inspiring environment for many. Clients are treated as a whole and deeper emotional issues, as well as co-occurring issues, are addressed in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Red Oak Recovery Location

631 Willow Creek Road
Leicester, NC 28748

Red Oak Recovery Cost

$22,000 (30 days). Reach Red Oak Recovery by phone at (866) 831-9107 or by email at [email protected]. Find Red Oak Recovery on Facebook

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  1. Nathan Ayers on

    I graduated from Red Oak Recovery one week ago today. I am in aftercare right now, and I have to say that Red Oak Recovery has changed my life for the best. I can not believe how much my life has changed and how bright my future looks. Red Oak is making my life worth living again and now I am proud to say that I am a recovering addict. My life is finally piecing together. The bonds that have been broken because of my addiction are slowly but surely being put back together. My relationships are being fixed because of therapy that has improved my life drastically. They pushed me in ways that I could not even imagine. This isn’t an easy program, they make it difficult for a reason. I was not expecting anything like what I was going to experience at Red Oak Recovery. If you or a loved one has lost his love for living, then Red Oak can help you in a beautiful way.

  2. My daughter attended the Willows program at Red Oak Recovery and it was extremely beneficial to her. The care, support and her therapist, Elizabeth was top notch. The best. The bonds she developed there were very impactful to her and I can say honestly this program is head and shoulders above any other program out there. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to a family member or friend and unfortunately I am jaded when it comes to rehab centers as they all promise a lot, are often dubious in their practices and this is the one program that delivered what they promised and were extremely ethical and caring. They tailored the program to her needs, and I would highly recommend this program. The communication was impeccable regarding her progress and it was a real community. No program is perfect, however this was one that that really comes close.

  3. Be very cautious about the finances and any contract that you signed with them. Upfront they try to sell you on a discounted program and ask you to sign over your insurance rights. I fell victim to this trap and ended up paying them $34,000 out of pocket. They say that they don’t have much success with insurance in one sentence and then ask you to sign over the rights or pay a lot more. Actually, insurance does pay. For me it was a $24,400 mistake. Guess we will just call that stupid tax. On top of that they recently sent me a certified letter requesting the difference in what they charged and what the insurance paid. Real Classy.
    In situations like this when your child comes to you to say that they are ready for this a lot of times you don’t think clearly and you just want to get them help. This was me I just didn’t check with the insurance company or anything he told me and then the next day we were on their doorstep. These people have no conscience. As far as his treatment there I really don’t have any thing to compare it to but I know that the person that he worked with their left the company and started her own practice. Seems that they have a considerable amount of turnover of counselors. I know it’s hard to do but you need to read through all the FinePrint specifically where finances are concerned because let there be no question. This is a business. And they will do what it takes to get as much money from you and the insurance company as possible

    • You have no idea how your review has helped me in my decision. I keep being told that insurance will cover it but the fine print does, indeed say that you are stuck with what is not covered by insurance. That could be possibly a very costly mistake. They keep pushing but I’m pushing back with, “I want to hear from the insurance company before a commitment.” Thank you so much again.

  4. We are considering Red Oak for our 19 year old son. Could someone please give feedback about their communication with family?

  5. Red oak has been commonly referred to as FCFP or four circles for “pussies”. Since they have far more limited field time they can hardly be considered wilderness based therapy. If you really want your money’s worth go to a real wilderness program.

  6. If you’re looking for any peace of mind while your loved one is in recovery, red oak is not for you! Their communication and feedback with family is slim to none. We have no clue if any progress has been made. It leaves us anxious, and constantly wondering. They have been consistently unprofessional. I’m severely disappointed at this point!

    • We are considering this facility for our daughter. How long has your loved one been at Red Oak? Have you had an opportunity to visit with or discuss progress with your loved one? Just wondering why the disconnect. The people we have had dialog with thus far have been very informative and responsive. Was that your experience prior to your loved one entering Red Oak?

      • Red Oak is working to improve their communication. Our feedback is better now. Most importantly, our son has had a great experience at Red Oak overall. He has a great relationship with his therapist and the rest of the staff. With the exception of the early communication issues, we are very pleased with the care he has been given at Red Oak and are finally optimistic about his future.

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