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The Basics

RED HOUSE, which stands for Recovery from Eating Disorders: Hope, Optimism, Understanding, Support and Empowerment, is a non profit eating disorder treatment facility in Australia. RED HOUSE provides comprehensive treatment that is individualized and evidence-based. Mary Jane Lawson, who struggled with anorexia for 30 years, is the founder of RED HOUSE. Lawson discovered through personal experiences that treatment for eating disorders in Australia weren’t very effective. Her response was to open a facility that provides extended support through scientific treatments from a genetic perspective. The ultimate goal of RED HOUSE is to offer the first residential eating disorder treatment in a private, home-like setting.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment is broken down in stages and programs are community-driven in a low stress setting. Plans include a variety of services, such as counseling, education and nutritional counseling. Clients have an option to receive an assessment and then participate in a four weekend program that is comprised of several workshops and group sessions.

There is an epigenetic analysis performed that determines what nutritional deficiencies the client may have, and from there a nutritional plan is implemented to help balance out the system. There is also a program called Nourish to Flourish, which teaches clients how to prepare healthy meals using organic food. This program integrates each client’s personalized genetic assessment to include what foods might help them rebalance effectively, and thus reduce the chances of relapse.

RED HOUSE also facilitates the Mindful Movement group. This uses yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and dance to help promote overall wellness, and takes place in between the Nourish to Flourish and Sunday Social Lunch group. Within these meetings clients focus on improving body image, learning how to become mindful eaters and letting go of harmful thoughts.

Finally, a community group referred to as Creative Community uses art and music therapy within a group setting to encourage social interaction and self expression as a therapeutic tool.

One of the hallmarks to treatment at RED HOUSE is that it tries to lessen the need for traditional Western medications as a form of treatment, and promotes the idea of holistically healing one’s body and mental illness through nutrition and finding balance.

There is a staff of medical professional and consultants who all have extensive experience working with clients who are suffering from eating disorders. Clinical team includes psychiatrists, therapists and nutritionists. There are also staff yoga instructors and modern times therapists.


RED HOUSE offers an extra program called Canine Club that provides animal therapy to clients.

In Summary

Treatment at RED HOUSE uses evidence-based modalities and cutting edge therapies that are not only individualized but also based on clients’ actual genetics and how they break down foods. RED HOUSE strives to provide intensive and thorough treatment protocols and gives individuals a unique and powerful experience as a result.

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