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Recovery Without Walls


Mill Valley CaliforniaThe Basics

Recovery Without Walls is an outpatient facility based out of Mill Valley, California that specializes in innovative treatments for alcohol and drug addiction in tandem with chronic pain. Holistic treatments are offered through pharmacology, psychotherapy, nutritional coaching and integrative healing methods to provide a path towards recovery that supports mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Founded in 2006 by Dr. Howard Kornfield, a national leader in the treatment of opiate addiction with Suboxone, Recovery Without Walls uses evidence-based methods to treat the whole person.

For over three decades, Dr. Kornfield has applied himself in the medical and psychological field to work with a wide range of individuals from all backgrounds, assisting them to overcome their difficulties with unique and cutting edge approaches. As a high-end facility pioneering new treatment methods in pain management and addiction, Dr. Kornfield and staff often treat high-profile individuals and as such confidentiality and discretion are fundamental to treatment. Recovery Without Walls was in the news recently as the facility-of-choice for Prince, who unfortunately passed away just a day before he was scheduled to begin treatment.

Treatment and Staff

As opposed to using a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, Recovery Without Walls clients work with the clinical staff to develop an individualized treatment plan that both meets their unique needs and allows them to continue meeting their work, life and family obligations.

There is no minimum or maximum treatment duration or standardized approach to treatment. Prior to enrolling at Recovery Without Walls, potential clients schedule an appointment for a bio-psycho-social assessment with the staff. The assessment and screening determine the course of treatment and whether the client is in need of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) or additional therapeutic services.

While treatment at Recovery Without Walls is strictly outpatient, clients who have more intensive needs can be lodged at a local boutique hotel or private residence for the initial phases of their detox. A medical and nursing staff are present to provide encouragement and assistance during this critical time. Once clients show signs of stabilization, they begin psychotherapy and participation in other holistic treatment methods. Dual diagnosis support is available in the form of therapy sessions in tandem with medication management.

Clients attend both group and individual therapy during the course of their treatment. Therapeutic activities are facilitated by Master’s- and Doctoral-level practitioners. Staff credentials include MFTs, Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Medical Doctors (MD) who each offer their own dynamic approach to the treatment of addiction. The combined efforts provide a space for healing and overcoming the difficulties and mental blocks to recovery. Additionally, all clients are encouraged to supplement their treatment with 12-step meetings including AA/NA as well as Alanon for the family and loved ones.


Recovery Without Walls aims to treat the whole person—mind, body and spirit. Included in the treatment objectives are alternative therapies to assist the client towards total recovery. Meditation guidance is offered as well as massage therapy and exercise programs. Clients are also given nutritional guidance to improve their physical wellness and are given supplements and vitamins to restore the body’s function. Acupuncture therapy is also available to help minimize the need for prescribed pain medication that leads to dependence and abuse.

In Summary

Recovery Without Walls employs an innovative and progressive approach to the treatment of alcohol and opiate addiction by combining evidence-based methods and holistic practices. Dr. Kornfield and his team understand that many people avoid seeking treatment because of the daunting prospect of withdrawal symptoms or receiving treatment at an unappealing methadone clinic. Recovery Without Walls provides a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment for clients to finally overcome their addiction and participate in a solution-oriented, mind-body approach to wellness.

Recovery Without Walls
3 Madrona Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Recovery Without Walls Cost: $1,000 (assessment) and $3,000 (per day). Reach Recovery Without Walls by phone at (415) 383-2949 or by email at [email protected]. Find Recovery Without Walls on Facebook and LinkedIn

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