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While Cirque Lodge may be Utah’s best known rehab due to its celebrity clients and high-end everything, Recovery Ways provides a private rehab experience for half the price. Located in Murray, Utah, this program immerses clients in mountainous scenery and other elements of nature as they move through recovery. With facilities that resemble quaint hotels and a small client load, those who attend this program can enjoy a little bit of luxury in addition to solid, individualized treatment.

Accommodations and Food

The living quarters are split between two locations: the 30-bed Copper Hill facility and the 24-bed Mountain View facility. Identical in interior decoration and design, the two buildings provide each client with a private bedroom and bath, a rarity in the world of rehabs. The common areas offer a warm fireplace, a television and plenty of seating to curl up with a favorite book.

For exercise, a local gym is available six times a week in the morning and an on-staff yoga teacher provides weekly classes. During off-site recreation time, clients can get out in nature for hikes and long walks. There are designated smoking areas on the property.

All meals are prepared and served on-site. Choices vary from day to day but a full salad bar is always available. Coffee is served during a la carte breakfasts and snacks such as fruit, cheese, yogurt and crackers are available throughout the day. The chef is happy to accommodate clients with food allergies and special dietary needs.

Treatment and Staff

The large staff consists of therapists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, nurses, an admissions team and administrative staff. For detox, clients are sent to a local hospital but staff members from Recovery Ways visit every day, making sure the needs of clients are being met. This process typically lasts between three and five days, with a cost of $950 per day.

When residents arrive, they are assigned an individual counselor, who takes on no more than six to seven clients at a time. Individual therapy happens at least twice a week but is more frequent if a client is willing. In addition to individual time, clients spend a large portion of their day in group therapy when issues including codependency, relapse prevention, family dynamics, grief, processing and trauma are addressed. Clients are introduced to the 12 steps during education lectures and can attend AA/NA meetings almost every day.

Each week, family members are invited in for visits as well as group therapy. Clients who wish to involve their families in the individual therapy sessions may do so on an as-needed basis.

In addition to residential care, the program offers day treatment and intensive outpatient services. All clients who have successfully completed the residential program have access to complimentary aftercare services that include group therapy, workshops and check-ins with a therapist.


Residents choose two recreational activities every week; options include rock climbing, bowling and hiking. During this time, their social interactions, ability to handle new situations and general attitudes are closely monitored. After each outing, the supervising counselor reports back to each client’s individual therapist, letting them know how they did and where they struggled.

A unique feature of this program is a sensory integration room for healing trauma. This allows clients to lie in a hammock and pick everything from the scent of the room to music and the temperature to lighting. In the past, such rooms replaced straight jackets in mental hospitals. They were found to produce an extreme calming effect and are now being used to treat trauma patients.

In Summary

With views of the mountains, private rooms at no additional cost and nearly unlimited individual therapy sessions, this Utah rehab offers a lot more than most. While this program is highly structured, clients do not have to spend all of their time in a therapy chair or locked inside the facility. The nice balance between therapy, recreation and free time makes the recovery process enjoyable.

Recovery Ways Location

4883 Box Elder St
Murray, UT 84107

Recovery Ways Cost

$18,000 (30 days). Reach Recovery Ways by phone at (844) 311-6335 or by email. Find Recovery Ways on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn

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  1. While there are some people who have had great experiences at Recovery Ways, mine was a nightmare. In terms of medical care, my situation was badly mishandled–not being seen by a doctor when I urgently needed one, daily medication mistakes, constant miscommunication by medical staff, and blatantly rude behavior. In terms of the services they advertise, I did not begin receiving the full variety of services they “sell” themselves on (intensive therapy, occupational therapy, neurofeedback, etc.) until 11 days into my stay, so I was left without the treatment I needed and was paying for. In terms of the clinical staff, some are caring and provide quality support. But the clinical leads and clinical director were shockingly condescending and frightening. One was so verbally abusive towards me that he was immediately removed from my unit, but continued to work in a different unit. This staff member has a well-known reputation for being so aggressive that when I arrived I was warned to stay away from him as much as possible. He has made many patients cry due to his angry and unprofessional outbursts. The clinical leads treated me with an extremely condescending attitude and made me feel even worse about myself then I already did when I entered treatment. I was also being openly bullied by another patient and the staff did nothing to intervene. Instead, some other patients in the group had to step in to try to stop the bullying and protect me, which is not their job and is not helpful for their own recovery process. This same situation happened with another group member while I was there, and the entire group met in order to process how angry they were with the staff failing to handle bullying behavior. In addition, I learned later that I had been recruited by a “business development” employee, who receives kickbacks every time they “sell” to a client. I had a phone conversation with one of these recruiters (after being misled that he was a compassionate alumnus) during which he outright criticized the other treatment center I was considering. He even told me to Google “missing person at _____” which is a dirty and unprofessional tactic to lure people into Recovery Ways. My experience there was an absolute nightmare.

  2. I had the pleasure of touring recovery ways a couple weeks ago. The staff were more than welcoming from the Clinical director to the case managers to the RC’s. We have referred a couple clients there and they have had nothing but a great experience. I will definitely continue working with Recovery Ways.

  3. I’ll start by saying that on my way to Recovery Ways I had my mind made up that treatment could not work for someone like me. I’m really happy to say that I was wrong and I owe it all to the team at Recovery Ways.

    This is by far the best treatment center I have ever been to and I’ve been to over 20. At first I was really anxious when entering Recovery Ways and had problems even talking to the other addicts there. The staff there noticed and gave me a lot of one on one love, using my therapist and what they call residential coordinators, who are people that are in recovery themselves as well. When others would go into group and the panic attacks would hit me, they would sit on a couch with me and calm me down, make me laugh, and get me focused on the positive things I was about to start creating in my life. They ended up teaming me up with another person that had been there longer than me and he sorta became my buddy. He introduced me to others and made sure I felt included in all the different activities and groups. All of a sudden, for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged somewhere. Like I fit in!!! Like people actually cared about me! This is what really set the foundation for me to chase recovery like I never had in the past.

    My relationship with my mom and dad, was totaled due to my actions. The family program taught us how to repair it all! When I went to all the other treatment centers, “family week” was them just educating us on addiction for the ten millionth time… at this facility, my parents had their own therapist to do their own work separate of me, which was so amazing! It gave me time to focus on learning how to become an adult, while they got to work on the trauma I had caused them. We would speak on the phone and I would notice that we weren’t yelling and screaming at each other… maybe that’s not a big deal to some, but to me… that hadn’t happened in a LONG time. By the time they came in for family week, all three of us were so excited to see each other! From there we actually got to work on OUR family issues, not just get educated on addiction AGAIN.

    I’m sort of blabbing on at this point but that is what tends to happen to me these days. I HAVE EMOTIONS AND I LOVE IT!!! I’m a guy and was taught when I was younger that men aren’t supposed to cry and I feel completely okay showing my emotions today!

    Thank you so much Recovery Ways! I truly believe I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for all of your loving staff! I owe you my life and happiness <3

  4. This program is one of the best in the country. I was very impressed with their clinical team and client care. The custom treatment for each client is impressive. I would send a family member there in a second! I have been to programs all over the country and theirs is far above the rest!

  5. To say my experience with Recovery Ways was sub-par would be an understatement. I only saw a therapist four times in the six-plus weeks I was there. I feel I should mention that my original therapist was fired halfway through my stay. As for the groups, they consisted primarily of coloring and collage making. And that was when there was actually someone to run the group. Half of the time we were told group was canceled because the therapist was “busy at another house”. The entire time it felt as though our house was second priority to the other houses. I suggest looking elsewhere for treatment.

  6. Recovery Ways is a fantastic place! I was at their Brunswick facility last July and I was blown away by the compassion and knowledge of everyone there. They really do an amazing job from start to finish, making sure treatment was available and with little to zero roadblocks..they do a great job of working with insurance companies. They also offered some things I hadn’t seen before, or at least advertised: outdoor recreation therapy and sensory therapy. The sensory therapy makes it real easy to focus on treatment, here’s more on it: cool stuff. Great place with great people, highly recommended!

  7. My experience at recovery ways was pretty much disastrous. I was treated like a child from the moment I walked through the doors of Recovery Ways. My therapist Mike was bizarre, beyond dishonest, and very inappropriate. He had my messages from my fiancee sent to his desk which is just weird. He had private conversations with my mom about my relationship. He also told my mom to cut me off when I got home. He tried to force me to stay 45 days when it was agreed upon before I even arrived that my stay would be no longer than 30 days. He tried to break my relationship up by lying to my fiancee about things I did not say and lying to me that he was leaving me nasty messages. He never kept our appointments. I saw him maybe 3 or 4 times my entire stay, meanwhile you are supposed to meet with your therapist twice a week. He’s a “family therapist” but has no issue volunteering information about the infedelity in his marriage, which is creepy and awkward for him to be telling female clients. I also found it discomforting when he told me he likes my freckles.
    Moving on, Recovery Ways would not give my fiancee any information even though I had signed a release form. They tried to manipulate my family. They tried to tell me that if I didnt go to a halfway house my therapist would say I didnt successfully complete treatment.
    The food was horrid. People were getting drugs at meetings. The fact that you can use the phone everyday is pretty distracting to your recovery. One of the RC’s Big Book Ben who is an AA nazi, would not let me call my family after a very severe panic attack due to a therapy session. I did however feel safe. I found majority of the RC’s extremely caring and always did what they can for me. I did make quite a few good friends. I loved the occupational therapy with Bonnie. My room was nice. I enjoyed recreational therapy, always had a lot of fun. Always went to great AA meetings, despite the fact that some people had access to drugs there. I didn’t have a release date or a plane ticket home until the very last minute. My last week there, everyone who was there a lot of the patients were being told their insurance had run out and they were doing well, so they can go to a “better program” at the other house. Therefore, new patients can get brought in, hence more money.

    • Hi marissa my name is Simeon I also attended recovery ways in June of this year and mike was my therapist he along with other staff were extremely inappropriate with me so much that i will be filling a lawsuit against them next week i would like if you could write a statement so that i can show that they are doing inappropriate things to others as well plz email me at [email protected] thank you

  8. My brother attended Recovery Ways in Murray, Utah. My family could not be more grateful of the amazing people at RW who helped to get our brother back! They worked with him to create a personalized program that would help him succeed, and and gave him his own room so he could focus on changing his life. They also helped me work with my ins. co. so I could afford to get him the best treatment possible.

    I recommend anyone seeking help for themselves or a loved one visit their website at the very least!

    They are life changers!

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