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The Recovery VillageThe Basics

The Recovery Village is a residential treatment program run by Advanced Behavioral Medicine in Umatilla, Florida. Like many treatment centers, the 60-bed facility offers help to those who suffer from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. While the facility does not force clients to follow the 12 steps, it is required to attend daily AA and NA meetings. Through a variety of therapeutic and recreational activities, clients can begin to live as sober, healthy individuals.

Accommodations and Food

Located in a converted children’s hospital, at The Recovery Village clients share a basic bedroom and bath with one other person. Each of the rooms has two twin beds and minimal decor. Detox, group, individual therapy rooms and the dining hall are all just a short walk from the living quarters. Televisions can be found in the recreation rooms and while personal mp3 players are allowed, Internet devices and mobile phones are prohibited.

All meals are eaten as a group and prepared by the resident chef. Food is served buffet style and the selection is typically pretty healthy. Snacks and juice are available in between meals for those who need something extra. While sugar is allowed in the diet, caffeine is not.

On most days when the Florida sun is shining, residents can take a dip in the pool during free time. Each morning, clients can also work out at on-site modern gym, which features a wide array of stationary machines as well as free weights and weight machines.

Treatment and Staff

For those who need detox, a 10-day on-site medically monitored program is available for an additional $7,500. Typically, the average treatment stay is from 30 to 90 days. During this time, clients can meet with a psychiatrist once a week, see an individual counselor three times per week, have several hours of group therapy per day, participate in 12-step programs and engage in recreational activities.

Group topics range from relapse prevention and family dynamics to life skills and emotional processing. Evidence-based approaches like CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) are also used during group time. Psycho-educational lectures are given to educate clients about the nature of addiction as a disease.

While a client does not have to start working the steps, daily attendance at 12-step meetings is enforced. An optional 12-step based introductory course called “Back To The Basics” is offered to those who want to learn about the history and requirements of the 12 steps.

With 12 counselors, a psychiatrist, a medical director and a handful of nurses, clients are definitely in good hands during treatment.


In addition to traditional therapy modalities, The Recovery Village uses holistic approaches such as yoga, meditation, martial arts and equine therapy. For those needing a break from the facility, off-site outings to the movies and bowling occur on Saturdays. The Recovery Village aslo offers massage and acupuncture at an additional cost.

Family involvement is encouraged during treatment. Visits can be made during visiting hours and weekly family therapy sessions can be arranged. If family members cannot attend in person, conference calls are also an option. A family week is also provided for each client during which they can participate with family members in a busy schedule of lectures, group therapy and extensive sessions with the primary therapist.

In Summary

With the intensive individual counseling and variety of recreational activities, programming at The Recovery Village in Umatilla can provide a solid foundation for sobriety and an active lifestyle. The Florida sunshine is always an added perk.

The Recovery Village
635 Umatilla Blvd
Umatilla, FL 32784

The Recovery Village Umatilla Cost: $20,000 (30 days). Reach The Recovery Village by phone at (877) 798-6220. Find The Recovery Village on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. This place was excellent. The food was great, I met with my therapist one a week for 90-120 minutes. If you are assigned to Krista as your therapist, you are lucky as heck! She was the most fantastic therapist I’ve ever had. I was in treatment for polysubstance abuse and my experience was excellent. I recommend the facility. There was a mixed group of people of all ages which was difficult at times, as some of the younger folks really don’t take treatment seriously. I have a Masters degree and attended all groups like a class and kept extensive notes. Krista was able to zero in on 4 life events and conditions that lead me to my use and abuse. I was molested as a child, lacked a positive male figure in my life, and have 2 affairs that I continued to be ashamed of. Once I told my story to 4 counselors, I was able to tell the client body numerous times. I’m comfortable now with myself. I quickly became a client leader and even taught the SMART course. My attendance went from 5 to 20 within days. I have used SMART as a means to recover and am better than ever. Every facility has its problems but Umatilla, FL was great. Some staff didn’t give a fudge about us while others were some of the best people I’ve met in my life. I highly recommend the program. Please note they oversell the program to get you there because the raw truth would make one not want to seek treatment. Caffeine, television, and internet are banned (which is great for recovery). This place saved my life, and I had such a good experience that leaving was somewhat difficult. Only one 1 occasion was the food “bad” because the head chef had the day off. I ate the vegetarian diet and it expanded my a food intake as I am incredibly fussy when it comes to food. Admittedly the medication lines were long as hell but we are there to recover, not beg for our medication (which is addictive behavior in itself.) I take lamictal for seizures and I always got it within 2 hours of needed time which is law. I recommend this place. The bad reviews are probably from individuals who didn’t want to take the program seriously. No place is perfect but this rehab was my 1 and done. I’m doing exceptionally well. I thank TRV for saving my life.


    My son just finished his rehabilitation at this facility and he was very satisfied with the program They have been very good about follow up too

  3. I would strongly recommend against sending a family member or friend to this facility. The staff are not caring and disrespectful, surprising given the sensitive nature of helping people with addiction issues. They do not have the patient at the center of their care and their service and level of responsiveness was beyond negligent. From Connie Nayo, their director, to Dr. Kunis, the team at Recovery Village was consistently non-responsive and non-caring during the process of admitting one of my family members…their treatment of my family member was so serious and poor that I am filing a complaint with the Florida Department of Health. Please save your family and loved ones much time and heartache and stay away. There are many other wonderful facilities and treatment options…Recovery Village is not one of them.

    • Cathy Walkerf on

      I am about to admit my daughter whom is 17y/o to the facility. I am going to look into Connie Nayo and Dr. Kunis as I am a RN myself so understand it only takes “ONE” bad seed to ruin the reputation as a whole. Thank you for your information.

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