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The Ranch


The Basics

Some rehabs are old school and some are new age, but what The Ranch offers defies categorization. Starting with facility itself, The Ranch is a 2000-acre plot of land in Nunnelly, Tennessee (roughly 45 miles west of Nashville) that was recently acquired by the Elements Behavioral Health group. It offers treatment not only for drug and alcohol addiction but also for an assortment of other maladies including eating disorders and sex addiction, and all with a variety of traditional and cutting-edge treatments. At the same time, The Ranch is also a working horse and cattle ranch with a penchant for Native American mysticism.

Accommodations and Food

The Ranch houses 18 men and 18 women and the set up is somewhat unusual. There are five cabin-style houses: Hilltop, Spring and River House are for men while Lake and Creek House are for women. Each decidedly rustic house focuses on different recovery issues though they all offer easy access to the Piney River, which runs through the facility’s campus.

Most of the houses feature large, open-spaced kitchens that spill onto even larger dining rooms, allowing for communal food preparation and eating. Some of the houses boast wood burning stoves, 360-scenic views of Tennessee countryside in the dining room and granite counter tops.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at The Ranch is wide-ranging and eccentric. The basics are on-site detox and an emphasis on AA (a 12-step meditative nature trail and in house and off-site meetings). Other group therapy and counseling sessions focus on relapse prevention, dual diagnosis and other psychological issues that may be present. There are gender-specific programs, and contemporary therapeutic methods like EMDR for trauma as well as CBT. When all is said and done, residents will spend over 100 hours in various therapy groups per month.

In addition to AA’s Big Book, residents are also required to go through a series of spiritual recovery programs. Everyone must have a copy of Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, which draws from ancient Toltec wisdom on how to live a balanced life and is broken down into four central tenets (abridged: Be Impeccable With Your Word, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions, Always Do Your Best).

Perhaps the most defining aspect of the Ranch is its emphasis on outdoor activities and almost shamanistic approach to recovery. Apart from an array of people on staff—including a physician, spiritual coaches and therapists of all stripes (though no resident psychiatrist)—The Ranch also boasts a variety of “four-legged staff” members that includes horses, cows and donkeys. Those looking for a rehab with a focus on equine therapy needn’t look any further: the team is made up of equine therapists with more than 20 years of experience, and the schedule allows plenty of time for horse play.


The Ranch is reportedly on ground that was once used by Cherokee, Creek and Chickasaw Indians as a shared hunting ground and those traditions live on in a medicine wheel meditation area and sweat lodge ceremonies. The latter entails building a fire in a structure built of willows and blankets, heating stones in it and dumping water on top to steam up the place during group therapy. All the residents have various outdoorsy recreation activities available to them, including fishing, hiking, volleyball and yoga. Residents are also allowed to visit Nashville for rodeos, movies or county fairs.

In Summary

Overall, treatment takes a minimum of 28 days, though many residents stay longer for an average of about three months.The Ranch offers a professional staff and a comprehensive range of treatment options. Combine that with a small resident population and quiet isolation on a beautiful ranch, and addicts may be looking at a potent recovery recipe.

The Ranch
6107 Pinewood Rd
Nunnelly, TN 37137
The Ranch Cost: $19,000-$26,000 (30 days). Reach The Ranch by phone at (866) 219-5858. Find The Ranch on Facebook and Twitter
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  1. I was going through major depression last year & decided to seek help. I spoke to Cliff on May 8, 2017 in the admissions dept, was told The Ranch Recovery & Rehab just recently contracted with BCBS & my out of pocket expense (including my deductible) would be around $2500. I paid $2700 to The Ranch when I was admitted on May 9 & wasn’t told anything about them not being contracted with BCBS the whole month I was there. I didn’t know until I started receiving bills a month & half later totalling over $10,000 & that’s after I paid them $2700. After another couple months I received the statements & they totaled between 17,000 & 18,000. Which is nearly $7000 more than first statements. I spoke to BCBS & they informed me they didn’t become in contract with The Ranch until around June 2. I called the admissions dept to speak with Cliff about this issue & why he told me false info. I left a message & he has never called me back. I also found out that all conversations are recorded & they note everything from when I originally called to get info on being admitted into the facility. BCBS only shows The Ranch called around May 8, BCBS informed The Ranch that they are NOT in network & it would be out of network (not contracted) & gave a much higher out of pocket expense amount I think it was between $5,000 & $10,000. I was never once informed of that & was going through mental/major depression. I feel this is illegal to give false info to someone & I would have NEVER admitted myself if I had known it would even cost $5000. I am in the process of seeking legal action – violating consumer protection. This should never happen to anyone, especially when we already have mental issues. So sad & makes me so mad that a company would do this to someone!

  2. Sad, sad, sad. I had the same experience as so many others on this page. The Ranch is not what the marketing materials make it out to be. It is a business. My family member was completely over medicated and did not get the care that the marketing materials or the staff promised. The primary therapist was incompetent. He was caught telling lies to the director of The Ranch. His supervisor was even worse.
    I would not send anyone I love to The Ranch or any Elements Behavioral Health facility.

  3. My daughter went to The Ranch for treatment of a personality disorder. Her symptoms were too severe for their program and she was discharged after a few day before even entering the program so I cannot comment on the quality of the program.

    My complaint is with the fact that they have been stalling for months now on refunding any portion of the more than $5,500 that I paid up front for room and board for 28 days. Repeated phone calls have been unsuccessful. I was told several months ago that a refund of over $5,500 had been initially submitted but it has been sitting in the corporate office awaiting approval. I was finally told eleven weeks ago that I would receive a check in 4-6 weeks. I’m still waiting.

    It appears to be all about the money with these people. In the beginning they didn’t even want to show me a copy of the contract until after I gave them my credit card information. I refused and they reluctantly sent me a copy of the contract before I gave them my credit card info. They charged my card immediately and now they are just sitting on the refund that is due me and have been for months.

    My advice is to keep a close eye on your wallet if you deal with these people. I cannot recommend them.

  4. I saw the main doctor from California. I was on opiods and benzos. Even though Benzos were all over my paperwork he apparently forgot to give me a treatment plan to detox off of these. I told the nurses station several times because the doctor was running 2 hours late. I asked to just be taken to the ER since I was so freaked out. At that time the doctor was ready to see me and as soon as he saw me he told me I am feeling this was because I was getting ready to go into a seizes. He ran me up to the nurses station and started me on medication so I wouldn’t go into a seizer. Unfortunately these “doctors/nurses” are getting away with almost killing people and you think you are going some where that you trust and are going to get help. Especially paying $25K. I will not stop until they are held liable!

  5. So many of the reviews for this facility are similar to my experience. My family and I were completely scammed by The Ranch. We took out a loan to afford the treatment. When I realized that I was being duped, I asked to leave and for my money back. They “held” me in a locked room until I was “sure” of my decision. After 24 hrs it just got worse and worse. We were asked multiple times to pay a second large sum of money after my 30 days. When I filed a complaint with the state it was pushed aside. I filed every complaint I could. It is my hope that if you want to go here- make sure you have a plan b.

  6. As a former employee of over 6 years, this place has unfortunately took a turn for the worst. I chose to leave, I was not terminated, asked to leave or under investigation for anything. I simply left. I’m also not a disgruntled employee. This place is nothing more than a BUSINESS! Yes I have seen many lives changed in the past but it had came to a point where the clients best interest of recovery was no longer at heart for this business. Yes I’m sure there will be a reply from upper management in California denying these things but the fact of the matter is they are in California. They are looking at the number side they don’t know the real truth. All the White House management at The Ranch get on their best behavior when California peeps come to town, it’s comical! Truth is not their best subject. No raises in over 2 years, major lay offs at Christmas time only to have a job fair a few months later. The turn over rate of employees is through the roof! There are only a handful of employees still there that started when The Ranch was opened 15+ years ago. The employees did not retire either they also chose to seek different employment. There are so many more statements I could make but I won’t keep going. Look for a recovery center that isn’t a cooperation. That’s when everything here fell apart. Cooperate America doesn’t belong in the Recovery Field. There is hope if you are struggling with an addiction or other issues. If this is your only choice do it but hope your wallet is deep. Make sure you are aware that you get a certain number of sessions, everything after that comes out of your pocket, usually $100 or higher per session. Make certain you know the ends and outs of this place before committing to it. Get Help! It’s out there!

  7. This review has some outdated information. As of mid-2015, The Ranch now has 4 or 5 houses for men and 5 houses for women, in addiction to their detox/intake/medical building. Houses are loosely assigned by issue: substance abuse, eating disorder, and/or sex addiction & intimacy disorders, though all services are available to all houses.

    They still use the Four Agreements philosophy in addition to 12 step (AA, NA, EDA, Al-Anon, SLAA, etc).

    They have a heavy emphasis on integrated treatment that includes trauma work and experiential therapy, much of which may be outdoors as mentioned about.

    Spirituality programming includes choices between Native American, Buddhism/mindfulness, and a Christian track all of which can be combined or not. There is mostly a heavy emphasis on re-connecting to your authentic self.

    All houses have assigned masters-level counselors, and clients can add individual therapy with other counselors, nutritionists, or recovery coaches as appropriate. Houses are also staffed 24/7 by tireless RA’s.

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