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Located in the Los Angeles’ South Bay region, specifically Hermosa Beach and San Pedro, Recovery NOW, Inc. is an outpatient treatment facility that offers evidence-based therapy approaches in an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for men and women. Treatment offers group and individual therapy, CBT, medication management and step-down, aftercare programs. This facility emphasizes the importance of individualized treatment along with education for the whole family.

Treatment and Staff

Recovery NOW works with another outpatient treatment facility, South Bay Connect, to offer clients the full continuum of care. Generally, after the initial assessment process, clients participate in a structured schedule of group and individual therapy between both facilities. The groups focus on relapse prevention, reconnecting with family, self esteem, life skill and setting goals. There are also gender-specific groups that address postpartum depression, trauma or PTSD. Clients who enter into the program with a previously diagnosed or potential dual diagnosis, psychiatric testing can be administered to see if a medication may help with their recovery. If so, medication management is offered and overseen by an on-site physician.

Treatment at Recovery NOW is based on the 12 steps and immersing clients into a support community. However, if the client isn’t comfortable with the AA process, there is an option for different types of groups or individual sessions. Other therapeutic approaches include traditional CBT and DBT methods, and more holistic options like art and music therapy or hypnotherapy.

Treatment programs also emphasize the importance of communication and family connection. Often times the clients are encouraged to include their family members and loved ones in the treatment process and partake in the family program as an added layer of support.

The staff at Recovery NOW is comprised of highly experienced professionals working in the field of addiction. This includes Master’s-level therapists with accreditations like LMFT, LCSW and LAADC and RNs.


There is a family program specifically geared towards family members with co-dependency. There are also groups that focus on eating disorders and learning disabilities, along with couples and family counseling, domestic abuse treatment, grief and sexual abuse counseling.

In Summary

Recovery NOW is a supportive and caring environment that takes into account the client’s personal experiences leading up to substance abuse. It aims to provide healthier options and alternative paths toward hopefully long-term sobriety. Recovery NOW and its partner organization South Bay Connect are valuable resources within the Southern California recovery community.

Recovery NOW
Hermosa Beach Office
2200 Pacific Coast Highway, Ste 304A
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

San Pedro Office
916 N Western Ave, Ste 210
San Pedro, CA 90732

Recovery NOW Cost: Insurance accepted and sliding scale options are available. Reach Recovery NOW by phone at (310) 957-2099. Find Recovery NOW on Facebook

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  1. I went to RecoveryNOW in Sacramento. The house manager was never home, and Rick only came by sparsely. Sometimes I didn’t see him for two whole weeks. I got drug tested ONCE in a month, other than the initial drug test you take when getting in. The house was kinda nice, I will give it that. Still, there was no service. If one were caught with a dirty drug test or any alcohol in their breath, their policy is to have them packed up and out in 20 minutes, endangering themselves and the community around them. Rick is more than happy to do this as well because that means he gets to make another addict’s family pay a $200 entrance fee to pay for half a bedroom that costs almost as much as my mother’s mortgage payment.

    It was when I was walking down the street to the cigarette store that I met my first heroin dealer in the area. I was approached by him and I relapsed. He never found out.

    My major problem with Rick is his attitude that is both pompous and self-aggrandized. He comes off as edgy and as a man who takes no bullshit, which is great, but it gets deeper when you know him. His “no bullshit” attitude always makes him right. One night, a new resident had gotten very drunk and passed out in my bed, urinating in it. That night, exactly at curfew time, he came into the house, looking to see if everyone was there (read: looking to see if he could throw anyone out and make some more money). I chilled downstairs the whole night talking to him and I told him who I saw here and he went upstairs breifly, not checking my room because he knew I was here. That night, I come into my room and find the dude waking up and he says “DUDE, you’re gonna be SOOOOO pissed at me”. I smelled the urine and knew what happened and so I slept in an open bed because it was now 2 AM. This room was shared with my friend and I’ve told Rick before that I’m bisexual, and so had my friend (this becomes important in a bit). That night I’d texted Rick, telling him what my roommate did. He came by in the morning to kick out the dude who pissed my bed, and threatened me for “lying on his behalf”. He was convinced that I intentionally put water on the bed to help cover for the dude. Then he had a problem with me using the other bed because, you know, someone pissed in my bed, but he didn’t buy it. He chortled that me and my friend “slept together” and that was it. The next day, I’m planning on finding another place to live, and I get into a wreck and went to Jail for a warrant. Rick tells my family that its because I must have been high on Heroin, which I was not.

    Frankly, after coming to RecoveryNOW, I became disenfranchised with SLE houses in general until I found a place that actually provided services. It may be a conflict of interest to name the specific place, but I will hint that the place is named after a butterfly, or a type of ruler. They don’t throw people out on the street, endangering the client and the community. When you relapse, they make sure you have a place you can stay and will even book a hotel for you if you do not. Then, afterward, they will restrict some privileges, find counseling and therapy to better suit your needs. That’s how SLEs should be run.

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