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Recovery InnThe Basics

Recovery Inn is a sober living facility for women ages 18 and up, with facilities in Richardson and Plano, Texas. Opened in 2008 by founder and CEO Michelle Adams, this program provides a safe home for women who are either just out of jail, an inpatient treatment program or simply in need of a home free from substances. Through 12-step guidance and healthy structure, many clients leave Recovery Inn with a renewed sense of self-esteem, ability to maintain full time employment and reestablished family connections. 

Accommodations and Amenities

There are two homes owned and operated by Recovery Inn located in Plano and Richardson, Texas. Both houses are able to accommodate 12 to 14 people at a time. The beautifully decorated spaces have several full bathrooms, which clients share. Depending on the size of the bedrooms, there are between two and four per room in double beds. Each of the residents have personal areas with their own dressers, closet spaces, refrigerator and pantry shelves. The homes also include large living rooms, kitchens and pools.

The program allows for the residents to come and go as they please. Residents often organize movie nights, dinners or pizza parties at the homes. Both locations are situated near inexpensive gyms, which enables residents to work out during free time.

Rules and Regulations

The program at the facility is on a phase system, allowing clients to gain privileges as they progress. Each resident is required to have a minimum of 7 days sober upon admission. Although it is not required, it is encouraged that residents commit to stay for a minimum of six to nine months.

For the first 30 days each client must attend a minimum of 30 AA or NA meetings and adhere to the curfew of 10 pm. Within the first week, they need to get a sponsor and start pursuing work or volunteer positions. Every client must work at least 35 hours per week, but no more than 45. There is daily alcohol testing and weekly drug testing in the home, which can be more frequent if the house manager suspects the residents have been using.

There is a very structured schedule program at the home itself with house meetings three times a week, which include spiritual guidance, relapse prevention, life and coping skills, financial management training and on site 12-step meetings. House chores are assigned and must be completed weekly.

Recovery Inn is associated with Intensive Integration, which is a treatment facility operated by the sober living facility’s founder. If a client prefers, they may begin an outpatient treatment as soon as they move into the residence. Each week, clients are required to attend at least on individual counseling session at Intensive Integration.

Both houses have 24 hour a day on-site house managers, as well as frequent visits from Master’s level therapists and LADCs who lead group discussions and meetings. Most of the staff is either made up of people in recovery or former clients of Recovery Inn.


Visitors are welcome at the homes as long as they abide by the client’s curfew. After the first phase of the program, clients may apply for overnight passes.

In Summary

Recovery Inn provides its clients with beautiful homes in safe neighborhoods. The program offers a unique mix of highly structured living, while also giving residents the opportunity to explore newfound sobriety on their own. Through the additional support of the optional outpatient program, it raises success rates of its graduating clients up to 80 percent. Overall, the is a solid program for those who are serious about their sobriety. 

Recovery Inn
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