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Recover Strong


The Basics

Based out of Prescott Valley, Arizona, Recover Strong is a drug and alcohol recovery program based almost exclusively on physical exercise. The organization works in conjunction with Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare, a rehab facility located nearby. While the latter program focuses on 12-step, evidence-based treatment practices and additional therapies, Recover Strong is a standalone module within that program, which stresses the science of exercise.

Treatment and Staff

In general, clients begin the Recover Strong program with a basic physical and health assessment to determine where they are in the process. Fundamentally, Recover Strong considers addiction a neurological malfunction rather than a spiritual sickness or a failure of will. To that end, the program’s plan is to rebuild the prefrontal cortex through exercise, the part of the brain responsible for self-control, complex decision-making and long-term planning. Rather than taking a “top-down,” which uses CBT to change the thoughts to change the body, Recover Strong is a “bottom-up” approach that changes the physiology to change the thoughts.

More specifically, Recover Strong operates out of a Crossfit Gym and takes a similar approach as those programs. All clients participate in rotating, high-intensity exercise, which includes a combination of cardio and weight lifting. Throughout the program, all participants are encouraged to set personal growth goals and to take personal responsibility for their recovery while denying a “victimization mindset.”

The staff at Recover Strong consists of professional coaches, exercise coaches and personal trainers.


As Recover Strong is essentially only available through Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare, clients also have full access to all the staff and the programming at the latter facility as well. Similarly, as the program shares a space with a Crossfit Gym, the gym itself has plenty of modern equipment. Training sessions are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 to 8:30 am.

In Summary

Overall, Recover Strong creates a somewhat unorthodox approach to treatment that stresses nutrition, exercise and brain science. While it works in conjunction with a Crossfit Gym and Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare, the model that Recover Strong is pursuing breaks with conventional addiction medicine and suggests a new paradigm for those who looking for an alternative or a supplement to 12-step recovery. Though the program is essentially only an extension of another program at the moment, Recover Strong’s approach remains a simple and innovative method for treating addiction and other behavioral health issues.

Recover Strong
8705 E Eastridge Dr
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

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