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[block]0[/block]The Basics

Recover Integrity is a unique, luxury treatment facility in west Los Angeles. While its primary outpost is in Brentwood, it offers a step-down from its residential program in the beautiful beach city of Santa Monica. It’s a male sober living community designed for adult men who have gone through a more intensive inpatient treatment, have remained sober for three months, and are reintegrating themselves back into society. It’s often the final phase of treatment for clients attending Recover Integrity’s inpatient program. Ideally, the residents are holding down a job or attending school, and have a solid foundation in the 12 steps.  

Accommodations and Amenities

The sober suites where clients live during their final phase of treatment at Recover Integrity stay in bungalows, five of which are private and two are double occupancy. The facilities are fully furnished with modern and stylish decor blocks from the beach, and have washers and dryers in each unit. There are also full kitchens and living rooms with a TV, and a housekeeper comes by once a week.

Since this stage is all about accountability in independance, clients have the option of preparing and eating their own food, or can still enjoy community meals that are prepared by a chef. Typically lunch and dinner are served by staff, and breakfast is up to the clients. In any case, all food is provided by Recover Integrity.

Rules and Regulations

At this point in treatment clients are using all that they’ve learned thus far during programming to work and have a requirement to either be in school full time or work up to 30 hours a week. Prior to this step clients have vocational training and assistance in finding a job. There are no restrictions on phone or computer use, and residents have full access to personal cars. Additionally, they are required to lend a hand to those in the higher intensity programs by providing transportation if needed and being a peer support, but only for limited hours.

Phase four requires individual therapy at least once a week for one hour, however there are additional treatment options offered. Clients can attend group sessions and receive individual case management in addition to their regular schedule of aftercare treatment. Overnight passes are provided at this stage and visitation isn’t as limited. However, there are monitoring services and check-in’s with staff regularly, and clients are expected to submit for breathalyzers or urine analysis tests when requested. Also, regular AA or NA meeting attendance is required, as is having a solid sponsor. On average this phase lasts from 30 to 60 days.

There is staff on site 24 hours a day who are there to help in any way they can. Clinical and aftercare staff are LPC, CADC and psychiatrists who are able to assist clients who are remaining sober with a co-occurring disorder with medication management and assessments.

In Summary

Those who have made it to this phase in treatment at Recover Integrity have certainly earned it. Basically this is the part where the clients get to show their skills and prove to themselves and others that they can live a productive and happy life in recovery, while still having the added bonus of a solid support team behind them. Recover Integrity is yet another solid resource in the Southern California recovery community.

Recover Integrity
12301 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Recover Integrity Sober Living Cost: $13,500 (30 days). Insurance is accepted. Reach Recover Integrity by phone at (310) 294-9030. Find Recover Integrity on Facebook and YouTube

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