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Reality House Programs, Inc. Residential


Columbia MissouriReality House Programs, Inc. Residential Review

Located in Columbia, Missouri, Reality House Programs, Inc.‘s residential treatment program was founded in 1970 as an alternate sentencing option for local judges. Tasked with sending offenders with substance abuse problems to jail or back into the general population under the supervision of parole officers, Reality House is a valuable community option for those requiring intensive treatment in lieu of incarceration. Using the Community Corrections model, its minimum-security facility has flourished over the years. In 2003 Reality House Programs added outpatient treatment to its range of services.

Reality House’s mission is to provide a productive and supportive environment that still allows a reasonable amount of autonomy while helping steer clients down the road of recovery. All services meet court requirements and focus on satisfying the needs of the victims of crimes committed.

Accommodations and Food

Clients reside in a treatment facility in a suburban neighborhood with ample outdoor space for recreation. The facility accommodates up to 80 residents, but most beds are occupied by clients in other county programs. Reality House Program’s clients usually occupy 30 of the available beds in a dedicated area of the facility. Men and women occupy separate gender-specific wings with residents sharing a double-occupancy room and bathrooms with multiple other rooms.

Each wing has its own recreation area with a TV room and day rooms for family visits. The staff prepares standard American cafeteria fare, though residents may be assigned clean-up and food preparation as part of their chore rotation.

Residents are permitted cell phones provided they do not have photo and/or recording capabilities in order to maintain the confidentiality of all residents. Reality House Program is currently building a computer lab for client use to aid in job search and school requirements.

Treatment and Staff

Clients are transported to the Reality House Program’s outpatient facility for daily treatment involving individual and group therapy as well as psycho-education classes. Residents also participate in at least 50 hours of treatment-oriented activities each week, including morning and afternoon groups and recreational therapy. In the evenings, residents are busy with homework assignments and participate in evening treatment group at the residential facility.

The treatment team at Reality House Program includes Missouri-credentialed RASACs and LPCs. Group and individual therapy uses the Matrix Model, CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the 12-step framework. While residents are not required to attend 12-step meetings while in treatment, they are often included in the client’s aftercare plan.

Counselors at RHP are trained to work with co-occurring disorders, but they refer clients to nearby mental health facilities for medication management and more specific therapy for mental health diagnoses.


Case-management services are available for residents who might benefit from coordinated care and other supportive services. RHP also transports clients to medical care appointments at an affiliated primary care clinic. Additionally, monthly sex education classes are available.

In Summary

For nearly 50 years, Reality House Programs, Inc. has been providing low- and no-cost residential treatment to clients whose substance abuse has landed them on the wrong side of the law. By employing a wide range of therapeutic modalities and access to case-management and other supportive services, residents of Reality House Programs, Inc. are sure to leave treatment with improved self-knowledge and awareness of the local services that can help them build stable lives in recovery.

Reality House Programs, Inc. Location

Residential Treatment Facility
1900 Prathersville Rd
Columbia, MO 65202

Reality House Programs, Inc. Residential Cost

$3,000 (30 days), treatment grants available to those who qualify. Reach Reality House Programs, Inc. by phone at (573) 449-8117. Find Reality House Programs, Inc. on Facebook

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