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Quinn Nutrition Counseling


Quinn Nutrition Counseling Review

Located 12 miles northwest of Tacoma, Washington in the small city of Gig Harbor, Quinn Nutrition Counseling is the private practice of Cheryl Quinn MSN, RDN. Quinn is a board-certified nutrition specialist and a registered dietitian nutritionist. Quinn provides specialized nutrition counseling for clients struggling with a wide range of conditions including slow metabolism, fatigue, allergies and even cancer as well as mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and OCD. In addition, Quinn helps women going through menopause, individuals with thyroid disorders and diabetes. Medication management is not an element of the curriculum at Quinn Nutrition. In fact, it is the goal of many clients to successfully taper off of medication. 

Treatment and Staff

Rather than a “one size fits all” care plan, Quinn Nutrition Counseling provides individualized treatment strategies. Before beginning counseling, clients go through a comprehensive intake visit that details symptoms, goals and needs. From there, Quinn develops a personalized plan tailored to meet their unique needs. Clients struggling with a range of mental and physical health conditions from depression to trauma benefit from a nutritional transformation. Quinn seeks to avoid hasty diets that are difficult to sustain, and instead focuses on changing the client’s perspective about food. Individuals learn meal planning and preparation techniques that are tailored to their needs. Clients set and meet reasonable goals while enjoying a new relationship with food that is not only healthier but more fun and diverse. Quinn continues to support and motivate individuals with innovative methods, recommendations and counseling. 

Cheryl Quinn is a nutrition specialist and dietitian. She received her MS in Clinical Nutrition at Bastyr University, a Master of Engineering at Cornell University and specialized in therapeutic foods. Quinn is a licensed certified nutritionist in the state of Washington. 


For clients unable to come in person, Quinn Nutrition offers counseling over the phone. 

In Summary

Quinn Nutrition Counseling in Gig Harbor, Washington is the private practice of licensed nutritionist and dietician Cheryl Quinn. Quinn provides “personalized nutrition prescriptions” that treat clients struggling with a host of health conditions. For anyone seeking a holistic approach to care that focuses on building a better, healthier relationship with food, Quinn Nutrition Counseling is a top notch resource. 

Quinn Nutrition Counseling Location

6659 Kimball Drive
Suite C301
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Quinn Nutrition Counseling Cost

$150/Initial Visit, $125/Follow-up Visit (Discounts available for pre-payment and packages, Accepts many insurances). Reach Quinn Nutrition Counseling by phone at (253) 292-3803 and email.

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