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Just outside of downtown Detroit, Quality Behavioral Health offers medical detox, residential treatment and outpatient programs for chemically dependent adults who often suffer from co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar, and panic disorder. Rehabilitation here is built around individual attention and a variable length of stay.

Accommodations and Food

The facility doesn’t draw much attention to itself as a nondescript red building on the corner of East Grand Boulevard. Clients range in age from 18 to 70—no special considerations are made based on age, though the program is gender segregated. Men and women at Quality Behavioral Health sleep in separate parts of the facility in dorm-style bedrooms. Two to three clients may share a room and a bathroom. The bedrooms are relatively small, so clients have community rooms with televisions where they can relax.

Dining rooms are also segregated at Quality Behavioral Health. Meals are pre-prepared, but on intake, clients are welcome to communicate any special dietary needs. Clients can also arrange to have family members drop off candy and cigarettes with the staff without having to wait for a formal visit.

Treatment and Staff

Medical detox for alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and opiates is available at Quality Behavioral Health. All clients in detox are guaranteed a bed in residential treatment if they want one, but many people come to Quality Behavioral Health for detox and choose another residential program. A doctor oversees each client’s detox and prescribes medication as necessary. The length of detox varies, but most clients remain for between four and seven days. Clients commit to residential treatment for 30 days, but may extend their stay at any point to 60 or 90 days.

Quality Behavioral Health’s program relies on 12-step philosophy as well as evidence-based systems like CBT and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) to empower clients. Each client has a primary counselor with whom they do one-one-one therapy every week. Primary counselors help design clients’ individualized treatment plans and make decisions in conjunction with clients about if and when to arrange for family therapy. After two weeks, once clients are settled in, families and friends are allowed to visit.

Clients meet for group therapy every day to discuss issues related to addiction and to living sober. Group sizes vary, but may be as large as 20 men or women at a time. Clients learn mindfulness and stress management techniques as well as engaging in recreational therapy. To supplement 12-step meetings and step work, Quality Behavioral Health has a spiritual counselor on staff to lead groups and help enhance spiritual understanding. Dual diagnosis support is an important part of treatment here and as such there is also a psychiatrist on staff and an onsite pharmacy for immediate medication management.

There are two levels of outpatient programming available; traditional services focus on individual and family therapy by appointment and ongoing psychiatric care—the key issues being relapse prevention and emotional health; the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), is daytime treatment service for those who require a structured schedule similar in scope to residential treatment, without the overnight stay.

In Summary

Quality Behavioral Health offers a straightforward service: to get their clients sober and give them the tools to live that way.

Quality Behavioral Health Location

751 East Grand Blvd
Detroit, MI 48207

Quality Behavioral Health Cost

Sliding scale (30 days). Reach Quality Behavioral Health by phone at (313) 922-2222 or by email. Find Quality Behavioral Health at Facebook

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  1. Rosemary Redmon on

    Someone needs to report this place and apparently, it’s going to be me. These people need compassion and treatment, not humiliation. They humiliated my son because he couldn’t control his bladder and come to find out, he was VERY sick with double pneumonia. What kind of animals run this place? I am going to the state attorney general and plead for these helpless and sick people. Wait until you’re sick, staff. You reap what you sow-ever heard of God’s Word? Scoff if you want. This is supposed to be a safe haven for those who need help. I have not read one review about this “place” that was more than 2 or 3 stars. That’s horrifying!!

  2. Unbelievably horrific experience. If you truly need help, opt for some Obamacare and go to an actual treatment facility with staff that will treat you with dignity and respect, feed you food versus slop, care about your mental health and not allow you to go without your antidepressants for your entire stay, that isn’t so cheap that their staff is grossly underpaid, pissed off & take it out on their patients, that also isn’t so cheap that they don’t even provide paper towel in the bathrooms or yell at you for using too much toilet paper the staff is scared to ask the boss for more, that literally keeps their patients so sedated they only distribute one suboxone tablet in the am even for severely addicted opiate users – it HAS to be cheaper – you either sleep or stumble around like a zombie all day, that actually offers recovery-related activities/meetings/education, that doesn’t kick you out on your last day without even a last dose of meds let alone a prescription, that doesn’t have BED BUGS and that overall actually cares about the well being of their patients versus pinching every government issued penny as if it were the last one issued. I would highly recommend anyone to go ANYWHERE else if you really need help, especially if you also have a mental illness (ie Depression) as this place couldn’t care less. Quite frankly, I’m AMAZED this place is even legally in business & who treats their patients so horribly. Bring ear plugs if you don’t want to get a migraine due to the staff yelling and screaming at everyone all the time (the owner’s explanation was that those who come off the streets only know how to respond to screaming) & who blatantly and openly humiliate the patients they like least in front of everyone else and openly roll their eyes at them when – due to the heavy sedation and I’m sure MAJOR changes occurring to their brain chemistry – don’t immediately ask how high when the staff asks them to jump. It’s been days once I was released and I’m still traumatized & disgusted.

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