Puff Puff Chat Connects Stoners for Half-Baked Conversations
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Puff Puff Chat Connects Stoners for Half-Baked Conversations


Too high to leave the house but in the mood for a little conversation with like-minded folks? Well now there’s an interactive website just for you called Puff Puff Chat, a new online community that randomly brings potheads (and observers) together to either engage in deep philosophical discussions or just talk some shit.

Heady Dialogue

Dubbed “Chatroulette for stoners,” the site launched in May and has already hosted over 100,000 “conversations” according to its founder. But given the demographic, one would imagine the discussions are more likely to be debates about which is a better topping for Pop Tarts—Nutella or Cool Whip—than about, say, US sanctions against Russia for the downing of the Malaysian airliner. (Although on the day I visited, the site encouraged the Israelis and Palestinians to “Take a puff and talk about it.”)

The site is the brainchild of 22-year old Redditor cherry_garcia (also known as Eric), who told the Daily Dot, “Unsurprisingly, I got the idea for Puff Puff Chat while under the influence of cannabis. I love having high conversations with my friends, and I thought a website that provides a similar experience with random Internet people would be a lot of fun.”

And it is, especially if you enjoy really stoned conversations. Eric says he doesn’t make any money from the site, but given the demographics, I imagine the Doritos people should be contacting him any day now.

Getting a Contact High

The website is so simple to navigate that anyone can use it, even after a couple of bong hits of A-Dub. You just go to the site (no login) which asks, “How high are you?” on a scale of 0-10 (I’m not making this up) with 0 being sober and 10 being Towelie on South Park, then it gives you the option of starting a text or video chat. According to various reports, most of the participants elect the text route, possibly because the tree lovers like their anonymity too. But I had trouble when I logged in to the video, and apparently other users did as well. I would connect with some people, then they would leave after five seconds or so. I wasn’t sure if it was something with my sound (I could hear them) or if it’s because I look more like a Boston cop than The Dude from The Big Lebowski now that I’m sober.

So I decided to try the text route. I summoned the mindset from my 25-plus year career as a daily pot smoker and started a dialogue. My conversation went like this (I am “You” and [8] is how stoned the person was):

You [0] are now chatting with an [8] Person.

You [0]: Have you ever seen F Troop? It’s fucking awesome baked.

[8] Person: ahhah no bro ill give it a try tho

You [0]: what’s your favorite bakehead show? I like anything on Adult Swim or Japanese News that’s not in English—haha

[8] Person: all about cartoons 🙂 south park my fav baked i gess ahah

You [0]: That’s old school but you can’t beat the classics like SP or even Speed Racer or Kimba the White Lion. I loved those Japanese cartoons that don’t make any fucking sense

[8] Person: dragon ball z ? ahahahah

You [0]: See ya, I’m hungry…

So there you have it—investigative reporting at its finest. Also a really good reminder of why I don’t smoke pot anymore.

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Johnny Plankton is the pseudonym for a freelance business and comedy writer/editor (and recovering alcoholic) who lives in Boston. He is also a grateful member of America’s largest alcohol recovery “cult” as well as Al-Anon.