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Prospect House is an all-male, long-term residential treatment facility for recovering alcoholics and addicts. Located in the Prince Hill district of Cincinnati, Ohio, the facility has been in operation for more than 40 years, offering a program that David Logan, the executive director describes as “unique, fun, seriously committed to its mission, effective and under-funded.” Sense of humor aside, Prospect House is focused on helping men become functioning members of society and has seen impressive results; earning a number of awards over the years, including the Pioneer Award from the National Association of Halfway Houses and Alcoholism Programs in 2007.

Accommodations and Food

The facility is a three-story brick house with a front porch, situated in a residential neighborhood adjacent to a church. The home can accommodate up to 60 men at a time, with clients sharing rooms and bathrooms. Three healthy meals a day are included in the stay and prepared by an in-house cook.

Treatment and Staff

The program at Prospect House lasts for a minimum of 90 days, but clients are encouraged to stay for six months to a year. Treatment is rooted in the 12 steps, with an emphasis on personal accountability, peer support and mentoring, in addition to emotional and physical sobriety.

Clients participate in daily group and individual therapy, as well as educational sessions, in a structured and safe environment of their peers. Twelve-Step meetings are held on-site in the evenings on Sundays and Wednesdays (with the second Wednesday of the month being an alumni meeting) and Tuesday afternoons.

The staff includes male counselors and a case manager, all of whom are in recovery themselves.


Prospect House hosts several events every year, like the annual June picnic and fashion extravaganza, in hopes of connecting alumni with its current residents.

Prospect House in the in the process of developing and raising funds for a family program.

In Summary

For men looking for a residential treatment program, Prospect House offers a straight-up program based in traditional hard work, peer support and camaraderie. Perspective clients who are serious about getting clean and sober and acquiring the necessary tools to stay that way will find a beacon of hope in this no-frills facility.

Prospect House Location

682 Hawthorne Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45205

Prospect House Cost

Sliding scale (30 Days). Reach Prospect House by phone at (513)-921-1613. Find Prospect House on Facebook

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  1. I am a spouse of am man whom is seeking treatment at the Prospect House in Price Hill. Although they are a pretty good program for the most part, I believe that some of their policies are counterproductive and do the opposite of their overall mission. They punish the men who are seeking treatment there for unreasonable or petty things. They have a dance at the end of each month and have other functions. If each person who is seeking treatment there, does not bring at least two guest to each function, he gets put on restriction and is not allowed to leave, and/or have visitors and sometimes not even allowed to go outside to smoke, for either days, weeks, or months at a time. After about 3 months of treatment, a person can be eligible to get a weekend pass, and spend the weekend with their families or significant others. They can leave on Friday afternoon and return Sunday. The director and/or counselors at this place will take the pass away from someone, at the drop of a hat, for the dumbest reasons. The men who stay at this facility have to sell a total of 200 raffle tickets for a dollar a piece during Christmas time. They have to turn in the money and stubs for 25 raffle tickets a week or they get punished. Some of these guys cannot leave and go to whatever AA meeting they want to try and sell the tickets, and have to go a specific meeting, with all the other guys who stay there, so all these guys are trying like hell to sell all these raffle tickets to the same people at the same meeting, at the same time every day. For the men who are not allowed to go to different meetings on your own yet, these men have limited options of places and people, as to try to sell these tickets too. Then they get put on 30 day restriction if they don’t sell 25 by Sunday. It’s hard enough for these guys to stay sober; this place makes it unnecessarily more challenging than it already is. They take the tough love approach a little too far I think. If my husband does not sell enough raffle tickets to avoid being punished and getting his weekend pass taken away, I end up buying the remaining tickets from him so I won’t get punished right along with him and not be able to have my husband home with me on weekends. I am low income, so this is extremely inconvenient for me financially, and causes a lot of stress for us. This past weekend, while he was at home with me, someone at the prospect house didn’t clean the bathroom. My husband got punished for that too, even though it was not his fault. Now even though I bought 23 raffle tickets from him so he could be allowed to come home this weekend, he got put on restriction anyway over some petty crap that he didn’t even do. I bought those raffle tickets for nothing because they wouldn’t let him come home anyway for stupid reasons. My husband says they do that to test your willingness to continue treatment and stay sober, and your willingness to submit to them. He also told me that is does no good to complain, because they just get mad and will put these guys on restriction even longer if they get mad about it. Some guys have ended up leaving the prospect house prematurely, and have relapsed because of these antics. For people who struggle with heroin especially, if someone gets frustrated with their punishments, which are at times unreasonable and unfair, and they leave and end up relapsing, it could be a life threatening situation for them. I just don’t see how that is helpful for them. I wander if anyone has died because they were pushed too far by these punishments and restrictions apposed on them, sometimes for the pettiest, and most stupid reasons, and left and have overdosed and died. I wander how many men in the future will be fed up and leave prematurely and then overdose and die because they have these unreasonable policies. I sure hope the counselors and the director can live with themselves knowing that they could have saved a life, by just being more reasonable and less of an a**hole, but because they didn’t, someone’s spouse, partner, child, brother, uncle, father, or best friend is dead now. For men who endure this BS and stick with it and stay in the program, it saves their lives, but for some of these guys, this program pushes them away and makes it more difficult, and that could result in a devastating outcome. Just saying……

    • Wow !!! I was thinking about this place for my son who needs treatment. I heard that they will accept people that are on methadone. ??? They are a little extreme, yes. It’s all about conforming to another way of life, but yes unreasonable. My son was at Talbert House and they were very strict too, but it was individual punishment, not for what others did. Just wow! Having second thoughts about Prospect. Sorry about your issues with them and your husband. Hope things get better for you.

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