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The sprawling campus once known as the Vince Carter Sanctuary, named for the NBA All-Star who donated $1.8 million in start-up funds, now houses Project WARM (Women Assisting Recovery Mothers), which offers long-term residential treatment for women who are pregnant, postpartum or parenting young children. Located 10 miles from Daytona Beach in Bunnell, Florida, the beautiful facility originally designed to be a private, high-end treatment center on par with Betty Ford is now home to a state-funded, multicultural program that welcomes children under the age of six, setting up families up in comfortable apartment units. Women spend their days in structured treatment, while the little ones attend on-site daycare. Through a broad range of therapeutic approaches, the clients become empowered and productive in this lovely facility.

Accommodations and Food

The main building on the Project WARM campus includes 16 primary substance abuse treatment beds, with 10 in a dorm-like set up and six in private apartment units. The bedrooms are basic, including twin-sized beds and dressers. The apartments feature comfortable living rooms and kitchens. The building also has a common room, dining hall, therapy rooms and a large kitchen. Smoking is permitted in designated areas.

Residents eat together in the dining hall and are involved in every aspect of food preparation, from meal planning to grocery shopping to cooking. Each week, the women are given a specific sum to spend during supervised grocery trips. Back in the comfort of the facility, they can choose to cook as a group or separately. Snacks and coffee can also be purchased during store outings.

Treatment and Staff

Project WARM is a long-term residential program, offering a gender-specific, individualized treatment program for substance abuse. The clients who attend this program must be pregnant, postpartum or parenting young children. Over the course of 90 to 180 days, they are immersed in group therapy, individual therapy, life skills classes, 12-step work and education. Detox is not available.

This highly structured program uses a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Seeking SafetyMoral Reconation Therapy and the Stages of Change Model, in both group and individual settings. Group therapy happens daily, with topics such as relapse prevention, parenting, self-esteem, trauma, domestic violence, introduction to the 12 steps and anger management. Individual counseling is weekly, with the client’s primary counselor. Clients are required to attend two on-site recovery support groups such as AA and NA per week.

The program has a strong focus on creating self-sufficient, independent clients. Life skills, parenting and family dynamics are addressed throughout treatment. Each week, the treatment team meets as a group to review the clinical progress of each resident including physical health, recovery development and social interactions. Prior to the client’s graduation from the program, the treatment team meets to create a well-rounded discharge plan.

The staff includes primarily female CSACs, case managers, nurses and program managers.


Project WARM aims to empower women to become productive, clean and sober people who can live independently and care for themselves and their children. With this in mind, the women are encouraged to find a job or pursue their education. Classes on how to write a resume and dress for an interview are available as well as computers for job searching and applying to college.

In Summary

Project WARM truly is women helping women obtain the tools needed to live an independent life. Through the development of life skills, a variety of therapies, family involvement and education, the women are able to gain confidence for a new way of life. This program gives recovering mothers and their children a chance at a life free of addiction.

Project WARM Location

301 Justice Lane
Bunnell, FL 32110

Project WARM Cost

Free. Reach Project WARM by phone at (800) 539-4228.

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  1. Thank you project warm for my 60 day residential treatment. People are not happy when they have to go to rehab. That is why there are negative comments. I feel gratitude for the free rehab and excellent caring staff and therapists. Special thanks to Ms. Anna, Ms Rhonda and Behavioral tech Ms White. How awful to read negative comments when project warm makes it possible for addicted mothers to keep their babies instead of losing them to DCF. Project warm feeds you so well that almost all the women gain too much weight while in the program. Thank you Chef! The buildings and accommodations are very nice. Project warm staff go out of their way to help us. They drive clients to job interviews, Dr. appointments even to work and back. An addict learns a lot about their disease and has a chance of a sober life if they are serious about recovery. It is not easy being institutionalized but our lives were falling apart on the outside. I don’t appreciate the negative comments. Warm supplies all the diapers, formula and a safe environment. Wake up and have gratitude for the program!

  2. concerened citizen on

    My experience with this place has been very bad. Here are just a few of the many examples which range from plain old rude, to likely mal-practice. I have called so many times(number and contact name given by client in program) to get information needed to complete classes to visit that were never answered, and with no calls back, that I started a log for documentation. Over 30 unanswered calls to the person who is in charge of the program. The same was true for a counselor that was assigned to my loved one. I was told to contact her, and had release forms signs by client. Only after threatening legal action did I finally get a call back from the counselor.
    As far as going there in person to drop items or paperwork off directly to the facility, it is a stressful and negative experience each time. The staff are EXTREMELY rude, and unprofessional. There has also been a few times that personal items intended for my loved one were taken and distributed to other clients without even letting her know. Her not being allowed to have an item is understandable, but to take property that is not theirs and take it upon themselves to re-distribute it is theft. Plain and simple. The staff is miserable and takes it out on clients. They name call and play favorites. Sad and unacceptable. They should be fired. I’ve had to start documenting everything brought into the facility to make sure it gets to the person it’s intended for. There’s a lot more, but upon advise from an attorney, pending a lawsuit, that is all I can comment on.

  3. Assigned case worker to a certain individaul in program, mid as well cut her phone cord.
    Never answers
    Still haven’t received call back -3 weeks later and 4 messages later.
    Not a healthy sign to any Treatment Facility.
    Although when ya go to a State Funded facility , it’s State Funded employees I guess.
    Regroup your Staff
    Let go the ones not in it 100%
    Do something different.
    Shame on the educated staff!
    Maybe check your self worth!

  4. I have volunteered with this program for years. The facility is beautiful and clean. Its true about no smoking. The kitchen is top notch, I toured it personally. As any rehab program there are benchmarks for the client to meet gaining rights as they go along. Visitors, when allowed, have to have completed a series of family education classes before they can visit. From my experience this is a good place for women who are interested in rehabilatation.

  5. Normal productive woman and wonderful MOMMY!!! Never a junkie on


    • Setting you straight on

      it’s a shame that you feel this way; seems like you have a lot of unresolved anger toward those addicted to substances. Perhaps you were raised by an addict or maybe deep down know you truly are one as well. The facility is clean and well cared for. The women who reside there for their own health and their children’s well being are and should be commended for that step they took. IF they are doing to avoid jail, have you thought that by NOT going to jail IS being a good parent? If the rooms are messy, then it is because the women have not gotten around to cleaning it yet, but they will – it is part of their chores. Not nearly as germ infested than some of the nasty motels they would have had to raise their babies in…ever think of that?

  6. Called to get a little info. Coordinator was rude uninformitave and hung up! Not a good sign to leave a love one with employee that have no ability to answer or direct to another person.

  7. Cheryl goggens on

    None of this information is correct. Like absolutely none to the point where it’s laughable. Factual things like: no smoking allowed, this has the bed info for little warm, there are no computers available, you can’t go to school in program, no shopping , etc. This program had changed alot and this info needs to be corrected.

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