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Bridgewell’s Women’s Recovery Program, Johnson Street


Lynn MassachusettsBridgewell’s Women’s Recovery Program, Johnson Street Review

Bridgewell is a non-profit social and human service organization dedicated to strengthening communities. Headquartered in Peabody, Massachusetts, Bridgewell empowers people with disabilities and other life challenges to live safe, self-directed and productive lives.

Bridgewell delivers support through community housing, day programs, outpatient treatment, recovery services, education, and employment training. Bridgewell’s staff of more than 1,400 professionals serves approximately 6,300 people and their families. Bridgewell is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and fully licensed by the state.

Bridgewell’s Recovery Services specifically works with families struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The facility offers an outpatient component as well as a residential treatment program for women, expectant mothers and new mothers struggling with postpartum challenges.

Perinatal care is available under the same roof as the residential services and the outpatient facility also offers DUI programs and adolescent prevention tracks. All services are individualized and tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Accommodations and Food

Bridgewell’s Women’s Recovery Program, Johnson Street is located in a spacious 10-bedroom home. One to four women are housed in each room and sleep in twin beds. Five bathrooms are shared, and residents follow a schedule to ensure everyone can utilize the facilities in an efficient way. A total of 28 women are accommodated in the house at any given time, with all treatment held under the same roof.

While there are communal areas of the house, there is minimal “downtime.” Clients are kept busy with activities centered on wellness and recovery from 6 am to 10 pm. There is a kitchen and large dining area. All meals are cooked by the residents in a family style manner with food delivered to the house from local food banks or purchased using resident’s food stamps.

Treatment and Staff

Prior to admission, clients must be screened by phone. Pregnant women are also examined by medical professionals and women with infants are seen by a family physician. Treatment through Bridgewell’s Recovery Services is an active program that challenges and engages clients as they work towards their recovery goals.

Utilizing 12-step methods and principles, clients are required to have sponsors and work the steps while also attending a daily 7 am meeting with the other residents. They have required daily check-ins with their sponsors and must work through all 12 steps in under six months.

Residents also attend at least one daily group therapy, sometimes more. The groups focus on women-centric issues, including trauma and domestic violence. Residents learn coping skills, relapse prevention tactics and may attend parenting classes. Individual therapy is also incorporated into treatment. When the clients are not in groups, one-on-one sessions or attending meetings, they are performing service work or general upkeep in the house, including duties and chores. All residents are also drug tested at random to ensure they are abstinent.


Bridgewell’s Recovery Services also offers DUI programming as well as a range of additional services. Programs include a Young Adult Drug Diversion Program, Driver Alcohol Education Program, a Second Offender Aftercare Service and a Multiple Offender Program. All services are available at the outpatient facility. Aftercare services are available in the form of attendance of group meetings up to three times a week to help clients avoid relapse and continue to progress towards recovery goals and integration into their community.

In addition to mental health services, there are also education-based programs that support the general health of the community. Two programs focus on vocational assistance: Occupational Consultation Services (OCS) and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). The OCS works with local substance abuse programs to provide professional development and job skills, while the EAP track helps employees and employers resolve work related issues that may be rooted in chemical dependency issues.

In Summary

Bridgewell supports people with substance use disorders. Each person requires a different mix of services; outpatient treatment, community and recovery housing and job placement are just some of the ways Bridgewell can help. It works in coordination with area hospitals, the criminal justice system and community agencies to identify people in need and support them on their path to recovery. All services are tailored to the individual and are made affordable through special services that utilize the client’s income level to determine payment.

Bridgewell’s Women’s Recovery Program, Johnson Street Location

Bridgewell Headquarters
10 Dearborn Road
Peabody, MA 01960

Bridgewell’s Women’s Recovery Program, Johnson Street Cost

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