Product Review: Sobriety Calendar
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Product Review: Sobriety Calendar


I don’t know about you, but a little part of me dies every time I see the foyer of my apartment building stacked with unclaimed phone books—heaps of wasted paper that will be lucky if they get used to prop up a short fella behind the wheel of a Maserati. But in the age of digital everything, there is something refreshing about a good ol’ fashioned paper calendar, especially one that is all about sobriety.

12 Months, 12 Steps

Sobriety Calendar is a neat concept that takes advantage of the fact that there are 12 steps as well as 12 months in a year. Beginning with step one in January, the layout includes the step of the month, a 12-step tidbit—little known facts about AA and the 12-step lifestyle—followed by a month filled with various important dates in AA history interwoven with revered acronyms and slogans like “One drink is too many and a million is not enough.”

What I love about this product is how cool and practical it is. When I was getting sober, I used a paper calendar like this one to “X” out each day I stayed sober with a red marker. While it didn’t lessen the discomfort of early sobriety, it did help me stay on track and make my days feel like they had purpose. Marking my calendar became the perfect game for a perfectionist like me who enjoys nothing more than completing something. And nothing was more perfect than a day I stayed sober. Very satisfying.

Work with It

Although most of the daily boxes have something written in them, there is room on each day to add stuff of your own—like that you hit a meeting that day or called your sponsor. These were things I started to note when I was new as well and were also great tools in helping me to get honest with myself on how good of a program I was actually working.

Clearly the Sobriety Calendar would make the perfect gift for anyone who is new, but it’s definitely not limited to that demographic. Paper calendars are great for easy access in your kitchen or office (or bathrooms for schedule psychopaths like me), so I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who is sober would be happy to get this (can we say birthday/anniversary present?).

While the Sobriety Calendar is sold only out of RJ Holguin‘s LA-based My 12 Step Store, those out of the city can get their own (as well as a variety of 12-step cards that are blank inside so they can be used for any sobriety-related occasion) here. Let’s here it for all being anal together!

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