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Prive SwissPrivé-Swiss Review

Privé-Swiss is not the average rehab. Catering to an executive clientele—no more than four of them at a time— Privé-Swiss offers some of the most individualized attention in the treatment world. With bicoastal seaside facilities in California and Connecticut, Privé-Swiss is addiction treatment and mental health care for those who find themselves struggling with addiction and/or mental disorders while also trying to manage the pressures of the fast-paced, high-level business world.

Founded by addiction and wellness specialist Heidi Kunzli, who previously ran the boutique treatment center Beau Monde, Privé-Swiss is based on the uber-high-end clinics of Switzerland and targets not only substance abuse but also the chronic stress, burnout and sleep problems that run rampant among the corporate elite. Most clients stay two-to-four weeks though some, especially those undergoing drug treatment, stay longer. They also offer a one-week program for those who don’t have the luxury of taking any additional time off.

Accommodations and Food

While most rehabs don’t offer private bedrooms, at Privé-Swiss clients can arrange to have a private floor, complete with cable, WiFi, maid service and their own gourmet chef. Because of the kind of clientele they attract, privacy is of the highest priority at Privé-Swiss—they don’t even advertise the address of the residences, just their general locations in Newport and Laguna Beach. They also don’t have a social media presence whatsoever. The website doesn’t provide any photos, although it does show pictures of the former Beau Monde facilities so perspective clients can get an idea of the level of luxury they can expect at Privé-Swiss.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment includes both holistic and evidence-based practices. Most of the clinical staff have over 25 years of experience, and all sober staff reportedly have at least a decade of recovery. After a full detox (when needed) and a complete psychiatric and psychological evaluation, clients receive personalized medication management and assessment, 13 hours a week of one-on-one therapy, and coaching in lifestyle management and relapse prevention. Small peer group sessions are strictly optional but the vast majority of treatment is individual. Couples therapy is available as well, and couples can come into residency together. Clients get to decide whether they prefer a 12-step or non-12-step-oriented recovery program and are escorted to off-site support groups as needed.

Holistic healing also plays a major role in most Privé-Swiss treatment plans, and that includes yoga, Pilates, meditation, acupuncture, spirituality coaching, nutrition and exercise consultation, and even anti-aging and preventative medicine in partnership with the Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County. For an extra fee, clients can get brain scans and assessments. When substance abuse is not an issue, the Psych-Emotional Executive Renewal Program is tailored to focus on depression, relationships, stress management or chronic pain. But most of the same holistic services are available to addicts and non-addicts alike. Continuing care and a discharge plan are provided for each client, including the opportunity to Skype with staff members.


We may assume that Privé-Swiss provides the same standard of amenities as the previous tenant, Beau Monde, but the secrecy maintained by this treatment center makes it difficult to know the extent of is offered. What we do know is, laptops and cell phones are allowed, and clients who stay for more than 30 days may also bring their pets.

In Summary

Privé-Swiss does not accept insurance and has a strict no-refund policy. It’s definitely one of the highest quality, individualized treatment options in the recovery game.

Privé-Swiss Location

Unlisted to protect privacy of clients

Privé-Swiss Cost

$90,000 (30 days). Reach Privé-Swiss by phone at (800) 866-2948

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