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Priory Newcombe Lodge


Priory Newcombe Lodge Review

Newcombe Lodge is an adolescent residential facility through Priory Hospitals. It’s for client ages 13 to 18 in Stroud in the UK. This program is usually a transitional path to Bisley Lodge, which is a similar program that caters to a slightly older age group. Newcombe Lodge customizes client care and a two prong team of clinicians and caregivers facilitate treatment. This program is an alternative option for young people who would otherwise have to go to a hospital. Most noteworthy, throughout treatment, every client is actively participating in their program and setting achievable, realistic goals.

Accommodations and Food

Newcombe Lodge is a private house in Bussage in Gloucestershire. Because of the small size of the house, there are eight beds, all of which are in private bedrooms. The staff encourages clients to decorate their bedrooms to accommodate their personal style.

Clients share two lounges, kitchen and dining room, back garden patio. They also have access to the laundry facilities. While the actual house is in a private and quiet area, the neighborhood provides close access to transportation, shops and colleges.

The residents eat three meals a day in the dining room. An on-site staff prepares the food. There are also snacks readily available throughout the day.

Treatment and Staff

This program provides fully integrated treatment packages. As as result, participants can expect a multi-tiered system that incorporates therapeutic and rehabilitative care, along with educational opportunities and life skills training.

A great deal of treatment is in a group therapy setting, however, individual sessions are important too. At the onset of treatment clients address their personal goals for during and after the program. Newcombe Lodge has medication management services. There is an emphasis on risk management and behavioral modification.

During individual therapy, which occurs a few times a week, clients discuss the past experiences that may have led to risky behaviors. Evidence-based therapies include CBT, ACT, and expressive therapies. Finally, there are also DBT skills groups, smoking cessation programs, nutritional training and regular exercise.

The staff at Newcombe Lodge is made up of social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, and clinicians that specialize in dual diagnosis. In addition to the on-site clinical staff, clients receive medical support services from GPs, opticians and dentists.


There are three cars at the residential facility that provide transportation to appointments, shopping trips, leisure and recreational activities and home visits. These outings and activities include yoga, movie nights, swimming, going to the local gym, and art and crafts. Clients in this program also have regular interactions and activities with the residents of Bisley Lodge.

In Summary

The treatment program at Priory’s Newcombe Lodge offers age appropriate approaches within a therapeutic and supportive setting. It considers clients active members of the treatment team throughout the program. Above all, every client addresses their risky behaviors and learns how to manage urges and build up their self esteem. This is all while getting encouragement and help from a very caring and qualified staff.

Priory Newcombe Lodge Location

The Ridgeway

Priory Newcombe Lodge Cost

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