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Priory Hospital The Manor Clinic Review

Priory Hospital The Manor Clinic of Southampton has been around for over 10 years. It is part of the Priory family of hospitals and wellbeing centers in the UK. Treatment services include addiction and dual diagnosis care. Additionally, programming implements 12-step, evidence-based methods and wellbeing activities. Perhaps most important, clients at The Manor Clinic experience a peaceful environment and comprehensive programming, namely because a caring staff of experienced addiction and mental health experts facilitates treatment.

Accommodations and Food

Clients stay in a 13 bed, Georgian style mansion on a beautifully landscaped campus surrounded by tranquil gardens. Each client has their own bedroom complete with en suite bathrooms, flat screen TVs and modern furnishings. The facility’s grounds have several private walking paths and a summer house where yoga and some therapy groups take place. Communal spaces within the main house include a large dining room where clients dine together for every meal, and comfortable lounges. Furthermore, clients can expect housekeeping services during their stay. There is also Wifi access throughout the entire facility.

There is a chef on-site who creates meals from a set menu. Meals are delicious and nutritionally balanced. They can accommodate clients with specific dietary needs and restrictions.

Treatment and Staff

The Manor Clinic uses a abstinence based model. It aims to address each person’s underlying experiences and issues that may have led to their problems with addiction. The program at this facility can run for seven to 28 days with a long term aftercare. Clients usually start with detox then go to inpatient treatment. The residential program consists of regular group and individual therapy. Sessions address relapse prevention and coping skills.

Common treatment approaches include CBT and emotional freedom techniques. Medication management and mood management are regular elements of programming. Every client has a customized treatment plan that takes into account their personal histories and experiences with substance abuse and mental illness. The staff also integrates holistic interventions that accommodate specific client needs. In addition, clients attend on and off-site AA and NA meetings throughout their treatment.

The staff at The Manor Clinic includes peer specialists who have gone through this very program. Because of their past experience, they can offer a unique point of view and support. There are also mental health nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and medical doctors on the clinical side.


The Manor Clinic offers on-site yoga, massage and acupuncture services. There is a family program that includes overnight stays for loved ones on site every other week. Finally, Priory Hospital’s Manor Clinic offers free, lifelong aftercare for all graduates.

In Summary

The Priory Hospital Manor Clinic fosters a safe, private, calming environment in addition to the highest quality of treatment. Clients go through the initial stages of recovery under caring guidance while exploring some of the underlying causes that might have led to addiction. Throughout treatment, the staff treats clients with respect and dignity. Above all, individuals leave with a feeling of renewed faith and empowerment.

Priory Hospital The Manor Clinic Location

Mansbridge Road
SO18 3HW

Priory Hospital The Manor Clinic Cost

£12,500 GBP (28 days). Reach Priory Hospital The Manor Clinic by phone at 023 8098 5957. Find Priory Group on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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  1. Bullying therapist called Sarina who told me off for going to A/E without her consent with chest pain
    Poor and limited therapy.£700 a day to read, knit and watch TV
    No food available after 6pm
    Not offered acupuncture but yoga teacher was wonderful.Did yoga alone.No-one else joined in
    Buddying system not offered
    Shouted at and threatened with discharge by nurse Steve, because I looked in the car park to see if my badly parked car was in the way !!!!!! Just opened door of conservatory
    No one took time to explain prison like rules…
    After trip to A/E at night requested not to be woken early but this was ignored.Meds could have waited
    Terrible atmosphere.Everone smoked So therapy room , sitting room etc all stank.No facility for non smokers

  2. Totally failed by the Manir Clinic.Booked for seven day rehab but treated as seven day detox.
    Not allowed to go to AA or NA meetings.
    Nothing in the evening apart from TV.No therapy available at weekends.Gym closed.
    Didn’t see a psychologist.Tried to stop me seeing a psychiatrist as I was self funding.
    Despite worsening asthma refused to let me see a doctor to restart my steroids .Ended up in A/E after night nurse dialled 999, then told off by therapist for leaving clinic without her permission!!!! Chest pain and shortness of breath?
    Buddy not offered.Group difficult to engage with, no help offered.Told in confidence that the group was entrenched.
    Everywhere reeked of stale cigs.Website says smoke -free by 2019

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