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Priory Bisley Lodge


Priory Bisley Lodge Review

Priory Bisley Lodge is a residential facility for young adults with complex mental illness and risk taking behaviors. This program is an alternative to intensive treatment in a hospital and for mental health clients only. It doesn’t offer substance abuse treatment. Clients are active in their treatment plans. Bisley Lodge tailors individual and group therapy to each client’s needs. Above all, there is a focus on setting goals and establishing healthy boundaries.

Accommodations and Food

Bisley Lodge is a private, stand alone home in Gloucestershire. The facility is close to several transportation outlets, shopping and recreation.

Every client has their own bedroom, and share bathrooms between four clients. The staff encourages clients to add their own personal touches to their rooms.

There is a lounge with TV and office with computers. The common areas include a classroom that also acts as the craft and meeting room. Laundry facilities are available at all times.

The kitchen has snacks readily available. Clients eat their main meals together in the shared dining room. House managers make all the food.

Treatment and Staff

This program is for clients who are 17 to 24. Once they begin their intake they have the option of staying overnight once or twice to get used to the environment and ease any anxieties.

Every client has their own personalized care package. These care packages focus on reintegration, socialization and development, and education. Clients remain actively involved in their treatment plan and establish step-down options and continued goals.

Age appropriate clients attend school during the week. College age clients are provided with the means to continue their education. Along with the educational factor clients learn valuable life skills.

Clinicians use a variety of different treatment methods. In addition there is an emphasis on behavioral modification and lowering the risk of harm. Consistent approaches are CBT and DBT skills training in groups. Art therapy and expressive methods, like music or movement therapy, are also effective modalities used frequently.

A registered house manager and deputy manager run the house. A team of clinical specialists and a care team administer treatment. They are psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, art therapists, occupational therapists, systemic psychotherapists, care coordinators, education coordinators, and overnight care workers.


There are recreational and social outings during the week. Clients go to movies and group events.

Family members of clients are provided with the option to attend therapy.

In Summary

Priory Bisley Lodge’s program offers a lot of support without the need to be locked. The facility is very small and clients get a lot of one on one time with staff. While clients are learning how to be independent they are also receiving a lot of assistance that is very focused on their personal goals and needs.

Priory Bisley Lodge Location

Old Bisley Road

Priory Bisley Lodge Cost

Call for details. Reach Priory Bisley Lodge by phone at 0800 090 1356 or by email. Find Priory Group on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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