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Since 1988, Prescott House has provided long-term extended care for men who have completed detox and primary care elsewhere. Along with drug and alcohol addiction, Prescott House also treats addictions to sex, Internet pornography and gambling. There is also special programming for clients with co-occurring eating disorders, PTSD, depression and other dual diagnoses.

Accommodations and Food

Men sleep two to a room in two or three-bedroom suites, which adds up to four to six residents sharing a bathroom. Everyone shops for his own groceries out of his weekly expense account and prepares his own meals. Each room is equipped with a large TV and there is also a backyard and the perfect deck for outdoor grilling. Residents are required to do chores as well as engage in either volunteer service or a part-time job to help them integrate with the local community.

Treatment and Staff

Prescott House stresses the 12 steps and requires everyone to attend 10 local meetings per week, available every morning before breakfast and every night after dinner. It offers one-on-one CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) but the main focus is on the process-oriented  group therapy. Like many rehabs these days, it also offers a weekend-long family program. An on-site medical doctor and consulting psychiatrist ensure everyone is taken care of, though the psychiatrist charges $135 for each 30-minute visit.


Weekends allow more time for relaxation and fun. Through a partnership with Tierra Wild, residents can participate in weekend adventure therapy trips to the gorgeous northern Arizona wilderness. For a more relaxed body-spirit workout, Blackbird Recovery Yoga hosts on-site classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

In Summary

Anyone looking for all-male extended care with loads of 12-step work and very tough love may find the help they need at PH.

Prescott House Location

214 N. Arizona Ave
Prescott, AZ 86301

Prescott House Cost

$7,850 (30 days). Reach Prescott House by phone at (866) 425-4673. Find Prescott House on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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  1. I graduated from the Prescott House over 10 years ago when I was 29 years old. Even though everything on the outside looked good, I was struggling with a hidden life of alcohol, depression and heavy anxiety. Prior to the Prescott House I was seeing a therapist weekly and attending 12 Step meetings daily. I really felt like I was doing everything I was supposed to, but I still just couldn’t stay sober. I went to the Prescott House after completing a 45-day primary program. Word of warning… this is not a sober living. The Prescott House is an intensive therapy program and it was exactly what I needed. Prescott House is all about practicing recovery. I had plenty of knowledge of what recovery was. My problem was actually doing it. Thank you Prescott House for being part of my recovery journey!

  2. When I was sick, most places and people were “evil”. That included rehabs, psyc wards, therapists, my parents and even my own wife. The strange thing is, when I recovered as a result of vigorously working 12 steps, all these became I sources of true gratitude. I was a hopeless addict and I am an alumni of Prescott House and I am certain that this outstanding facility made the greatest impact, among all the institutions and rehabs I attended, in helping me find the freedom I have today.

    • yep old Greg there is a snake oil salesman for sure. The only difference is snake oil actually did have therapeutic benefit.

      • I promise you this place is evil. That is why they have drifted away from drugs and alcohol. They know if it is about incest and pedophilia they rule the roost. Who is going to complain to a lawyer or others if it is about this? I highly suggest you do an about face. My phone number is 9705418370 I hold no bars this place has to be stopped it is screwing up your loved ones. Call me leave a message if you are legit I will return the call. I have a college degree I was an Eagle Scout God and Country and Scout Master these people are evil.

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