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Founded in 1997, Prairie St. John’s is a fully-licensed and accredited facility in Fargo, North Dakota. Treatment services include dual diagnosis support for those with co-occurring disorders through a variety of inpatient and outpatient tracks for adults, adolescents and children. Each client receives an individualized treatment plan created with the help of a diverse and qualified staff.

Accommodations and Food

PSJ’s co-ed inpatient program has 94 beds, all in double-occupancy rooms with single beds. All meals are provided, and kitchen staff can work with clients who have special dietary needs. There are communal areas where residents can watch television and socialize, but otherwise accommodations are basic. There is no computer access available.

Treatment and Staff

Once they complete an assessment, clients are referred to an appropriate program by St. John’s staff. There are several treatment options available at Prairie St. John’s including Intensive Outpatient (IOP), outpatient, low-intensity outpatient, inpatient and residential; all of the above rely heavily on a 12-step approach. Though it’s listed as “inpatient,” the residential component is really a medical detox which lasts an average of 12 to 13 days. In all programs, clients receive education in chemical dependency and participate in group, art and play therapy. Family programs are also provided.

Those in IOP participate in three-hour group sessions three evenings a week for approximately seven weeks. Clients in the low-intensity outpatient track mostly use it as an aftercare option, participating in groups two times a week for ongoing care and maintenance.

Staff at Prairie St. John’s includes board-certified psychiatrists for both adolescents and adults, Ph.D-level psychologists, Master’s-level counselors and social workers, nurses and licensed addiction counselors. Occupational and recreational therapists are available, as well.


Prairie St. John’s is the only facility of its kind for miles in the area, and as such serves a hub for for those seeking treatment in North Dakota.

In Summary

While Prairie St. John’s has a solid 18-year history in Fargo, it has faced some legal controversy. Still, the facility provides a necessary resource for addiction treatment in the region. This is an option for those seeking a clinical setting, a robust staff and a range of flexible treatment options.

Prairie St. John’s Location

510 4th St. South
Fargo, ND 58103

Prairie St. John’s Cost

$14,000 (30 days, inpatient); sliding scale (outpatient). Reach Prairie St. John’s by phone at (877) 333-9565.

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  1. Went in for alcohol problems on a Wednesday night, got there around 11PM and was finally shown my bed at 4AM after being given meds that were not told to me. Was woken up 4 hours later to see a psychiatrist. I was still out of it due to the meds they gave me, not the alcohol as I only blew a .09 at 11PM during check in. My psychiatrist was Dr Greene. She was a royal bitch and not personal at all, I got to speak with her for all of 3-4 minutes this 1st morning. She changed all of my medications without consulting with any of my primary DR’s as I have been dealing with a cardio issue and had finally found the right med combo after 3 years of prior Dr visits and testing. The next day I only got 2 more minutes with her as well. I went in voluntarily so I wanted to leave on Friday but I was threatened with court ordered committal, this was on the 1st day if I didn’t comply. Needless to say I had to stay Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and was let out Monday. During this time I had a total of 15 minutes of actual Dr time to discuss my addiction issues. No Dr’s on the weekends but they also won’t let anyone leave on the weekends either, voluntary or not. This place is more like we just want money instead of really helping people, it is sick and sad really. This Dr. Greene should be fired for malpractice for changing meds regarding a heart condition without consulting a primary Dr. I feel bad for the nurses and techs having to deal with the primary Dr’s being so rude and argumentative. This place was not one to go to to get real addiction help, this place was just a place that wants to take your money! What a joke! There is so much more I could say but this is the BS tip of the iceberg. Wish I knew how to sue them. My background: 5 years at my current job only missing 2 days for being sick, married with 2 teenage kids and I own a farm.

  2. They stole my clothes my parents brought me and the psychiatrist was a jerk. Saw someone wearing my shirt and they argued with me saying that it wasn’t mine even though I knew it was. When they opened the box my stuff was supposed to be in there were no clothes and medicine I brought was also gone. Look elsewhere if you need help, these people are disgusting.

  3. Mitchell Stewart on

    This facility is a joke. My son was refused medical treatment for the first 72 hours. Ended up being tonsillitis and The psychiatrist ordered a commitment because he didn’t participate in those first 72 hours even after telling The psychiatrist that he was sick. Second opinion outside psychiatrist ruled against the order after 2 weeks of being locked up in there, had him sign a refusal of medical treatment form after second opinion showed he did not meet requirements for the commitment and abruptly stopped his medication when discharged. This Facility changes there protocol on a daily basis and are also some of the staff are really rude

  4. I am beyond terrified of medication and doctors after spending a few weeks at this traumatizing facility. I still suffer from mental health issues and struggle to trust doctors or prescriptions after being a patient at this torture hospital for the mentally ill. What is with the basement, it was like being in prison and filthy no sunshine or windows. Traumatizing. Sick room..
    I don’t believe I posted this review on said date above.. Nothing adds up at this facility.

  5. I was sexually assaulted when I was a patient on 4 west, and after I reported it to the doctor the doctor basically kicked me out… “telling me to find a ride, and to do whatever I got to do” So I did find a ride, and I filed charges with the Fargo Police on the psych technician that revealed his penis to me and who gave me his cell phone number on a sticky note. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE, EVER! I am damaged more now than I ever was before.. I was suppose to be in “a safe place” The doctor was yelling at me, but claimed to be “redirecting me” after I was crying scared and asked him to please get someone else in his office because I was noticeably shaking.

    • The doctor did in fact go grab a female technician but only after I was noticeably shaken by his aggressiveness towards me.

  6. The psychiatrist in the adult inpatient 72 hr hold is a pernicious jerk who only injured me further!
    If I had the money, I would sue him for his last penny!!

  7. The psychiatrist in the adult inpatient 72 hr hold should be written up and fired by the North Dakota State Board of Psychiatry for malpractice.

  8. Staff in the adult inpatient 72 hr hold inform the psychiatrist of patient complaints.
    The psychiatrist orders the “offending” patient into his office and yells in the patient’s face and threatens the patient. The adult inpatient psychiatrist does not believe a patient when the patient tells the doctor the truth and accuses the patient of lying. Consequently the patient tells the doctor the lie that the doctor accused the patient of telling, simply because the doctor refuses to believe the truth when told. The adult inpatient psychiatrist is rude and outright abusive.

  9. I was there for a 2 week stay in the 5S and 5W they were very polite and always asked if i had any problems, need to talk or just questions about my treatment plan. The staff is really good on handling situations, and they are really good company to talk to when need. I Would like to thank them for helping me through my hard time. I would also like to thank Jake from state farm for making me and my roommate laugh.

  10. Staff administers medication outside of designated areas where you cannot see what they are giving you. BE AWARE. I had a blood sample saved from when I went into convulsions and taken to ER. I (lucky for them) am lower income and cannot afford a lawyer at this time. I was also prescribed about 10 different medications over a period of 3 weeks, by doctor’s I never even met.

  11. Jason baringer on

    Staff is rude, and very unprofessional.
    Staff in adult inpatient 72 hr hold.
    Didn’t explain to my son his right’s at the facility.

    Very mismanaged.

    We will be filing charges.

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