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Power House Services, Inc.


Power House Services, Inc.Power House Services, Inc. Review

Founded on the principles of 12-step ideology and CBT therapeutic research over 30 years ago, Power House Services, Inc. is a men’s residential program treating chemical dependency and dual diagnosis clients outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Accommodations and Food

The Power House residence is located in a blue-collar neighborhood in Gonzales, Louisiana. As many as 20 men live in an apartment setting, sharing double occupancy rooms, sleeping on twin beds, doing their own laundry and cleaning up after themselves. There is a television in the media room as well as ping pong and Foosball for down time, but no cell phones or computers allowed.

An in-house chef makes hearty meals for the clients three times a day; meals can be everything from beans and rice to Fettuccine Alfredo.

Treatment and Staff

Those who are accepted into the six- to nine-month residential program at Power House must have already participated in a primary treatment program for substance abuse and be chemical free. The rigorous schedule at Power House is divided into three phases built around chores, outside work, education, community activities and intense counseling sessions. It is staffed by a board certified social worker, a CSAC and peer counselors, who are assisted by a mentoring program within the client community.

During Phase One, clients familiarize themselves with the way things go at Power House. They participate in three group sessions a week, meet with staff tutors to complete their GED if needed, attend individual therapy, read the first five chapters of AA’s Big Book, get sponsors at a local AA group, work the first three steps and formulate presentations on “What Treatment Means to Me.”

Phase Two centers around continuing productive work in GED courses and gaining employment. Residents continue mandatory step work with local sponsors, attend AA meetings and further develop social relationships with sober people. This is also the time for creating a personal budget and a financial plan. At the completion of Phase Two, pending staff approval, clients are admitted into the Big Brothers Group—the Power House mentoring program.

Phase Three involves the completion of initial 12-step work, reading all of the AA literature and increased attendance at local meetings while therapy is slowly phased out. Residents in this phase assist new clients, initiate their post-treatment plans, discuss community re-entry issues, such as relapse prevention and managing expectations upon graduation.

Families are instructed that less is more when clients enter the program at Power House. After a brief visit to the facility, they are asked to maintain a hands off approach with their loved ones while maintaining frequent and frank communication with the house directors and staff.


Exercise is built into the program at Power House with a local gym, basketball and volleyball. Extra curricular activities include fishing, going to the movies, bowling, Putt-Putt golfing, Go Carting and attending cookouts and AA conventions in the Louisiana area.

In Summary

Structure is key here—being of service, taking responsibility for oneself and becoming an integral part of the sober community and beyond. At Power House, residents learn how to take care of themselves in a controlled environment, gaining practical life-skills that they can then take out into the world with them upon graduation.

Power House Services Inc. Location

715 W. Worthy Rd
Gonzales, LA 70737

Power House Cost

$3,140 (30 days). Reach Power House by phone at (225) 647-8277. Find Power House on their website.

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  1. This is by far the worst halfway house ive ever been apart of. They do not prepare you for the real world one bit. You are kept in a bubble for almost the entire year your there hence why most kids relapse within a couple months of getting out. You are treated like child and there is no time do anything besides work a sit in therapy and groups all day. FYI its a 9 month to 12 month program and after you graduate which usually takes 12 months they recommend you to a 3/4 house which is owned by one of the powerhouse counselors. what a scam.. If your an adult do not go to this program it will make you miserable. They tell you are free to leave whenever but they will not release your money for 30 days so you have to live on the streets. They will try to make you homeless and ruin your relationship with your family if you leave. They manipulate your family and tell them you will die if you leave.. yet here I am still sober

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